10 effective ways to conceive a son


One of the most common questions that future parents ask in the Internet search engines is: “How to conceive a boy 100 percent?” Although it is impossible to guarantee results without the intervention of modern medical technologies, many still believe in ancient traditions, folk methods, omens , prayers, and are ready to test them.

The discovery of female and male sex chromosomes, which determine the sex of a child at the moment of conception, dates back to 1905 and belongs to geneticists Nettie Stevens and Edmund Wilson. The X and Y chromosomes inside the sperm must reach the egg and penetrate it. Numerous factors influence this process.

Scientists have found that sperm carriers of the X chromosome (female) are able to maintain mobility longer. But the owners of the Y-chromosome (which are "responsible" for the boys) move much faster. Therefore, if a woman’s body creates the conditions for spermatozoa to penetrate faster into the uterus and its tubes, the likelihood of the "sperm" spermatozoon merging with the egg cell will increase.

Rational "grandmothers" tips

It’s not always possible for a couple to get pregnant as a boy the first time. Sometimes it takes years of trying. Therefore, it is not surprising that parents believe that “all means are good” and act, focusing, among other things, on ancient traditions and beliefs. And, as it turns out, some “folk” methods are not as untenable as it seems at first glance. What can you believe?

Special diet

Traditional folk recommendations state that a certain type of food and certain food intake rules may increase the chances of conceiving a son. At the planning stage of pregnancy, the following diet is recommended for parents by the boy and on the day of conception.

  • More alkaline foods. You need to eat foods that will change the pH (or acidity) of your body. Alkaline food reduces the acidity of cervical mucus, which increases its permeability to sperm and can be of great importance in the planning of the boy.
  • Frequent fractional meals. It is necessary to eat more often than usual and distribute daily calories into small portions so that the blood sugar level is constant. You need to eat with a regular breakfast, eating more foods rich in sodium, potassium and vitamins B12, C, E.
  • More calories. Studies conducted at the University of Oxford suggest that the likelihood of pregnancy with a tiny male is higher for those women who eat high-calorie porridge for breakfast every day.

The list of products recommended for conceiving a boy:

  • vegetables - broccoli, carrots, peas, zucchini, cucumbers, garlic, corn, potatoes,
  • fruits - grapefruit, kiwi, avocado, banana, peach, plum,
  • sweets - honey, dried apricots, dark chocolate,
  • drinking - juices, carbonated drinks,
  • oils - vegetable oil, olives,
  • starch - porridge and macaroni, bread, rolls, cookies,
  • protein - meat and fish in any form of cooking,
  • Sodium and potassium - pickled vegetables.

When planning a boy, the following foods and foods should be avoided:

  • fermented milk and milk in the composition,
  • seafood.

Suitable days

The way to conceive a boy by ovulation also has a scientific rationale. It is believed that the probability of getting a male child becomes higher if sexual intercourse is carried out in the following periods.

  • Within 24 hours before the release of the egg. Spermatozoa carrying the Y chromosome will be in place by the time the egg leaves the ovary.
  • In the first 12 hours after ovulation. At this time, cervical mucus, which is produced during ovulation, dilutes and allows sperm to move quickly with a Y-chromosome.

This calendar method can be tried to use if the cycle for a woman is absolutely regular. With an irregular cycle about which days it is better to conceive a boy, you can judge by the pharmacy test, which determines the moment of ovulation.

In addition, just as with the calendar method, you can calculate the boy's conception using the basal temperature chart: the temperature drops a little before ovulation, and immediately after ovulation its marked jump is recorded.

4 rules in bed

There are some intimate tips on how to give birth to a boy. Up to what posture you can conceive a boy and whether you need pre-abstinence. So, there are four rules.

  1. Sexual abstinence. It is advised to abstain from sexual intercourse for seven days before the appointed time.
  2. Pose with deep penetration. The positions in which the man is behind the woman or she sits on the man on top (rider posture) will do. Thus, the road to the “target” - the mature egg cell is somewhat shortened.
  3. Simultaneous orgasm. It is believed that with simultaneous peak sensations, both partners emit a secret with an alkaline environment, contributing to the promotion of "boy" sperm.
  4. Ten minutes on the back. After intercourse, a woman should lie on her back and spend at least ten minutes in this position. This provides a greater likelihood of sperm entering the cervix.

What you should not trust

Often found on the Internet method of planning the sex of the child for the blood of parents does not have any scientific justification and is not associated with periods of renewal of blood elements.

So, supporters of the methodology claim that the blood of a woman is renewed every three years (starting from 15 years), and in a man - every four years (starting from 16 years). According to their advice, it is necessary to compare whose blood is "younger". If a man’s blood was recently updated, the couple will have a boy. And if a woman “won”, then you can prepare for the appearance of a girl. As a result, parents allegedly can plan the appropriate period for conception.

In fact, it is not. The true picture is this: every second, millions of red blood cells form in the human bone marrow. They “live” in the bloodstream for about 120 days, and then are absorbed by other cellular elements of the blood responsible for the elimination of dead cells and foreign agents. The period of the existence of other blood cells is even shorter:

  • leukocytes - from two to 15 days,
  • eosinophils - 15 days,
  • basophils - two to four days,
  • macrophages - two or three months,
  • platelets seven to ten days.

Therefore, the sex of the baby does not depend on the renewal of the blood of the parents. Also, there is nothing to do with the group or rhesus.

How to conceive a boy: IVF help

Nowadays, scientists can offer only one method, which gives a guaranteed opportunity to choose the sex of the unborn child. This is the method of pre-implantation diagnosis in the program of artificial insemination. It is used not only because of the great desire to give birth to a boy (because of religious beliefs, for example), but also as an opportunity to exclude pathologies associated with sex, as well as a method of treating infertility.

The essence of pre-implantation genetic diagnosis

This method has an exact sequence of actions using high-tech medical equipment and, according to reviews, is performed by high-class specialists. What are they doing:

  • women get healthy eggs, and men get quality sperm,
  • perform the procedure of artificial insemination in vitro,
  • examine the cells of the outer shell of embryos on the fifth day of life,
  • determine the sex of the potential child,
  • After diagnosis, the boy's embryo is transferred to the uterus.

There is no advice on how to become pregnant as a boy who would guarantee a 100% result. And even such a complicated and expensive medical manipulation as IVF is not a panacea. After all, the embryo does not always take root. Therefore, it is more important to have healthy children, and not their gender. And if the boy is not born this time, it’s just worth trying again.

How is the sex of the child

Before drawing up calendars and taking healing herbs for conception, it is worth getting an idea of ​​how the baby’s gender is formed. The fruit has the DNA of the father and the mother in half. Each human body has 46 chromosomes or 23 pairs. Of these, 22 pairs (autosomes) determine the genetic set that is transmitted from the parents, and the last pair (heterosomes) are responsible for the sex of the unborn child. Spermatozoa can carry those and other chromosomes. Gender depends on what happens to be in the sperm cell that fertilizes the egg.

The female chromosomes of the twentieth century and the male xy are laid in the sexual cells, but only the male chromosomes determine the sex of the future baby (some doctors still insist that the woman’s body also refuses to influence, albeit insignificant). Women’s chromosomes are the same (XX), while men’s can give a boy by mixing female X with male Y or a girl by mixing female X with male X.

At the moment of conception, the possibility of an egg cell merging with a sperm carrying the X chromosome, or a cell carrying Y, depends on many factors, most of which are beyond man’s control. Therefore, do not completely rely on advice, even medical.

Sex is determined at the time of conception, but is formed much later. In the first few weeks of formation, the fetus does not have sex differences. It is not fully known when exactly the physiological signs appear. Doctors tend to 10-16 weeks. However, it is worth knowing that after conception it is impossible to affect the sex of a child. Up to 10 weeks the baby is not asexual, just in this period other parts of the body develop.

Only modern reproductive technologies have succeeded in more or less precise shaping of the sex required by parents. The procedure of in vitro fertilization makes it possible to choose an active and healthy spermatozoon with the desired chromosome. However, such a selection (specifically, chromosomes in IVF) is carried out only with specific indications: the prevention of a hereditary disease that can be transmitted to the child through the maternal or paternal line.

The role of ovulation in determining the sex of the child

In conceiving a woman helps the menstrual calendar. It is worth remembering that it can be considered reliable only with regular recordings for at least six months. Regular repetitions will help the woman determine the exact day of ovulation. To control the cycle, measure the basal temperature in the rectum. On the morning of ovulation, it reaches 37.2 ° C. Another indicator is viscous whitish discharge. You can also use special rapid tests for ovulation, which portend ovulation within the next 48 hours. To reinforce the results do folliculometry (ultrasound).

Ovulation is the day when the egg leaves the follicle and becomes available for fertilization. This does not mean that on other days of the cycle conception is impossible, but in this period the chances are greatest.

Activity of girls and boys at the gene level

Shettles theory is based on varying degrees of motility of germ cells with different chromosomes. This method of determining the sex of the child is considered one of the best with 80% of successful results.

Characteristics of sperm with different chromosomes:

  • spermatozoa carrying the Y chromosome, light and active, but less resistant.
  • The sperm carrying the X chromosome is hardy and heavy, they can survive in the aggressive acid environment of the vagina longer.

Therefore, if you want to give birth to a boy, it is recommended to make a conception per day or on the day of the egg's release. If you have sex before, sperm with the Y chromosome can not live to ovulation. In addition, on the day of ovulation, an alkaline environment appears, which helps spermatozoa "with boys" to remain viable longer.

To make the process of conception more effective, you need to abstain from sex for several days before the expected release of the egg. So you can increase the number of male germ cells in the ejaculate.

Child sex tables

In China, a special table for determining the sex of a child has long been used. The Chinese child’s gender table was used by royals to plan for the birth of an heir. Today, it is used by all Chinese and even many other nations of the world. To present the value of the table, you can analyze the fact that it is stored at the Beijing Institute of Science.

It is believed that the table is based on the lunar calendar. The calculation takes into account the age of the mother and the month of the expected birth of the baby. Naturally, the information will not be accurate, because to a greater extent the gender is determined by the future father and many unpredictable factors.

In Japan, they have always been fundamentally concerned with the birth of boys. Here they also used special tables by months, which could calculate how to conceive a boy. The Japanese gender table is more complicated than the Chinese one. It takes into account the month of birth of both parents and the month of conception of the baby. These methods are popular because they are simple and do not require financial costs.

Another popular way to predict the sex of a child is to compare blood groups. According to the table, parents with the first group should wait for a girl. The couple with the fourth will get the desired boy.

A boy is more likely to appear in a family with this mixing of blood (woman / man):

  • I - II,
  • I - IV,
  • III - II,
  • III - III,
  • III - IV,
  • IV - I,
  • IV-III
  • IV –IV.

Rh factor is also worth considering. In favor of the boy, the positive Rh factor of the mother and the negative father and vice versa.

Blood update

In medicine, there is a so-called theory of blood renewal. It is believed that in the body of a man the volume of blood is completely updated every 4 years. Due to many well-known factors in women, this biological fluid is replaced every 3 years. It is believed that the probability of conceiving a boy is greater in the pair where the man’s blood has been refreshed last.

Science makes it possible for one of the partners to calculate the blood “younger”. Under normal circumstances, the person’s date of birth is taken into account, and if there is blood loss in history, the count is taken from the last major blood loss.

When calculating age, men are divided into four, and women into three. The remains are compared. The birth of a boy is more likely when the rest of the man is smaller than the rest of the woman.

Diet for conceiving a boy

Some have investigated proven link between diet and conception. If the goal is to have a baby boy, help with sodium and potassium. For the most part, it is salty food, although it is not recommended to overdo it with salt. Change the diet should be at least a month before fertilization.

Sodium and calcium ions are found in meat products. You can eat salted and smoked meat dishes. Special attention should be paid to fish. Allowed any fish and offal, but it is necessary to limit the number of mollusks (shrimp, crabs, etc.).

At the stage of preparation for pregnancy as a boy, you need to drink tea and coffee, fruit juices, soda (moderately). Milk and drinks with it (kefir, cocoa) are subject to exception. It is recommended to limit the use of mineral water with calcium and more salt food.

Bakery products recommended sweets without milk and yeast. You need to eat more cookies, but limit the use of bread. Do not get involved in pancakes and pancakes.

In the conception of the boy will help cereals and pasta. Useful will be the use of rice and semolina.

From vegetables you need to choose potatoes, soybeans, corn, mushrooms. From legumes: peas, beans, lentils. Green beans are questionable. Cabbage and greens do not have to the boy, like nuts.

The fruit plate of the future parents of the boy should consist of bananas, oranges, cherries, apricots, plums, peaches. It is better to refrain from cherries and grapefruits. Dried fruits are preferred dates and dried apricots.

Of sweets, let's say dark chocolate, honey, natural jam and jelly. You should not eat milk chocolate, creamy ice cream, egg cream.

In addition, salted cucumbers, olives, vegetable oil, margarine will be useful. However, you must eliminate the cheese.

Moon calendar

Astrologers propose to conceive a boy based on the calendar of the phases of the moon. This theory has not been completely refuted, because there is evidence of the satellite’s influence on human biorhythms and even on natural phenomena on the planet.

There are four phases of the position of the moon:

  1. New moon. Not suitable for conception due to the tension between the Sun and the Moon during this period. It is believed that those born during this phase are prone to nervous disorders.
  2. Waxing Crescent. The best time to conceive. The growing moon feeds with energy and strength all life on Earth.
  3. Decreasing Favorable time for conception. The body is still full of energy.
  4. Full moon. Good time for fertilization, but still recommended time before the full moon.

When calculating you must also take into account the position of the constellations. Astrologers recommend days for fertilization when the moon is in the constellation Taurus, Leo and Cancer. These days guarantee good health and good immunity of the baby. The most dangerous for fertilization constellation - Scorpio. It involves the birth of a weak child, often premature birth. Conception during lunar and solar eclipses is not recommended.

При планировании пола ребенка астрологи советуют обратить внимание на распределение знаков:

  • «мужские», символизирующие стихии огня и воздуха: Стрелец, Водолей, Лев, Близнецы, Весы, Овен,
  • «женские», отвечающие за стихии воды и земли: Рыбы, Дева, Телец, Рак, Скорпион, Козерог.

Таким образом, зачать сына можно в дни, когда Луна проходит знаки Воздуха и Огня. Also, astrologers talk about the benefits of silver - a metal that symbolizes the moon. You need to wear silver jewelry before sexual intercourse.

Another observation in this area: in an odd month with an even number of years of the mother’s life, it is worth waiting for the boy and vice versa.

People's experience

Folk beliefs recommend trying to conceive a boy in the summer. Before this event, a man should walk barefoot, absorb the energy of the earth and renew strength. Ideal for conceiving an active and healthy little boy is considered to be Monday, Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday morning. Otherwise, it is better to attempt at night or at dawn.

The ancient Greeks believed that it was possible to conceive a boy lying on his right side, and his daughter on the left. The most natural and effective posture is that of a man in the back position; a woman should kneel. Such penetration provides the best hit of sperm.

Methods of different nations:

  1. Italians (scientists) are confident that to conceive a boy, you need to increase the weight of a woman beyond the 54 kg mark. In their opinion, supported by research, thin women often give birth to girls (98 boys per 100 girls during an experiment with almost ten thousand subjects).
  2. The Japanese proved that smoking before sex prevents the birth of a boy. By the way, not only Japanese researchers spoke about this. History shows that male smokers or those associated with hazardous production are more likely to give birth to girls, often unhealthy. This is due to how bad habits and harmful production affect sperm. It has already been said that the sperm with the female chromosome is more enduring. By the way, the Japanese prohibit smoking before conceiving a boy to both men and women. Smoking parents have three times more chances to give birth to a girl than non-smokers.
  3. The Germans studied the psychological state at conception. Everyone knows that after major natural disasters and serious unrest among the population, which were accompanied by human victims, increase the birth rate. So nature tries to compensate for the damage. The Germans, more precisely, the Institute for the Population of the World, noted the strange predominance of boys in the years after the fall of the Belinsky Wall. Scientists have concluded that stress destroys weak sperm with the Y chromosome, and a quiet lifestyle contributes to their activity.
  4. The Chinese, in addition to the calendar, were guided by the position during sex. It was believed that lying head north is more likely to get a boy.
  5. Indians trust the lunar calendar and diet. The success rate is the ratio of men and women in the country (100 girls to 111 boys), although one cannot exclude the fact of the strongest discrimination of women in this country.

Costly modernity

Scientists are working on methods that can accurately shape the sex of a child before conception. Today, the most effective is IVF. Reproductive scientists are not only able to choose the right sperm and fertilize an egg, but also create the ideal conditions for the embryo to attach to the inner layer of the uterus. Such miracles were unthinkable half a century ago, but now couples can take advantage of such services of reproductive medicine:

  1. Genetic diagnosis. The best way when planning a boy. Preimplantation diagnosis makes it possible to examine the embryo before placing it in the uterus. Thus you can find out the sex of the child and the likelihood of many vices.
  2. Laser sperm separation. Chromosomes X and Y are separated by laser, then fertilize the egg with the desired chromosome. This method is more suitable for the conception of a girl, because the procedure gives 91% for the conception of a girl and 75% for the appearance of a boy.
  3. Micro sorting. The procedure is to sort the chromosomes at the gene level. This can be done only with the help of modern equipment. To conceive a boy, the examined sperm with the Y chromosome is introduced into the uterus. The probability is 73% for boys and 88% for girls.

Other ways to conceive a boy

Sex determination depends not only on the measures when planning pregnancy, but also on lifestyle. Specifically, if you want to conceive a boy you need:

  • do not smoke or quit at least a year before conception,
  • maintain an optimal weight, preferably not less than 55 kg,
  • be younger than my husband
  • perceive the husband as the head of the house and protector,
  • to visualize the child, to represent his movements and voice,
  • avoid stress and overvoltage
  • avoid abortions and miscarriages (young spouses have more chances for a boy with a “clean” history).

Some doctors believe that the current health condition of a man affects conception (bald fathers are more likely to have boys, and for gout, girls). Doctors also noticed that with a long wait and many unsuccessful attempts, it was boys who eventually appeared.

The vagina may be acidic or alkaline. Alkaline usually occurs during ovulation. Sperm with chromosome X is weaker in an alkaline medium, and sperm with Y die in acid. The most common baking soda will help to get the desired son.

To soften the aggressive environment of the vagina, you can pre-syring up with a solution of soda (2 tablespoons per 1 liter of warm boiled water). This allows for greater sperm cell survival. Men are advised to drink at night a decoction of a plant of elecampane or yellow.

Equally important is the posture in which fertilization takes place. For better sperm access to the cervix, choose a position in which a man is in the back or a woman on top. To consolidate the effect, the woman has to remain in a supine position for some time after the act. Survival of sperm also contributes to the female orgasm.

The importance of a positive mood

It is believed that the initiative also has weight. During sexual intercourse, initiated by a man, more likely to generate the same strong and confident heir. This theory also determines the dominant position of a man during sex. Previously, the male energy attracted with an ax or a gun. People believe: if you put something truly masculine under your bed, you can increase the chances of having a son. Today it is possible to replace the weapon with boyish toys. The main thing is to check the presence of the object before starting, and then suddenly the older children replaced the typewriter with a doll.

Since the female body is subject to mood, a man needs to try during conception. The partner should think about the needs of the woman and achieve her orgasm before ejaculation. This advice is based on physiology: in the body of a woman, substances are released that make the acidic environment of the vagina alkaline. These are the best conditions for the success of the Y chromosome, because the X chromosomes cannot move in such an environment.

Also, when a woman gets pleasure, she is relaxed and happy, the process of auto-suggestion works faster and stronger. There are a lot of cases in history when the power of thought allowed us to cure cancer, what can we say about programming ourselves for the birth of a boy.

Need to remember

No table, no analysis, and no product gives a 100% guarantee for the birth of a boy. It must be remembered that all these recommendations are based on observations, and many of them have no medical evidence.

You should not tune in to the boy, if all the tests indicate the birth of a son. Under the influence of hormones, a woman can be very upset because of the appearance of her daughter. The first emotions are very important, so you should not try to conceive a child, if you are not sure whether there will be a desire to love and care for any baby.

Tips only increase the chances of the boy's birth, but do not guarantee it. Formation of the floor is a very specific process. It depends on factors that cannot be controlled. If you believe with omens and lunar calendars, then you must believe that every child is bestowed with fate itself and exactly as its parents need it. Even if they themselves do not yet know.

Conception of a child - how important are chromosomes

Even schoolchildren learn that the chromosome set plays a direct role in the conception of an infant. Upon fertilization of the egg by the X-chromosome, a girl will be born, if the chromosome y intervened, then a male child will be born.

When the sperm with the X chromosome gets to the egg cell faster, the set of female chromosomes is obtained (XX), so the girl is conceived, if the Y chromosome is dominant, the woman will bear the boy, as the result is a XY set.

Knowing this factor, women are asked to clinics in many countries to artificially fertilize an egg by injecting the necessary spermatozoa. With this method, the probability of conceiving a male child increases significantly.

Experts in the field of childbirth are of the opinion that before planning pregnancy, good planning and preparation are very important. For example, the bad habit of smoking greatly influences the process of conception. It is believed that if a woman uses tobacco, then it is unlikely that she will have a boy.

In order for a boy to be born, you should completely give up bad habits, and eat well, which in principle is required of everyone planning to become a mother.

Medical scientific methods of conceiving a boy

Everyone knows one scientific fact: spermatozoa carrying the female chromosome can live up to several days, but they move very slowly, and the male cell responsible for conceiving a boy moves much faster, but also dies earlier.

Following science, the birth of a boy can be predicted using the following methods:

  • Calculate when the blood will be renewed.
  • Calculate the day of ovulation.
  • To resort to artificial fertilization.

All methods are good for different categories of women, but, unfortunately, no one hundred percent guarantee. But science has stepped forward, and on the Internet, and in medical institutions, various methods of influencing the body are promoted in order to give birth to only a boy.

It is necessary to consider in detail each of the above methods, weigh all the pros and cons, and choose individually for yourself the most optimal of them.

However, researchers in the field of genetics and fertilization claim that the chances of having a male baby are higher in the following categories of women:

  1. Those who do not abuse bad habits.
  2. Having sufficient body weight (more than 55 kg.).
  3. Trying to conceive a child for a long time.
  4. Living in a good psychological environment.

Given all the factors, you can achieve your goal!

By blood type (Method 1)

This method is very common among Russian women. The following table will show clearly how to determine the correct sex of a child by blood type.

A significant role in the conception can play and the Rh factor of the parents. So, if mom and dad have opposite rhesus factors, then the probability of having a male baby increases.

A very well-known and popular method is calculating the sex of a child for blood renewal. The process of updating male blood occurs 1 time in 4 years, and female blood is updated every 3 years. In this case, the sex of the baby will depend on whose blood has been refreshed last. Calculate the renewal of blood according to the following formula: the age of the parents is divided into 3 or 4, respectively, then the resulting residues are compared, who has it less, that gender won.

Important!Renewal of blood is considered from birth, but if there were blood losses in large volumes (operations, labor), then the count should be made from the last event of blood loss.

You can calculate the sex of the child by the blood type of the parents

By day of ovulation (Method 2)

An equally well-known way to give birth to a boy is to calculate it by the day of ovulation. Today, pharmacies sell many tools to identify a favorable period for conception. In order to defeat the male chromosome in the fight for fertilization, it is advised to have an intimate closeness on the very first day of ovulation, since a more favorable environment is created on the walls of the vagina for spermatozoa promotion. Yes, and male cells wearing the Y chromosome, quickly achieved its goal.

It is also advised to refrain from intimating a few days before the onset of ovulation, since chromosomes may begin to predominate, contributing to the conception of the girl, if the intimacy was short-lived, who live for a longer period.

Pose with intimacy also plays an important role. It is believed that the pose "man behind" will help give birth to a boy, since the sperm directly overtake the egg.

Artificial insemination (Method 3)

This method can give one hundred percent result. It is based on the forced separation of the male chromosomes from the female, which contributes to the choice of the desired sex of the child. When a mother wants to give birth to a boy, she agrees to eco fertilization, and selected male chromosomes are introduced to her. Subsequently, this leads to the desired pregnancy as a boy.

Often this method contributes to the attachment of several embryos at once, as a result of which a multiple pregnancy occurs.

On a note!Eco is a very expensive procedure and is performed if a couple cannot conceive and give birth to a baby for a long time in a natural way.

Artificial insemination is the only one hundred percent way to predict the sex of a child.

How to conceive a boy on the table? (Method 4)

The Internet provides a variety of ways to plan a pregnancy. And among them are many tables showing factors that affect the conception of a boy or a girl.

In different nations and nationalities, they invented their methods of conceiving a child: some encouraged them to do this during the full moon, others - at sunrise, and others - put certain objects under the pillow so that a boy would be born.

The ancients invented various tables to determine the sex of the unborn child, which are still popular today. The most commonly used tables are Chinese and Japanese.

All tables are based on comparing the numerical values ​​and calculating the sex of the baby.

Of course, these are not the most reliable ways to conceive and give birth to a male child, but many have long used tables, since this was the only method for determining the sex of a child. Then there was no ultrasound machine, they didn’t know about the method of determining sex by blood and ovulation, so they were used by people who lived long before us.

Chinese conception table

The ancient Chinese made a table a long time ago to enable women to give birth to a boy. The table compares the age of the expectant mother, as well as the planned month of conception. When using this table, a woman finds a number equal to her age, and adds 1 to it (since the Chinese are counting the age from the very conception, not from birth). Then the planned month of conception is located, and at the intersection of the values ​​there is a letter indicating the sex of the unborn child.

On a note!Based on the feedback from mothers who compared the sex of their already-born children on this table (that is, they tried to calculate the sex of the child as an afterthought), then the results diverge - many people confirm the truth of the table, but there are also those who consider this method complete nonsense.

Japanese table

Another ancient table used to calculate favorable months to give birth to a desired son.

This table compares the birth years of the parents of the unborn child. For the calculation used 2 tables. In one of them are calendar months. It is necessary to note the month of birth of the mother, then the father, the corresponding number is on the intersection (1-12). The resulting number must be found in table 2, and see which month is most favorable for conceiving a boy. This can be understood with the help of the marked crosses. The month, in front of which the most marked crosses, is the most successful for planning the boy.

other methods

In addition to the methods tested by medicine and science, there are well-known folk methods that help to give birth to a son. Among them:

  • Special diets. According to popular observations, it has been observed that certain foods affect negatively, while others push the man’s body, for example, to develop sperm with Y chromosome.
  • Calculation method on the calendar. According to this method, many women were able to successfully give birth to the desired boy, but this method did not find recognition in science. To plan a child of a certain sex using this method, it is necessary for a woman to have a stable cycle of menstruation, without failures, and she knew the days of ovulation for sure.
  • Other folk omens.

In order to safely give birth to a boy, it is important to have a beneficial psychological attitude. The family should observe the principle of headship, then the man will have a strong desire to conceive an heir.

People have long used many different methods of planning the sex of a child, and successfully achieved a positive result. In ancient times, the scientific and medical methods of birth of a boy used today are not known, so women used the experience gained from their ancestors.

Special diet to give birth to a boy (Method 5)

When parents want a son, it is very important for them to balance their diet.

Считается, что употребление следующих продуктов поможет в планировании ребёнка мужского пола:

  1. Мясо любых сортов.
  2. Колбасы.
  3. Горячие напитки (кофе, чай).
  4. Холодные напитки в виде разнообразных соков из фруктов (предпочтительнее соки из яблок).
  5. Крупы (рис, манка, гречка).
  6. Молочные продукты.
  7. Бобовые культуры.
  8. Хлебобулочные изделия.
  9. Свежие фрукты (бананы, апельсины, персики, яблоки).
  10. Шоколад.
  11. Рыбные блюда.
  12. Various greens (spinach, parsley).
  13. Dried fruits.
  14. Fresh vegetables (zucchini, broccoli, pumpkin).

Adhere to a special diet must be mandatory for both parents. Especially the man needs to be adjusted for nutrition, since the sex of the child depends more on the father.

Calendar method (Method 6)

This method is based on calculating favorable days for planning a boy on the calendar.

The Chinese table is often applied to the calendar method, since it is used to calculate the favorable time for conceiving a boy. In it, for every age a woman has her favorable month to conceive a child of the necessary sex.

In ancient times, another method was widely used, where the age of the future mother influenced the month of conception. If the woman’s age is an even number, then odd months should have been chosen to plan the boy, and vice versa.

Today, the calendar method is used by those women who clearly know their cycle and days of ovulation. Then you can very accurately hit the target. If a woman has a regular menstrual cycle, the conception of a boy on the day of ovulation is most likely.

There are many different calendar methods based on the month of birth of the parents or their age, the day of ovulation.

Folk omens and methods (Method 7)

Folk omens helped some parents to give birth to a boy safely. Here are some of them:

  1. Favorable time for conceiving a son is an incomplete moon.
  2. The room in which the sexual act is planned should not be hot.
  3. Under the pillow you should put items used by men in everyday life.
  4. Before you begin to conceive, parents should saturate their bodies with meat, potatoes, legumes.
  5. A man should be more active during intercourse.
  6. Sexual intercourse should not be performed on Wednesday, Friday or Sunday.
  7. A posture is preferable when a woman is heading north.

Using these signs and methods in antiquity, women believed that a boy was to be born.

We draw conclusions - is it possible to “order” the sex of a child?

Of course, neither medical, nor scientific, nor folk methods will give full guarantees to future parents that a boy will be born. However, it is worth a try. And each woman chooses the best method for planning the sex of the baby for herself and her partner.

If a married couple trusts only specialists, then they can resort to the scientific methods of conceiving a boy:

  • Method for grouping or updating blood.
  • On the day of ovulation.
  • ECO.

If future parents are not averse to experimenting, then you can refer to the tables of Ancient China and Japan, which take into account the age of the parents or the month of their birth, as well as a favorable month for conception.

There are those who trust only the people, so they try to conceive a son using signs.

To give birth to a boy is a dream of many families, future fathers especially think of the heir. And they are ready to go to great lengths in order for a boy to be born “by request”.

So, is it possible to “order” the sex of a child? As the experience of many parents, yes. To begin with, it is good to gather information about possible ways and methods of planning the sex of the child, and choose the best one! But also remember, even if you very much want a son, none of the ways will give a 100% guarantee, and a child of either sex must be happy, because being a parent is a great happiness, and the most important thing is the health of the baby!

According to the ovulation calendar

It is a proven and proven method. Scientists have determined that the sperm contained in the sperm, which the man allocates during mating, are divided equally by the content of the X chromosomes and Y chromosomes. The second - faster and more energetic, unlike the first, but less tenacious. To conceive a boy, it is necessary that the egg with the X chromosome be reunited with the Y-sperm cell.

In order for spermatozoa with the right set of chromosomes to survive in the vaginal environment and get to the egg, to fertilize it, try to maintain a high alkalinity of the environment in the vagina. For example, by douching soda in a 1: 17 ratio with water before intercourse. Under such conditions, the viability of the Y-sperm cells increases, which means that the chances of being fertilized by the boy increase.

Ovulation Day is determined in several ways:

  • For several months, mark the days when menstruation begins. Analyzing the statistics, identify the average cycle. Actively have sex these days. For convenience of calculation developed many different programs on a computer or mobile phone, or online calculators, in which the day of ovulation will appear automatically on the basis of entered indicators.
  • For a couple of months every morning, without getting out of bed, enter a thermometer into the rectum to measure basal temperature. Record the data obtained in the schedule, and at the end of time make an analysis of the recorded information. The graph will show when the temperature in some time intervals will be higher than at another time by a quarter or a half degree. These are the periods of ovulation.
  • Buy special ovulation tests in the pharmacy. True, the pleasure is not cheap.
  • Walk for the time indicated by your doctor. ultrasound examination to the gynecologist, who will show the moment of maturation of the follicle with the egg and whether the endometrial thickness of the uterus is enough to consolidate there after fertilization.

Strict diet

Create an alkaline environment in the body, using such a set of products:

  • Meat, sausage, fish in different varieties and quantities,
  • Fruits, especially oranges, bananas, peaches, cherries,
  • Dried fruits, especially dried figs,
  • Cereals,
  • Vegetables and greens are allowed almost everything except: cabbage, dill and green salad.
  • Of the beverages permitted: mineral water with soda, black tea, coffee.

Properly selected postures during sex

In some positions during sexual intercourse, the likelihood that the secreted semen penetrates as deeply as possible into the cervix is ​​higher:

  • Doggy-style or lying on your side when the man is behind the woman and the penis is inserted deeply,
  • The position in which a woman sits astride a man, his back or face to him,
  • Or a variant of the classic posture, when a woman is lying on her back facing the man, but at the same time a pillow or a rolled up blanket is placed under her buttocks to raise the woman's pelvis high for maximum penetration.

After the orgasm, do not jump abruptly out of bed, better lie down, rest for half an hour.

Asian tables

There are two of them: Chinese and Japanese.

Chinese table Compiled on the basis of the Chinese lunar calendar, it takes into account only the age of the mother. Knowing him, a favorable month is calculated for conceiving a boy.

In the first column there is a figure of age, and in the first line - the possible month of conception, when crossing these two graphs, the letter “m” or “d” is written, which corresponds to a boy or girl. The method is designed for girls from 18 to 45 years.

Japanese technique represents a duet of two tables that are interconnected. To calculate by this method, you need to know the month of birth from both prospective parents. Based on this data, you see the number given in the first matrix, which will be written in the column where the month of birth of the prospective father is shown, and the line where the month of birth of the expectant mother is indicated.

Knowing the number, in another table, select the desired column, under it will be written the names of twelve months. Those months that, when intersecting with the column “boy”, give more crosses in the resulting graph than in the adjacent “girl” column, are better suited for conceiving a boy.

These tables do not have scientifically proven evidence of their correctness, but the statistics of many years shows that a large number of couples conceived a child of the necessary sex, guided by them.

How to alleviate your pregnancy: 10 items for pregnant with Aliexpress that will brighten up the days of waiting.

What categorically it is impossible to eat pregnant women in more detail later.

Folk omens

No cost, of course, without them. To increase the chance of conceiving a male fetus:

  • Refrain from sex for five days before conception.
  • If you are already a girl's mom, then wait 3 years before you get pregnant again. Children of age are often born the same sex, so this period will increase the chances of conceiving the right sex.

  • To conceive, choose Tuesday, Thursday or Saturday.
  • If the year is even, then take the month odd and vice versa.
  • Schedule a calm, windless night for conception. Let the month shine brightly out the window. Look at the lunar calendar, the moon should be waning.
  • Under the bed, on which you plan to indulge in love joys, put a thing that is associated with the male sex. For example, a knife.
  • During copulation, turn on the bed so that the heads point north.

In general, thoughts materialize, so program yourself for success in advance and everything will work out! An absolute result can not guarantee any way. Except, perhaps, IVF. The main thing is that the baby is born strong and healthy.

Before you think about conceiving a boy, watch the video:


Adhere to the rules and advice that are given in the article, choose the appropriate day, But keep in mind that these are only recommendations and observations that do not provide a 100% guarantee. The main thing in the life of parents is that the child is born healthy and be loved.

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The first method. Conception of the boy according to the ovulation calendar

To conceive a boy according to this method can only a woman who knows exactly the beginning of ovulation. If the timing of the release of the egg varies from month to month, it is best not to use this method. Male Y-spermatozoa livers and activists more than their female X-brethren, but less resistant, quickly die. But it is Y-spermatozoa that give the male germ during fertilization of the egg.

Therefore, in order for the conception of a boy to be most likely, sexual intercourse needs to be guided exactly in time for ovulation. If you have sex before ovulation begins, male Y-tadpoles may not live to see an egg. To reliably determine the right time for fertilization, you can buy tests for ovulation or keep score on the ovulation calendar.

The second method. Conception of the boy according to Shettles theory

Couples wishing to give birth to a boy can recommend the Shettles method, which is based on the different activity of sperm with Y and X chromosome sets. This method of conceiving a male child is quite effective: in 80 pairs out of 100 the result is successful.

The principle of operation of this method, in general, is similar to the option of fertilization according to the ovulation calendar. If you make love on the day the eggs come out of the ovary, and necessarily with a female orgasm, but ignore the intimacy a week before ovulation, then the conception of the girl is unlikely to happen.

Hidden in the genital tract women after previous intercourse X-sperm are heavy and slow, in an alkaline environment, they do not live until the next ovulation. And light and nimble Y-tadpoles, getting rid of competitors, quickly get to the new egg.

The third method. Conception of the boy according to the lunar calendar

Doctors in ancient India had their own ideas about what day you can probably conceive a boy. They thought it was useless to try to do this on the 11th and 13th lunar days. According to the lunar calendar, sexual intercourse for conceiving a boy is optimal when the moon is in the sky in the male zodiac signs: in Sagittarius, Leo, Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Aries. But if the moon is in the female zodiac, that is, in Virgo, Scorpio, Taurus, Capricorn, Pisces, Cancer, then the probability of getting pregnant by a girl increases. The period of the full moon and new moon is unfavorable for conceiving a male child.

The fourth method. Conception of the boy according to the pair number table

This table may contribute to the conception of a boy. You just have to find the number of the pair in it. The horizontal line marks the month in which the man was born, in the vertical column - the month of birth of the woman. The number of the pair is at the intersection of the row and column. For example, if a woman was born in June, and a man - in March, their pair number is 6.

On the next graph, you need to find the number of the couple and see which month is the most likely to become pregnant as a boy. It is immediately obvious that the couple with the number 6 will most likely succeed in conceiving a male child in October, and the least likely in March and April.

The fifth method. Conception of the boy according to the calendar of the age of the mother

You can try to get pregnant as a boy using your mother's age calendar. A woman just needs to find her age in the table and see when the probability of conceiving a male child is greatest for her. For example, if the future mother is currently 24 years old, then it is best to enter into intimate relationships in January, March, April, June, July.

Seventh method. Conception boy in German

But the German scientists from the Institute for World Population concluded that the boys are pregnant with women who are a little nervous and worried. One pattern has pushed them to such an interesting thought: in the turbulent years for Germany, for example, with the destruction of the Berlin Wall, far fewer boys were born than during peaceful periods of history.

The eighth method. Conception boy in Italian

Italian researchers have their own opinion about the probability of conceiving a male child. They believe that girls are predominantly born to slender women, and boys are being nursed by plump mothers. The Italians conducted an extensive experiment, as a result of which it turned out that getting pregnant as a boy is better for women who weigh more than 54 kg. Therefore, mommies, who dream of having a boy, can not deny themselves gastronomic pleasures.

Folk methods of conceiving a boy

  • Sexual intercourse should occur at night, but not in the daytime.
  • Before the intimate process, both partners should not take a hot bath or shower.
  • A woman must have an orgasm.
  • A man during sex needs to dominate, to be in a position from above.
  • Sexual acts are preferably carried out on odd days of the month.
  • After sex, a woman should completely relax, just lie down, not moving.
  • Both partners should eat enough salty food.

How to conceive a child of the desired sex

No one will be surprised when parents want to know how to conceive a boy 100 percent, because he is considered the heir to the clan and heir to the family. Is there a chance to choose the sex of the child? Reviews of moms and dads are different, but many of them claim that they got exactly the good result they wanted. Planning methods are based on different theories, analyzing them and observing all the rules, you can predict the possibility of conceiving a boy, but you must always be prepared for the fact that you can conceive a baby of the other sex.

Modern science has learned to divide the male seed into sperm with the X and Y chromosomes, but this procedure is done only in severe cases of infertility, when parents need to use artificial insemination to get pregnant. Scientists from Germany, in turn, argue that a woman subject to frequent nervous stress will not be able to give birth to a male child. In girls with a low weight of up to 55 kg, girls are most often born, according to Russian scientists. In Japan, researchers are confident that smoking just before intercourse makes it impossible to conceive a boy.

Scientific method

Every person who has carefully studied biology in school remembers that the sex of a child depends on a certain set of chromosomes. Only a man has a Y chromosome, which is responsible for the sex of the boy. The female egg has only chromosome X, because it depends on the future of the pope, who will appear in the family. According to scientific research, sperm with the content of chromosome X is not as mobile as sperm with Y chromosome. The calculation of the scientific planning method is based on this fact.

If parents want a boy, they must choose those days when a woman is most likely to ovulate or exactly the day before this process. This is due to the fact that the fastest and most agile sperm containing the Y chromosome reach the ovum first, but they do not live long. Such spermatozoa are more sensitive to the influence of the external environment, they quickly lose their ability to fertilize.

If a couple wants a male baby, the probability of conception on the day of ovulation increases significantly.

To know exactly how to conceive a boy by ovulation, you need not be protected at the time of release of the egg. Reach the goal will help the calendar, in which the daily need to note the basal temperature in the last two or three months. To measure the temperature, the same time is chosen, a thermometer is inserted vaginally or rectally, and the results are recorded in a table from which it is easy to determine the approximation of ovulation due to a temperature jump during this period of calculated days. It will take a calendar of conceiving a boy, for fixing measurements.

Another method, how to calculate ovulation, is called calendar and it is based on the duration of the menstrual cycle. Если весь цикл в среднем продолжается 28 дней, то овуляторный период приблизительно происходит в середине на 14 день. Лучше всего планировать сексуальный контакт за 10-20 часов до овуляции и в следующие два благоприятные дни для зачатия.Today, there are also commercially available special tests to determine the exact date of release of the egg or ovulation.

Blood test method

A common method is to calculate the sex of the unborn child by the date of the natural cyclic blood renewal. It is believed that the male update takes place every 4 years and after 3 years for women. Young dad's renewed blood will lead to the birth of a boy, and if mom has this process before, then a girl will appear in the family. To calculate the conception of the boy, it is necessary to divide the full age of today to the future mother by 3, and the father by 4. Whoever has the figure will be less, of the same sex and will have a child.

Gender Definition by Chinese and Japanese Tables

Scientists in Japan and China have long been using special tables, with the help of which any pair can predict who they will succeed at a particular age or month of their life.

Chinese method

According to the Chinese method, at the age of a woman from 18 to 45 years old it is possible to conceive a different sex of a child every month, referring to the table. It indicates for months the girl or boy will be with the couple. There is no reliable data on the effectiveness of the method, but many testimonials from moms and dads say that the Chinese table helped them plan the boy. The Chinese claim that this method gives up to 98% result.

Japanese table planning

Another table planning method was invented in Japan. In this country, much attention is paid to family planning, and especially to the birth of boys. There are two tables on how to correctly determine the probability of conception, in the first of which you can see the months of birth of mom and dad and print the total number. The following table contains data by month on the likelihood of a son or daughter.

One couple has more chances to conceive a boy in April, for example, and the second in December. It is necessary to determine how to conceive a child in those months where there are most crosses for conceiving boys or girls in the table, depending on what sex of the baby the married couple wants the most. The rest of the time better protected.

No method provides a detailed guaranteed scheme for conceiving a boy, therefore it is better to prepare for what may be either a son or a daughter. If you strictly adhere to all the recommendations of one of the modern planning methods, you can become the parents of the desired boy and heir in the family, but it is important to remember that the future baby’s health is most important.

How to get pregnant as a boy - The method of updating the blood for conceiving a boy.

Blood update method - this is one of many ways get pregnant boy. Of course, this method does not guarantee an absolute result, but it is considered one of the most effective when planning a family. To apply the pregnancy planning method of blood renewal, you need to create a table of blood updates for both prospective parents. It is believed that boys are often conceived at the very moment when Papa's blood is newer. A man’s blood is updated once every four years, while a woman’s blood is renewed once every three years. Blood update table It begins with the exact determination of the date of birth of the father and mother.

In this case, it is necessary to take into account the fact that if there was a loss of blood of the parents for any reason (for example, there was an operation), this will be a new reference point. When compiling a blood update table to determine how to become pregnant as a boy, taking the starting date of the birth date of the father and mother of the future boy as the starting point, you should add four years to the birth of the father and three years to the birth of the mother. Thus, you will reach the present age of the mother and father and the planned date of conception of the boy and you will understand who has newer blood at the moment of conception.

To help you more accurately understand the method of blood renewal for pregnancy planning by a boy, consider an example:

The future father is 25 years old, and his mother is 23 years old. So 25 divide by 4 equals 6.25 - this is the frequency of updating the blood of the pope. And accordingly, we divide 23 by 3 and we get 7.66 - this is the frequency of the mother's blood renewal. Further, it is necessary to compare the figures after the comma, and it is clear from them that 0.25 is less than 0.66, therefore the father's blood is more updated, therefore, presumably, this couple should have a boy.

What is the role of chromosomes in conception: scientific facts

Spermatogenesis is a complex, multi-stage process of germ cell division, as a result of which the sperm cell matures. This process coincides with the onset of the pubertal period of a man under the influence of hormones.

Gametogenesis is the division of the primary cell, which is necessary for the possibility of subsequent reproduction. As a result of the first division, A and B groups are released: A - cells, aimed at increasing the number of their own kind, and B - future spermatocytes.

After division, the diploid cell that will serve as the nucleus of the future sperm cell is called the first order spermatocyte. This spermatocyte contains both chromosomes determining the sex of the baby. Under the influence of FSH and testosterone, it gradually grows, after which it enters meiosis - the successive two-fold division.

As a result of the first division, the first-order spermatocyte transforms into two second-order spermatocytes with a haploid set of chromosomes. Spermatocytes produced in the process of meiosis possess X- and Y-chromosomes responsible for the formation of the fetus, respectively, female and male.

It is the sperm that is responsible for determining the sex, since in the process of female gametogenesis, oocytes with Y-chromosomes are considered as “wrong” and rejected in the process of division.

The second important point is the life expectancy of sperm. It is scientifically proven that spermatozoa with Y chromosomes are more mobile, but less resistant to acidic conditions, and their ability to fertilize is lost a day after it enters the uterus.

Sperm with the X chromosome, on the contrary, is more resistant to hostile conditions, but moves more slowly, which means it saves more energy and can live up to 3 days in the body of the uterus.

In many ways, it is the life expectancy of the sperm that gives the answer to the question of how to become pregnant as a boy - to carry out the conception on the day of the release of the egg.

How can you increase the chances of having a son

The process of spermatogenesis depends on the hormonal background of the man and in the case of a negative impact on the work of the sex glands, the process of formation of germ cells may be disrupted. Also, already mature sperm are affected by a wide range of factors, such as nutrition, temperature, bad habits, medications, stress, infectious diseases, and more. To increase sperm motility, it is important to adjust individual indicators, which will serve as a successful conception.

To conceive a child, it is also important to prepare the female body for natural insemination. To do this, it is first necessary to minimize the acidity of the vagina, eliminate possible diseases of the reproductive system and create optimal conditions for the movement of spermatozoa with the Y-chromosome.

To increase the chance of conceiving a boy, it is necessary to adjust the nutrition, to use poses for the rapid penetration of sperm into the uterus and the desire of both parents to conceive a boy.

Positive motivation and statistics

An important step in planning a baby is the desire of both partners. To do this, it is necessary to discuss together the preparations for conceiving a boy. The second step towards successful fertilization is patience and hard work on yourself, following the rules of preparation and encouraging your partner, even if the pregnancy does not occur after several attempts.

According to statistics, women whose weight is less than 54 kilograms often give birth to girls, so do not rush to go on a diet when planning a boy. The chance of the birth of the heir increases in the absence of nicotine addiction. Some doctors believe that vitamin D obtained as a result of sunburn has a positive effect on the conception of the boy, but a direct connection between spermatozoa and vitamin D has not been established.

If a couple doesn’t succeed in getting pregnant during long-term attempts, it is possible to conceive a boy with 100 percent probability with a preimplantation genetic study that is performed before IVF. This is such a complex analysis of the genetic material of the embryo, which examines 8 chromosome complexes and reveals not only the sex of the child, but can correct the genetics of the baby, saving him from the "wrong" genes.

The correct posture for conceiving a boy

To conceive a boy, you need to choose a suitable set of positions in which sperm can quickly overcome the acidity of the vagina and cervical stopper. To do this, it is necessary to create such conditions so that the partner conducts the ejaculation as deep as possible, while the woman's pelvis is tilted at 45 degrees. So the seminal fluid quickly enters the body of the uterus, and the sperm with Y-chromosomes quickly reach the egg.

Among the appropriate positions distinguish missionary and knee-elbow. It is important after intercourse to take the position of a birch tree, throwing his legs on the wall. It takes about 10 minutes to maintain this position so that the sperm can pass through the cervical canal.

Effective ways to get pregnant as a boy

The probability of having a boy depends on the method of planning the sex of the child. With the help of scientifically proven methods for determining the sex of a child, this probability increases.

The most effective methods are considered expensive reproductive technologies, providing a 99% chance of conceiving a child of a certain sex. This is associated with the mechanism of fertilization: for IVF or ICSI, morphologically correct sperm is collected with a specific set of chromosomes and injected into the egg cell. However, it is necessary to have indications for medical intervention.

Among the non-medical methods for determining the gender status of a baby, there is a biologically based method for calculating by ovulation and folk calendars.

How to conceive a heir to ovulation

Based on the length of the life of the sperm, before fertilization, it is necessary to calculate ovulation to conceive a boy. It is important to remember that during 1 menstrual cycle 1-2 eggs normally mature. The process of maturation of the oocyte takes from 14 to 18 days.

After successive division, growth and achievement of a critical concentration of estrogen in a woman’s body, LH surge begins. Under the influence of luteinizing hormone, a direct rupture of the follicle occurs, the oocyte leaves the ovary and is directed through the fallopian tubes to the uterus. This phenomenon is called "ovulation." The process of rupture of the follicular membrane takes on average 24-36 hours, when the concentration of LH reaches its maximum.

After ovulation, the egg can be fertilized for up to 24 hours, after which it dies. In order not to miss a convenient moment for conceiving a boy, it is necessary to correctly determine the follicle rupture day. Among the modern methods of calculating ovulation emit rapid tests, a graph of basal temperature and ultrasound of the ovaries in the dynamics. For the greatest accuracy, it is recommended to use techniques in parallel.

When using tests for ovulation, it is necessary to begin testing for 17 days before the onset of menstruation. Such figures are related to the duration of the luteal phase - 14 days, and possible cyclical fluctuations - 3 days. If the test showed a positive result, fertilization should be carried out a day after the test, since in 24 hours the sperm with Y-chromosomes lose mobility.

The basal temperature chart should be measured for 3 months. Usually on the day of ovulation, the temperature rises to 37 ° C, based on which you can plan the time of fertilization.

During an ultrasound examination, the doctor usually determines the approximate day of ovulation himself and conducts as many studies as possible, one of which is scheduled for the follicle rupture day. Sexual intercourse is best done immediately after the rupture of the follicle.

How to conceive a male child to update the blood

The method of renewing blood for conceiving a boy is not reliable in terms of evidence-based medicine. Blood does not affect the chromosomal set of sperm, but this method of planning still does not lose popularity.

In their calculations, the authors of the method are repelled by the duration of blood renewal: this process takes 4 years for men, and 3 for women. When conceiving a child is born the sex of the parent, whose blood is younger. For example, a woman is 30 years old, a man is 32 years old. Dividing 30 by 3 yields 10.0, and 31 by 4 yields 7.75. The child will turn out to be female, since 0 is left in the balance.

Japanese calendar

The Japanese planning calendar of the unborn child consists of 2 parts. The first schedule includes the calculation of a favorable day for conception, based on the month of birth of the mother and father. When crossing the line on the graph, a number from 1 to 12 is defined; it is called “family” and is necessary for use in the second table. The probability of having a child with a certain gender is indicated by crosses in the corresponding columns.

To conceive a boy according to this table, it is necessary to choose the “family” number and carry out fertilization per month with the highest number of crosses.

It should be remembered that the date of birth, as well as the frequency of blood renewal do not affect the sex of the baby.