The main directions of prevention of menopause


Thanks to the gonadotropic hormones of the pituitary gland and the functioning of the hypothalamic-pituitary-gonadal system in the ovaries, growth, follicular development, ovulation, and the maturation of the corpus luteum occur. However, with age in the hypothalamus involutive changes occur, leading to enhanced production of gonadotropins, primarily follitropin.

The secretion of estradiol is significantly limited, and to a somewhat lesser extent, of other hormones: estrone, androstenediol, testosterone and progesterone, which causes the appearance of irregular, anovulatory cycles due to stimulation of the uterus by estrogens.

Primary hormonal disorders - increased levels of follitropina, which indicates an increase in activation of the ovaries, which progressively reduce their potential. After menopause, the level of estrone is determined, which becomes the most important estrogen circulating in the blood. All these processes cause the extinction of the fertile function, the cessation of menstruation, and the hormonal imbalance in the woman’s body forms characteristic clinical symptoms.

Climax in women Clinic.

Early problems of acute estrogen deficiency belong to the complications of menopause, and osteoporosis, coronary artery disease, and Alzheimer's disease further develop.

Typical symptoms of menopause in women are divided into three groups:

  1. Early symptoms:
  • vasomotor (hot flashes, fever, sweating, headache, arterial hypotension, tachycardia),
  • emotional-mental (irritability, drowsiness, general weakness, depression, feeling of inferiority, sleep disturbance, insomnia, decreased libido).
  1. Symptoms of mid-menopause:
  • urinary disorders (genital atrophy caused by estrogen deficiency, which manifests as pain during intercourse, itching, dyspareunia, urethritis, urinary incontinence).
  1. Late exchange disorders:
  • osteoporosis,
  • cardiovascular diseases.

During menopause, bone resorption increases, leading to osteoporosis. Postmenopausal osteoporosis - late metabolic endocrine disorder, which occurs during menopause and is characterized by a decrease in bone mass and impaired microstructure of bone tissue. As a result, the fragility of bones increases, leading to fractures. The main thing that distinguishes postmenopausal osteoporosis is the absence of clinical symptoms until the onset of fractures caused by it.

For the time being, cardiovascular diseases in women (angina pectoris, ischemic heart disease, atherosclerosis) develop less frequently than in men. The turning point is menopause. The protective mechanisms of estrogen consist in influencing the metabolism of certain lipid fractions - on metabolic processes in the vascular wall through estrogen receptors, vasoactive peptides, the synthesis of prostaglandins, prostacyclins. The indirect effect of estrogen - effects on blood pressure by reducing vascular tone, insulin-carbohydrate metabolism.

Climax in women Diagnosis.

Determining the level of testosterone, follitropin, prolactin, cortisol, estrone in the blood gives an idea of ​​the hormonal status during menopause. Characters decrease in the level of estrogen, increase in the level of gonadotropins and prolactin. Sometimes testosterone, cortisol and estrone levels may increase.

During colpocytology research, including the pupil symptom and arborization phenomenon, it is possible to evaluate the estrogenic saturation of the organism.

In the vaginal secret - low level of hormones, leveling of the characteristic structure by the type of fern leaves during crystallization.

The presence of anovulatory cycles in women aged 45–50 years may indicate about the first signs of menopausal syndrome, diagnosed by measuring rectal temperature for three menstrual cycles.

Hormone therapy.

Of the hormonal drugs used estrogens in the form of estradiol valerate in the preparation of proginova or as 17 β-estradiol - in an oral estrofem preparation, Vagif - for vaginal use and Divigel - for transdermal application.

High risk of endometrial cancer with estrogen monotherapy, they are used only after hysterectomy. In other cases, it is advisable to use estrogens in combination with gestagens, which reduces the risk of neoplastic processes.

Derivatives of 170H-progesterone - Cyproterone acetate, medrogestone, megestrol acetate (placental origin) and limegeston, proligestone, nomegestrol acetate (non-placental origin) - have a low androgenic activity against the background of estrogenic action, which practically does not reduce the beneficial effect of estrogen on the cardiovascular system and can be used in treatment women with cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disorders.

Side effects - depression, aggressiveness, anxiety, decreased performance.

19-nortestosterone derivatives - norethindrone, linestrenol, orteisterone acetate, levonorgestrel, desogestrel, gestodene, dienogest - drugs with a certain androgenic activity, stimulate liver lipoproteins. They are able to enhance libido, improve mood, appetite, produce an osteoprotective effect.

Duration of preventive treatment women with a high risk of osteoporosis and cardiovascular disease is 5-7 years.

Climax in women Prevention.

The complex of measures for the prevention and elimination of structural and functional changes in the bone tissue in women during the period of natural extinction of ovarian function in postmenopause includes hormone replacement therapy, aimed at restoring the physiological level of sex steroid hormones.

When to start menopause prevention?

It is important to know that the concept of menopause itself includes 3 main stages:

  • premenopause, i.e. the time when menstruation has not stopped, but the first symptoms of menopausal changes appear. Entry into this life phase takes place at about 45 years old,
  • Menopause itself is the time when menstrual bleeding fades. This is the age of 50-55 years
  • and finally, postmenopause.

Thinking about preventive measures, you need to pay attention primarily to premenopause. This is exactly the blessed time when any contribution to health will give the most positive results.

The climacteric period is not a disease, it is a new stage. After all, if you go to the numbers, this period takes about 1/3 of the woman’s life. Therefore, it is important to form the right attitude to menostase and make maximum efforts to facilitate its flow and to live in harmony with oneself and one’s body.

Like any important action, the prevention of menopause requires an integrated approach that affects all areas of life.

Regular medical examinations as the main method for the prevention of manifestations of menstruation

From about 40 years old, it is necessary to undergo annual medical examination, even if there are no specific ailments that are troubling. Do not deceive yourself - many diseases are quiet for a long time, taking away precious time from a person.

With the approach of menopause, you need to regularly visit the following specialists: gynecologist, mammologist, endocrinologist, cardiologist. Timely diagnosis is no less important than the right therapy. It should be remembered that hormonal dysfunction is able to give impetus to the development of a variety of hormone-dependent pathologies, including neoplastic.

It is necessary to separately highlight the timely detection of diseases of the mammary glands, which occupy a leading position among all others in the postmenstrual stage.

Systematic self-examination, annual ultrasound diagnostics, and after 40 years - mammography, a scheduled visit to a specialist - these are the steps that every woman must take for the sake of their well-being.

Upon detection of any kind of suspicious formations and conditions, you should immediately seek the advice of the doctor-mammologist.

Medication, facilitating the negative impact of menopausal changes

Sometimes climacteric manifestations significantly reduce the quality of life. Often repeated attacks of hot flashes, fainting, headaches, pressure surges - this is not the whole list of ailments that menostasis presents. In such cases, there is a need to resort to the use of medical drugs. It is better to entrust the decision on the necessity of these means and their choice to a specialist who is able to determine whether there are any contraindications for admission.

The choice of drugs to alleviate the unpleasant symptoms of menopause in today's market is quite wide. Of the most popular can be identified: Klimonorm, Livial, Divitren, the line Femoston, Estroferm and others. All of them are aimed at restoring hormonal balance, the violation of which becomes the cause of the main ills of this life stage.

Vitamin-mineral complexes in the system of prevention of age-related changes

Supplementing nutrition with vitamin-mineral complexes is one of the options for supporting the body during menopausal adjustment. Vitamins are involved in the synthesis of hormones, contribute to the normalization of metabolic processes, support the work of internal organs, give strength and energy.

Especially preferred is the intake of vitamins of group B - to maintain the nervous system, vitamin D and calcium - to prevent osteoporosis in women and the proper functioning of the ovaries, potassium and magnesium - to stimulate cardiac activity, iron - to prevent anemia, vitamin C - to mobilize protective body strength and good blood clotting, vitamin E, as a powerful antioxidant.

It will not be superfluous to further enrich the diet with polyunsaturated fatty acids that help control cholesterol levels, support the work of the heart and blood vessels, and have a favorable effect on the condition of the skin and hair.

Cosmetology in the fight against the external manifestations of menopause

Approaching menopause scares women not only with possible internal ailments, but also with how this process will affect their appearance. They are afraid to age prematurely. After all, sharp hormonal jumps adversely affect the condition of the skin, hair, nails.

Of course, first of all, it is necessary to focus on the regulation of internal mechanisms, but modern cosmetology also does not stand still and is trying by all possible means to help the beautiful half of humanity to preserve the natural attractiveness. This may include both extreme measures (plastic surgery) and supporting procedures (various injections, masks, massages, the use of cosmetic preparations). All this allows you to keep a youthful look longer, as well as to feel attractive, well-groomed despite any changes.

Should not be limited to caring exclusively for the face. The condition of the hands, neck, hair, body skin also indicate the age of their mistress. A neat manicure, a beautiful hairstyle on well-groomed hair, a few drops of perfume, a sensible make-up - all this helps to maintain a good mood and increase internal self-esteem.

Proper hygiene in the postmenstrual period

Proper hygiene at any age is the key to women's health. In menopause, this issue becomes especially acute as the body becomes more sensitive to any external stimuli.

When choosing means of intimate hygiene, it is wiser to give preference to organic products enriched with plant extracts and lactic acid bacteria. These products will not irritate the genital mucosa.

Underwear is better to choose from natural fabrics, not cramped or coarse.

For the prevention and treatment of dysbiosis, it is reasonable to use drugs that normalize the microflora.

Regular sex life, as a method of preventing the occurrence of menostasis

Fading of reproductive function is often associated with the complete completion of sexual relations. However, this relationship is fundamentally wrong. There are no reasons obliging women to significantly change the nature and intensity of their sexual life with the onset of menopause. Keeping active in this area has a very beneficial effect on health. Satisfying sex helps to increase blood flow in the pelvic organs, neutralize the effects of stagnation, improve mood and stabilize the emotional background, improve muscle tone.

Of course, menopause sex is not a simple question. Some women stop experiencing sexual desire and satisfaction due to the same hormonal changes, others are embarrassed about how their body changes with the onset of menopause, others worry about changes in the work of the genital organs, the discomfort that has appeared during sex.

In each case requires an individual approach. With a decrease in libido and elimination of symptoms of discomfort, it is possible to use drugs that allow to level the hormones and return the pleasure of intimate relationships. In case of psychological blocks in women, it will not be superfluous to turn to a psychologist, to study independently the literature covering the question: how to reduce the symptoms of menopause, including in the genital area.

Healthy lifestyle as the prevention of manifestations of menopause

It can be said that those women who from the youngest years are attentive to their bodies, do not ignore their needs and signals, often endure this process more easily than those who have experienced a fair amount of indifference. Moreover, sometimes the onset of menopause generally passes for the first unnoticed and does not significantly change the quality of life.

Balanced nutrition - the basis of good health in menopause

Properly organized nutrition is no less important in the process of preventing menostasis. With age, one should give preference to dietetic meat products: rabbit, chicken, turkey, lean beef. In the diet should be in the required amount of dairy products, vegetables and fruits, fish, cereals, nuts and dried fruits of different varieties of vegetable oils.

Such a diet allows you to meet the basic needs of the body, provides sufficient consumption of coarse fiber, eliminates the trouble with digestion, which are also often found.

To preserve health and well-being, it is better to reduce the consumption of fatty, fried foods, salt and refined sugar, fast carbohydrates.

Physical activity as a method to alleviate the manifestations of menostasis

One of the fundamental moments of the struggle with menopausal manifestations is regular physical activity. The impact of physical education is difficult to overestimate, because of it:

  • stagnant processes are eliminated, often provoking diseases are dangerous,
  • the metabolism is accelerated, which is so important in the fight against those extra pounds that easily accumulate during this time of life,
  • strengthens the heart and blood vessels
  • muscle tone is maintained, and, consequently, the external attractiveness of the body, to which any woman so aspires, is preserved
  • resistance to stress is enhanced, nervous tension is removed, the emotional state is leveled out,
  • normal blood pressure.

It is extremely important to choose the right direction of physical improvement. A reference point here should be the state of health, level of physical fitness, temperament and personal preferences. But in any case, it is better to exclude traumatic sports, as well as activities involving sudden movements and the risk of damage to the joints.

The ideal options for physical activity in menopause can be considered yoga, aqua aerobics, oriental dance, callanetics, Pilates, most types of breathing practices and physical therapy.

Struggle with bad habits

The question of the possibility of abuse of the reserves of their health at the time of extinction of the reproductive function is very categorical. Experiencing increased stress from the inside, the woman's body should be as protected from external harmful effects.

What abuses are we talking about? This, of course, alcohol and nicotine - the worst enemies at any age, the strongest provocateurs of disease and aging. No one will argue that a glass of high-quality red wine or a glass of brandy in a friendly company is rather a blessing, provided that they are not used often. But this is the exception rather than the rule.

You shouldn’t even talk about the dangers of smoking - it poisons the body and shortens the life expectancy, at times increasing the risk of developing heart and cancer. This vice should be said final and unquestioning "no."

Главное, что должна иметь в арсенале каждая представительница слабого пола при меностазе – это любовь к себе и уважительное отношение к своему телу, понимание и принятие своего состояния. Большое число женщин, особенно достигших пенсионного возраста, замыкаются, отрезают себя от внешнего мира, что в корне не верно. Любой период жизни естественен и прекрасен. And it is very important not to allow isolation, not to think that all the best is behind, but to lead an active life, rejoice at the free time and opportunity to devote it to yourself, your close people and self-improvement.

Preparations for the prevention of early menopause

Because menopause develops due to the extinction of ovarian function (the main factor is a decrease in the production of the female sex hormone estrogen), drugs prescribed for prophylaxis during early menopause usually contain estrogens in their composition. These drugs have their own specific specifics - the dosage of hormones must be selected according to the woman's age, and the regimen of drug use depends on whether the patient continues her period.

The course of HRT treatment for menopause always includes another additional hormone, progesterone. This component is necessary in order to provide the uterus with protection against excess effects of estrogen.

Most often, the following medications are prescribed in such cases: Divina, Angelik, Ovestin, and in addition to this, Femoston and Divisek.

Prevention of osteoporosis with menopause

A very important part of the prevention of osteoporosis is physical activity (they must also be dosed). The most useful exercises are swimming, walking, as well as playing game types. In this case, it is contraindicated to run long distances, perform jumps and power loads, because such exercises greatly overload the bone system. In addition, you want to quit smoking, because smoking interferes with calcium absorption processes.

It is also required to follow a diet - eat foods that contain a lot of calcium (such as milk and other dairy products) and vitamins of group D (this substance is abundant in eggs and fatty fish).

To maintain the necessary level of vitamin D and calcium in the body, you need to drink drugs containing these substances - such as Calcium D3 Nicomed, Upsavit calcium, and besides Natecal D3 and others.

Calcium preparations are contraindicated only if the patient has hypercalciuria or hypercalcemia. In other cases, medications are prescribed in a dosage of maximum 600 mg (recalculated for pure calcium (usually this dose is contained in the 1st tablet)) per reception. Drinking pills is necessary with food, because when eating calcium drugs on an empty stomach, there is a risk of formation of calculi in the kidneys. At the same time, studies have shown that with the correct use of calcium drugs such complications do not occur. The standard regimen of medication is 2-3 times per day.

Prevention of menopause after 40 years

Prevention of menopause in the period after 40 years includes some rules that must be followed.

First, you need to very carefully control your weight, keeping it at the optimum level for your body. This can be done with the help of a moderate nutritional regimen - with restriction of the consumption of fats of animal origin, and in addition, salts with carbohydrates and alcoholic beverages.

It is categorically impossible to prevent sudden changes in weight in the direction of decreasing or increasing. It is also important to normalize the work of the intestines - for this, you should use dried fruits (such as raisins and dried apricots with prunes).

In addition, the following medical procedures are also required:

  • gynecological examination,
  • submission of a smear for analysis,
  • undergo an ultrasound procedure - to determine the condition of the reproductive system organs.

All these procedures need to be done regardless of whether the woman has any manifestations of menopausal syndrome.

It is also important to regularly exercise physiotherapy, do gymnastic exercises, walk on foot (about half an hour a day 5 times a week). In addition, at least 2 times a year to go for massage treatments.

Symptoms of menopause

The early symptoms of menopause include severe weakness, nausea, hot flashes, increased sweating, feeling hot, chills, changes in blood pressure, headaches, irritability, a tendency to depression, a decrease in sexual desire, forgetfulness, and inattention. After three to five years, new symptoms are added to these symptoms: dryness of the vaginal mucosa, mouth, pain in the bladder, urinary incontinence, increased nail brittleness, skin becoming dry, wrinkles appear and deepen, hair falls, sexual intercourse is accompanied by burning and itching. When menopause slows down the metabolism, as a result, women who would like to lose weight, can not lose weight. Against the background of menopause, many diseases can develop: coronary heart disease, diabetes mellitus, gastrointestinal lesions, and hypertension.

Later symptoms of menopause are manifested by age-related metabolic disturbances in the cardiovascular system associated with vascular sclerotic changes. Postmenopausal osteoporosis may develop. There are vegetative-vascular disorders in which the expansion of the vessels of the head and upper torso occurs, and the heartbeat begins. Such "tides" last 3-4 minutes from 1 to 30 times a day, most often they occur at night and in the early morning. Such manifestations disrupt sleep, lead to emotional and psychological stress, disruption of the urinary system, sexual dysfunction, the appearance of a woman changes for the worse. Menopause may occur quite early, during this period there is menopause (complete absence of menstruation for a year or more).

Prevention and treatment of menopause symptoms

To prevent early menopause, you need to eat right. It is necessary to increase the number of fruits and vegetables in the diet. If possible, you need to perform physical exercises or at least engage in active walking - at least one hour a day. It is necessary to quit bad habits: alcohol abuse, smoking. It also requires a comprehensive examination, including a gynecologist. In the presence of chronic diseases during menopause, it is imperative to conduct a thorough check of the functions of the diseased organ.

It is necessary to check the mammary glands, women over forty need to undergo bone density diagnostics, check the level of progesterone and estrogen in the blood, and make a biochemical blood test. Treatment of symptoms of menopause is carried out only under the supervision of a physician. Basically, it consists in replacement therapy with drugs containing estrogen and progesterone. These drugs significantly improve hormones. In addition to them, you can take vitamins C, E, and group B.

Main reasons

So, why comes early menopause? In the female body, the onset of hormonal adjustment occurs individually. However, premature menopause often develops due to the presence of a disease. According to statistics, menopause in middle age starts from 100 women in all to 1. At the same time, the incidence increases every year.

In women of 40–45 years, the hormonal activity of the ovaries is suppressed rather early, which indicates an early menopause. Premature menopause is the case when it occurs between the ages of 35 and 40 years. This is the earliest age of menopause. But at the same time it may occur earlier (rare cases). This may be due to the presence of a cancer in a woman or the removal of the ovaries for various reasons.

If the menopause began for a thirty-year-old woman, then she should receive treatment. However, this is extremely rare. The severity of the consequences of the disease is directly related to the time of its occurrence. The earlier it appeared, the harder the consequences will be.

The causes of early menopause in women are quite diverse, but most of them affect the ovaries, causing their damage, which cannot be eliminated:

  1. There are women with genetic abnormality. That it is the cause of menopause at an early age. Scientists have discovered 2 such genes. Ovarian tissue in the presence of such genetic mutations lose sensitivity to FSH (follicle-stimulating hormone), with the result that there is a complete cessation or absence of ovulation. In the presence of a genetic abnormality in the family, early menopause may occur in grandmother, mother, daughters, etc.
  2. there is inherited diseasesthat can cause both early menopause and other symptoms. For example, if a woman has galactosemia, her liver and brain are affected, and the development of cataracts also occurs (the transparency of the cornea of ​​the eye deteriorates). And she has amenorrhea (absence of menstruation). In patients with blepharophimosis, the eyes are affected, and the ovaries are depleted ahead of time.
  3. Also, early menopause in women may occur if operations on the pelvic organs - tubes, ovaries or uterus. When an ovarian cyst is removed, damage to the actively functioning tissue with follicles occurs. If uterine fibroids are removed, the adhesive process begins to develop, which also affects the sex glands. Also, the cause of this menopause may be bactericidal (aseptic) inflammation that occurs after the operation. Also, it may be affected by inflammatory diseases of the ovaries, which have a chronic form (salpingo-oophoritis).
  4. The use of radiation therapy to cure a cancer. In the event that a malignant tumor has affected the uterus or nearby organs, and the woman has received a total radiation dose of 6 Gray, this leads to the fact that the ovaries are damaged and it is irreversible. In the event of an accident at a production nuclear facility, a similar situation is observed. If the radiation dose is significantly less, then how severe the consequences will be directly related to how many years the woman is, as well as the duration of exposure to radiation and other factors.
  5. In the treatment of cancer of any location using chemotherapeutic agents early menopause is also possible. The fact is that such drugs cause the suppression of the division of rapidly multiplying cells, both cancerous and follicles. Also, these drugs have a detrimental effect on these cells, which leads to their destruction.
  6. Diseases are called autoimmune when, due to an error in the immune system, the body considers its own cells alien. As a rule, this happens in case of diseases caused by infection, while the pathogen (virus or bacterium) must have a plot in the genetic material that has similarities with the cells of the organism itself. Addison's disease with adrenal lesions, certain types of hypothyroidism (a decrease in thyroid activity), type 1 diabetes mellitus - all of these are autoimmune diseases. In these diseases are affected including the ovaries. It happens that only the sex glands are susceptible to autoimmune effects. In this case, the development of inflammation, which has a chronic form, with the scar follicle takes place.
  7. There are a large number of women in whom doctors can not determine the exact causes of menopause at an early age. At the moment, scientists are inclined to believe that this may be to blame. infections caused by various viruses that a woman has suffered before. The fact is that the incorporation of viral particles into the cells of the body. However, they do not manifest themselves in any way, however, such particles are capable of destroying follicular cells, and the process occurs gradually.

Symptoms of early menopause in women

The reduction of estrogen leads to the appearance of symptoms of early menopause in the female body. Due to any of the above reasons, the ovaries are able to reduce or completely stop the release of estrogen, androgen and progesterone in the body.

The hypothalamus, as well as the pituitary gland, as a result, begin to produce more gonadotropic hormones in order to stimulate the work of paired organs. However, the ovaries become immune to them, which leads to a decrease in the number of progestins, as well as estrogens. As a result, woman’s well-being changes, with other manifestations.

In the female body, the first symptoms of menopause at an early age may occur within 2–4 years. These include:

  1. Irregular periods. Most often, the cycle becomes longer, but its reduction can occur, and the amount of discharge also changes. Between the monthly break can last for several months, while ovulation does not always occur. On various days of the cycle, bleeding may occur, and in some cases it is abundant. Over time, menstruation stops completely.
  2. Tides and increased activity of sweat glands. Such signs of early menopause most often manifest in women of 30 years. The chest, neck and face area turns sharply red and feels as if it is hot. The woman feels anxiety, there may be difficulty in breathing. Then she feels very tired, and a cold sweat appears. This process lasts no longer than 4–5 minutes, while there can be up to 50 repetitions per day. Especially often the tides are observed at night. The severity of climacteric syndrome depends on the frequency of hot flashes (the more often, the stronger the syndrome). Their appearance can provoke spicy food, high air temperature and very tight clothing.
  3. Aggravation of emotional manifestations. As a result of the fact that the production of estrogen stops, there is a decrease in the volume of norepinephrine, as well as serotonin. Namely, they provide a person with a good mood and normalize psychological perception. An enzyme that helps them digest also begins to be suppressed. Therefore, the first symptoms of early menopause are: almost constant discontent, outbursts of irritability, as well as tears that appear for no apparent reason. This can lead to depression.
  4. Sleep disturbance. Nearly 50% of women at night are forced to stay awake. A decrease in the amount of sex hormones becomes a cause, including a decrease in melatonin production. It is he who is responsible for the quality of sleep. By reducing the amount of melatonin, sleep becomes shallow and restless. This symptom leads to increased psycho-emotional manifestations.
  5. Increase the amount of adipose tissue. This tissue is able to produce estrogens. Increasing the amount of adipose tissue is a protective reaction of the body to stress that occurs when estrogen production is stopped. Also, an increase in excess weight occurs due to malnutrition (which would not have led to such consequences earlier) and a decrease in physical activity. When menopause occurs in 30 years, these symptoms pose a particular health hazard. When overweight, the cardiovascular system is subjected to a large load, it also negatively affects the endocrine system, and other symptoms of early menopause are exacerbated.

Possible consequences and complications

If early menopause is quite severe, it can lead to pathological changes in the female body, which are very often irreversible. What are the consequences of early menopause are:

  1. Aging of the skin. When estrogen production does not occur, the metabolic processes in the whole organism are disturbed. The circulation of lipids in the fluid has an effect on the skin. The amount of collagen produced that is responsible for the elasticity of the skin is drastically reduced, as a result of which they become dehydrated and dry. As a result, wrinkles are formed prematurely. It also negatively affects the condition of hair and nails, which become thinner and brittle.
  2. The mucous membranes become dry. Most of all it affects the genitals, but dryness is observed in the eyes, as well as in the nasopharynx. Dry vaginal mucosa gives a lot of inconvenience. It feels severe itching, discomfort, and reddening of the surface. During intercourse increases the likelihood of injury to the thinning mucous membrane and the development of infection.
  3. Urinary problems. Due to the lack of estrogen, both the walls of the bladder and the sphincter become less elastic, they sag. This leads to frequent urination, and also during movement a woman loses the ability to hold urine. Also, the lack of estrogen makes the body more vulnerable, so it loses its ability to fight against pathogenic bacteria. Difficulties with urination are often associated with cystitis or other infections. Also, overweight can contribute to the occurrence of incontinence.
  4. Osteoporosis. A normal amount of calcium in the bones can be maintained only if there is a certain amount of estrogen in the body. Its lack leads to the fact that the skeleton becomes more fragile, and therefore increases the likelihood of injury. It is also a real threat to becoming disabled.
  5. Atherosclerosis. Из-за низкого содержания эстрогена количество холестерина в крови значительно повышается. Он способен прикрепляться к сосудистым стенкам, из-за чего происходит нарушение кровотока, а это негативно сказывается на работе сердечной мышцы и головного мозга. Также это может стать причиной развития сахарного диабета.
  6. Артериальная гипертензия. Vessels in poor condition cause high blood pressure, dizziness, and the likelihood of heart attack and stroke increases. In this state, any fall can cause a fracture that will heal for quite a long time.

How to treat early menopause

In women of 30 years, this kind of menopause is treated with hormone replacement therapy. This means that with the help of special preparations, the amount of the hormone that the body lacks is replenished.

Besides the fact that as a result of such treatment, the quality of life is noticeably improved, it also helps to avoid some complications.

It is possible to treat early menopause in women. non-drug and medicamentous in ways.

In the case of non-pharmacological treatment, decoctions and infusions made from medicinal herbs are used. And it is recommended to include in your diet foods that contain estrogen. For example, estrogen contains soy and other products that are made on its basis.

When menopause occurs at an early age, it is recommended to take medications that include progestogen as well as estrogen. With the help of them and carried out drug treatment of early menopause in women. Estrogen helps to improve cellular structures that are hormone-dependent. A progestogen does not allow strong proliferation of uterine endometrium, and also prevents the formation and development of malignant tumors.

Drugs that are combined: rigevidon, Diane-35, mercilon, novinet and others.

These women have a fairly high risk of osteoporosis. In this regard, as a preventive measure, they need to take a vitamin-mineral complex, which must include:

  1. Bisphosphonates: pamiphos, pmidronat, syndronat, osteomax, fosamax, bonefos, aredia, pamitor, loron and others.
  2. Calcium compounds. There is a strengthening of bone tissue, due to the saturation of their calcium. Preparations: calcium silicate, calcium carbonate, vitamincalcin and others.
  3. Vitamin D. Due to it, calcium-phosphorus metabolism is regulated. Preparations: viganthol, akvadetrim, alphaol and others.

Also in the complex treatment are applied folk and homeopathic remedies, physiotherapy, water therapy, spa treatment, as well as properly selected exercises.


The main group in the treatment of menopause at an early age are hormonal agents. It should be remembered that the female body in this case needs both progestogen and estrogen. In this regard, it is necessary to take 1 complex drug or 2 monopreparations.

Per day you need to take orally from 0.01 to 0.06 mg microfollin. The exact dosage should be called by the doctor involved in the treatment. This medicine is contraindicated for women with a malignant tumor (or there is a suspicion of its presence), in the presence of individual intolerance to certain substances included in the composition, with internal bleeding. And also in the case when a woman has a tendency to the appearance of blood clots.

Progesterone is administered to the patient in the form of injections, with a daily dose of 5 milligrams. Injections are made every day. With early menopause, this tool should be used together with those drugs, which include estrogen.

Take this drug is prohibited in cancer of the mammary glands and reproductive organs, with severe liver dysfunction, in the presence of a tendency to the appearance of blood clots.

When you receive rigevidona do not forget that you need to drink it with enough water. It should be taken every day for 1 tablet and it should be done at the same time. You can not even miss 1 admission.

This remedy is contraindicated in cerebrovascular and cardiovascular pathologies in history, with a malignant tumor, with severe liver damage, with severe hypertension, with a tendency to the appearance of blood clots and in some other cases.

In some cases, spend symptomatic treatment. In the depressed state, it is necessary to take antidepressants, for example: Hydroxysin, Phenazepam, Gidazepam, Benaktizin, Clobazam, Meprobamate. With increased blood pressure, antihypertensive drugs are used (Losartan, Enam). In the presence of nervousness of distraction and problems with sleep, sedatives are used, for example: Persen, Atarax, Phenibut, Afobazol, Novopassit, Adaptol, motherwort tablets.

As a preventive measure, osteoporosis is used to prescribe vitamin-mineral complexes: with vitamin D — Vigantol, Akvadetrim, Alfadol, bisphosphonates — Pamidronate, Bonefos, Sindronat, calcium-containing agents — calcium silicate, calcium carbonate, Vitalcalcin.

Folk remedies

For the treatment of menopause at an early age folk remedies, as a rule, use medicinal herbs. Below are some effective recipes.

First recipe:

  1. At 1 tbsp. water is taken 1 large spoon of boron uterus. Grass should be poured into freshly boiled water.
  2. Bring the infusion to readiness with the help of a steam bath or slow fire. Wait a quarter of an hour after the liquid boils.
  3. Remove the container from the stove and wait 4 hours.
  4. The fluid should be drained. You need to take 1 large spoon 4 or 5 times a day. The course lasts 3 months.

The second recipe:

  1. In the capacity pour 2 tbsp. vodka or alcohol and add grass boric uterus in dried form in the amount of 50 grams.
  2. Tightly closed container should be stored in a dark place for 21 days.
  3. Drink 3 times a day from 15 to 30 drops. The course is 3 months.

Third recipe:

  1. You will need a dried and crushed rhizome of a red brush. 1 large spoonful of herbs should be poured into 1.5 tbsp. boiling water.
  2. Move the container to a small fire, and when the liquid begins to boil, wait 5 minutes.
  3. Strained fluid should be taken 3 times a day, 100 grams.
  4. It is recommended to drink the remedy on an empty stomach (a quarter of an hour before the meal). If you wish, for sweetness, add 1 small spoonful of honey to the glass with the product.

Fourth recipe:

  1. Dried rhizome of a red brush in the amount of 50 grams should be poured into a container and 0.5 ml of vodka or alcohol should be poured into it.
  2. Place tightly closed container in a dark place for 30 days.
  3. Drinking means should be 3 times a day, with a single dose - from 30 to 40 drops. To have the best effect, drink a remedy on an empty stomach (30 minutes before the meal).

Fifth recipe:

  1. Pour 200 g of freshly boiled water into a container and add 15 g of white mistletoe.
  2. Wait 2 hours until the contents of the container are infused.
  3. Drink remedy 3 times a day for 1 large spoon. It should be taken on an empty stomach (15–20 minutes before a meal).

Preventive measures

Preventing menopause will help avoid menopause:

  1. After puberty occurs or sexual activity begins, each woman will certainly have to come to an appointment with a female doctor at least 1 time in 6 months for a routine examination.
  2. It is very important to adhere to healthy lifestyles (healthy lifestyle). It is necessary to limit the consumption of alcoholic beverages, to exclude smoking and taking drugs.
  3. Try to avoid stressful situations.
  4. Eat right. The diet should contain foods that contain large amounts of vitamins, minerals, and trace elements. Try not to eat foods containing preservatives, flavor enhancers, stabilizers, dyes. Also try to exclude from the diet of semi-finished products, quickly cooked foods and those that include GMOs.
  5. Control weight. Excess weight can significantly impair health. Climax at an early age may begin due to the presence of excess weight.
  6. Do sport. However, we must remember that excessive loads are unacceptable, especially during menstruation.
  7. Avoid both overheating and overcooling of the body.
  8. Do not neglect the rules of personal hygiene.
  9. Try to avoid promiscuous sex. Ideally, the sexual partner should have only one, and the woman should know for sure that he is healthy. In this case, the risk of infection, which is transmitted only through sex, is significantly reduced.
  10. It is necessary to give the body a full rest.

Why do you need menopausal prophylaxis

Menopause in 10% of women is severe. The natural decrease in the volume of sex hormones leads them literally to the disease, manifested by flushes of fainting, depression and other signs.

But those who endure menopause quite easily, feel the influence of hormonal changes. Women claim that they get tired faster than before, think worse, grow stout, for no apparent reason. They do not like their appearance because of aging skin and thin hair, they lose interest in intimate life. Insomnia, hot flashes and other signs, though in a milder form, are also inevitable.

But the main thing - the consequences of menopause. Cardiovascular diseases, tumors, osteoporosis occur in the late phase, causing disability or early death.

How to avoid old age

On reducing the impact of climacteric changes is to take care before they come the very 45 years. Features of their manifestation largely depend on heredity. But it determines to a greater extent the timing of menopause. However, the experience of the mother will tell her daughter exactly what symptoms she needs to wait and strive to prevent.

It should be remembered that diseases of the reproductive sphere, surgery, transferred at a young age, can play a negative role in menopause, especially in its last segment.

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Prevention of osteoporosis in late menopause should be more serious, although primary measures do not lose relevance.

What threatens a woman to menopause

With the onset of menopause, in addition to problems with violation of cycles, conception and childbirth, other violations appear. Often this period is accompanied by tides, dizziness, increased excitability. The most noticeable are the symptoms of menopause in the emotional sphere. Many women in this period experience astheno-neurotic syndrome. It manifests itself in strong irritability, causeless tearfulness, anxiety and fears. Sometimes ladies try to hide their age with vulgar hairstyles, make-up, clothes.

The autonomic nervous system during this period may react as follows:

  • There are difficulties in breathing,
  • sweating increases,
  • pathological pigmentation of the skin appears,
  • there is anxiety
  • tormented by nausea
  • my heart stops
  • dizzy, weakness occurs.

Sometimes in the pre-menopausal period there are frequent nocturnal awakenings, or, conversely, drowsiness increases. There are cases of pressure increase in the morning. Many women are very sensitive to changes in appearance. Often there is a set of excess weight. Changes in the skin become very noticeable. The skin becomes less elastic, flabby, wrinkles deepen.

Against the background of hormonal failure, women before menopause undergo the following changes in bone tissue:

  • Reduced growth
  • frequent bone fractures
  • pains in the spinal column and joints,
  • slouch development.

Prolonged youth prevention

Climacteric manifestations in the form of feeling unwell endure there is no need. To feel healthy during this period, it is important to carry out preventive measures. No need to be sad and upset in advance, you can trick this "enemy".

Prevention of menopause must begin before the birth of a girl. It consists in observance by mother of the correct mode in food and behavior. Prevention of menopause in women is a very important task. What is included in the program to extend female youth? Here are the important ingredients:

  • Proper nutrition
  • rejection of rigid diets
  • adding more fruits and vegetables to the diet
  • exercise, active walking,
  • phytotherapy,
  • osteoporosis prevention,
  • exercise therapy,
  • moderate drinking, smoking cessation,
  • intimate hygiene,
  • receiving homeopathic and hormonal drugs.

As a preventive measure for the symptoms of menopause, it is necessary to visit a specialist, undergo a full examination, and regularly go to a gynecologist. At such a comprehensive examination, professionals will check the mammary glands, perform scintigraphy, determine bone density, estrogen and progesterone levels in the blood, make an ECG, OAM and UAC.

Peculiarities of nutrition before menopause

Before menopause in women, the amount of sex hormones decreases, which leads to weight gain and the addition of adipose tissue. This is fraught with not only a change in appearance, but also a blockage of blood vessels with cholesterol, an increase in the load on the spine and bones.

How can you slow down this process and the onset of menopause with the help of proper nutrition? After all, the ability of fatty tissues to release estrogens can trigger hormonal failure. Such a process can lead to diabetes, tumors, disruption of the thyroid gland.

In 35-40 years, the diet should consist of low-calorie foods. It is necessary to significantly reduce the consumption of sugar, alcoholic beverages, coffee, fatty foods, pickles, smoked. Their excessive use provokes strong tides. What is recommended at this age in order to prevent menopause:

  • Vegetable broths, soups, various cereals,
  • Wholemeal cereals, with bran,
  • Vegetable salads, stewed vegetables, fruits,
  • Low-fat fish and meat (chicken, beef, rabbit, turkey),

Proper nutrition of women leads to the preservation of the tone of the skin and mucous membranes. The use of broccoli, legumes, nuts leads to increased production of estrogen by the body. Dairy products such as kefir, cottage cheese, and cheese are useful feeds for women before menopause. They contain large amounts of calcium, which is so necessary for sufficient bone density.

Active lifestyle, physical therapy

Prevention of menopause necessarily includes physical activity. It is useful to move both young women and the elderly. But movement plays a special role before menopause and during it. A sedentary lifestyle leads to disturbances in metabolic processes, and this:

  • obesity,
  • malfunctions of the heart and blood vessels,
  • development of osteoporosis.

Sometimes this behavior of women leads to heart attacks, strokes, the development of diabetes, bone fractures, problems with the spine and joints. Preventive measures must necessarily include physical education classes. It can be light jogging in the park in the morning, after which it is useful to take a contrast shower. Some women should try a small bike ride.

A visit to the pool, fitness classes will only benefit women before menopause. Aerobics, dancing, yoga, Pilates improve the oxygen supply to the tissues, energy is better spent, muscles are tightened, and the metabolism of fats and carbohydrates is normalized. An active lifestyle reduces the appearance of sweating, hot flashes, nervousness, improves sleep. It is important when taking motility to take drugs containing calcium.

Also, the prevention of menopause is therapeutic exercise. Properly selected complex will help keep the muscles of the pelvis toned, which is an excellent prevention for the female genital organs before menopause. Therapeutic exercises improve the woman’s well-being, give her vigor and excellent mood. To prevent the uterus from falling, women are advised to perform the following simple exercises:

  • lie on your back, hold a small ball between your legs,
  • lying on your back, alternately lift the left and right legs,
  • in the “prone” position, slowly raise and lower the pelvis,
  • in the sitting position, bend the legs at the knees.

In the case of the omission of the genitals, it is necessary to switch to the use of more radical exercises. This may be yoga or gymnastic complex Bodyflex. Such exercises increase the tone, strengthen the muscles of the pelvis and prevent the prolapse of the genital organs, which is very important before menopause.

Herbal and homeopathic medicines

For the prevention of menopause, it is important to use herbal and homeopathic remedies. They prevent hot flashes, hypertension and insomnia. Reception of the combined preparations is also very effective. An example is the wonderful drug Menopace. He is a great helper for the prevention of early menopause.

To maintain a good appearance and eliminate the discomfort of an approaching menopause in women will help complex herbal drug Estrovel. He is able to have a hormon-like effect. This drug effectively and safely supports the hormonal balance of women. Он включает в свой состав три фитогормона, несколько аминокислот, более 10 полезных компонентов. Эстровэл поднимает настроение, улучшает работоспособность, способствует улучшению половой активности, укреплению иммунитета.

Effective dietary supplement in the prevention of menopause is Klimadinon and Klimadinon Uno. These drugs alleviate the deficiency of estrogen, have anti-inflammatory and diuretic effect, improve the work of the vegetative system.

A complex homeopathic remedy for early menopause is feminalgin. It consists of Tsimitsifuga, magnesium phosphate, meadow lumbago. The drug improves the psycho-emotional sphere of a woman, has an antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory effect.

The following dietary supplements and homeopathic preparations will help to deal with the early signs of menopause:

Taking these medicines as a prevention of menopause should begin after consulting a doctor.

Traditional medicine tips

Recipes of traditional medicine will also be useful for the prevention of menopause. An excellent means of preventing menopause in women is sorrel. To make the menstruation painless, there was no nervous tension, heavy discharge, you need to take oxalic broth 7 days a month before menstruation. To do this, dry sorrel leaves (1 tablespoon) are poured into a glass of boiling water, allowed to stand for an hour and drink in three doses before meals.

Some women use a decoction of plantain seeds. It helps to regulate heavy discharge, relieves pain, improves mood, eliminates depression before menopause. A decoction is done as follows: 1 tablespoon of seeds is poured with a glass of boiling water. All this is placed in a water bath, where it is kept for 5 minutes. As soon as the decoction cools, it can be taken 50 ml 4 times a day. Acceptance of broth will help to postpone menopause in women.

In order to prevent menopause in women, valerian is effective. It is capable of gently lowering the pressure during this period, removes nervousness, irritability. To do this, valerian root (2 tablespoons) is poured 500 ml of boiling water and heated in a water bath for 15 minutes. After cooling, take half a glass of broth 3 times a day 20 minutes after meals.

Women who want to avoid complications due to hormonal features, it is very useful to include in your diet celery. It also relieves weakness, eliminates pain. After 35 years, it is important to conduct courses of prevention of menopause with celery seeds. To do this, a teaspoon of seeds is poured 0.5 liters of boiling water, wrapped and allowed to infuse for 10 hours. Thirty milliliters of this broth is taken 3 times a day half an hour before meals. The decoction is very useful in the prevention of menopause, as well as effective in cases of painful periods in women.

Hygienic requirements

A woman should keep her body clean. This is also an important item in the preventive list of deferring menopause. Especially strict rules exist for hygiene in the intimate area. It is very important to choose the right hygiene products and natural linen.

Most modern women use gels with pH-neutral and hypoallergenic content. As a prevention of menopause, douching and washing with herbs decoction is useful:

Lingerie should be chosen strictly the right size, preferably not from synthetic fabrics. It is important to wear warm underwear in winter, otherwise colds and dermatoses cannot be avoided, which is undesirable before menopause.

Intimate life and emotional sphere

Menopause prevention needs to be done regularly. Every woman after 30 years should become their own psychologist, because under the burden of worries the emotional sphere suffers. Sometimes problems affect the quality of sex.

In some cases, the prevention of menopause will be relaxation sessions with music. Reading interesting books will enrich not only the soul of a woman, but also intelligence. It is necessary to try to be in a state of joy, to look for pleasure in everything, to be charged with positive energy. Weekend is important to spend in an interesting trip, cinema, theater, and in the summer to soak around the sea or river.

An intimate life is important for women of any age - sex can bring peace and joy, so necessary for the well-being of a woman. Love joys help keep muscles in the intimate zone in tone, which is so important for the prevention of menopause.