Causes of delayed menstruation for 4 days with a negative test


The delay was 4 days, the test was done 4 times, all times negative, the chest seemed to hurt as before menstruation and stopped, well, it remained enlarged, not nauseous and there was nothing like that, the only inexplicable rhinitis, t. ***** the nose is not stuffed, just streams, do not laugh, I read here about some rhinitis in pregnant women, in general, with my husband, if it can be called protection, PPA prevented it, so it didn’t fly for five years, but I don’t know, confused, I think, if not pregnant why the delay, earlier could be delayed a maximum of 2 days. Nothing bothers or hurts in the part of gynecology. So I think, I will wait another 3 days, t. ***** you will get a delay of a week and go donating blood for hCG .. The mood is girls, such is happiness, although I know it’s too early to rejoice. Yes, and university last course you need to finish it. work is also on the rise, and here as something all parallel, I want baby. just uncertainty scares. may be screwed .. And if not pregnant, because of what mb delay. Is this a serious violation?

Ekaterina Andreevna Nikitenko

Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist. Specialist from the website

I have the test for the first 2 weeks did not show anything. a delay in principle can be from anything), but if you are protected (even if it is PPA), then most likely there is no pregnancy.

the delay can be a week or more from stress, overwork, poor nutrition.

Suzyu, I understand, but if the monthly will not come at all, and there will be no pregnancy, is this not normal?

The author, I had exactly the same as yours this month, only a week of delay, the tests were negative. Already tuned in baby, and then began the monthly .. :) so much while not rejoice ahead of time, wait a little more, maybe the delay due to nerves, due to climate change and so on. Good luck! :)

Victoria, yes, yes, I want to wait a week, well, I just have some kind of premonition that I’ve definitely flown in, maybe I’ve wound up, of course, well, I’ve become somehow even irritable.

wait a few more days .. I only showed the second pale-pale strip on the eighth day, and before that everything is clean =)))

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wait or donate blood))))

Perhaps, problems with the ovaries (I was so). Go to the ultrasound to the gynecologist to exclude any sores and do not run them. If everything is okay, bleed.
Good luck to you! :)

nerves can be hard work. you never know what. and for nausea and rhinitis pregnant women too early

the author, so what. I have the same situation, I do not know what to think.

hormonal failure, as happens after stress, flights, weather changes. so much more

My situation is similar, a week delay test shows a weak barely noticeable strip, can it be a test error or all the same pregnancy !!

a delay of 5 days after PPA, 2 tests on the 1st day of the negative - did someone have this during pregnancy ??

I have a delay of 3 days, 2 tests showed negative. I think it might be a bit of a cold. But I live with a civil husband and for about 4 months we are not protected, I really want Lyalka.

I also have a delay of 4 days, before such a thing was not like a clock, the condoms were protected by the husband with a test negative, but I still hope that 4 months ago there was a miscarriage, the doctor said not to become pregnant for 6 months, but a miracle!

Already 5 days delay, but no signs. The stomach is true, sometimes it hurts like before menstruation, but no result! I'm afraid even once again to rejoice, suddenly I will smooth it !! I think to wait a couple of days and do another test ..

The author, well, firstly, if you only protected PPA for years and nothing else, then it is likely that you or your husband have some problems, otherwise you would have “pierced” for a long time and become pregnant. PPA is an extremely non-effective method of contraception in the style of “accidentally blown”, it is more likely for casual connections, and not for married couples. A delay of 4 days is not a violation, even with a healthy woman such fluctuations are permissible (stress, climate change, etc., etc.), it happens that 10 days of delay and then everything begins. You definitely need to see a doctor together with your husband, especially if you want a child. Examine, and it is really strange that you did not become pregnant for 5 years, you can say without protection

The miracle did not happen.

I have an onologic situation. a delay of 4 days, three tests done and everything "-" was unprotected sexual intercourse. I do not know what to think = ((((((

I have been delaying for 8 days, the test is negative, only a little nauseated.

and the second delay of 2 bottoms made 2 tests, they should be Idat then and 4to o4enH4i Kho4i 4tob not 4a. (((

Girls, all the same with me. The delay is only 2 days, and a lot of fantasies. Test "-". But we planned this month, all according to the theory: temperature, ovulation, etc.
I'll hope.

likos, is it really possible that the test does not immediately show the pregnancy. I have a delay of 6 days, 19 days have passed since the moment of conception, the test is negative, but some very specific symptoms have never happened. And nauseated, and chest, and ice cream pulls - in his life did not eat. and most importantly, with a mood of just tin, constantly on the nerve, eyes in a wet place. And I am actually very calm, nervously for me - I am surprised myself. Girls, wish good luck plz, so I want bebika.

Dear Perov! You are not right

Girls really want a child. The delay of 7 days is all signs but today made the test negative. What is it? Pregnancy?

delay of 7 days, 2 tests for 3 and 7 days, the result is negative ((((I don’t want monthly!) (((

I have a delay of 4 days; the test did not show anything: (in nete I read that it is necessary to measure the basal temperature for 3-5 days if above 37 then cheers.

4 days delay, no signs of M, chewing does not hurt and does not nausea, test is negative

And I also delayed the identity for 4 days, on the 3rd day I did a test, the result is negative. There was not protected sex. before there were no delays. Here and don `t know what to think. Can lie lie test

I have a delay of 20 days, I did tests, negative. I don’t know what to think, and I broke up with the guy 2 weeks ago. I hope that this is because of the experience, now I don’t care about the baby, I am still a student ((((

I have a delay of 10 days. My chest has a low abdominal pain. As before critical days, I did a test on day 5 and it was negative. My husband wasn’t protected, the pulse is comforted, sometimes nauseated but rarely. Maybe this pregnancy test could not see it. Tell me please.

I have a delay of 10 days. My chest has a low abdominal pain. As before critical days, I did a test on day 5 and it was negative. My husband wasn’t protected, the pulse is comforted, sometimes nauseated but rarely. Maybe this pregnancy test could not see it. Tell me please.

AAAAAAAAAA. someone please answer

I have a delay of 3 days, did 2 test-negative, because I want to get pregnant, went to the ultrasound. when viewed with a transvaginal sensor, two functional cysts were seen — this, as the doctor said, is the cause of the delay. I just have these cysts. it was not enough (((. Prada the doctor explained that these were temporary cysts and they had to go after the menstrual period, I will wait. so, girls who have a delay, and the test does not show B — go to the ultrasound.

if my city were so easy to go to the ultrasound. (((

in our little town there are also few opportunities, for example, blood for HCG is not checked at all, well, at least a couple of private ultrasound rooms have been opened. I found a competent gynecologist only in Novosibirsk, so I go to her for 300 km. although hoping to get pregnant, I would go to the ends of the world)))

Aksinya, good luck to you =)

Help me deal with my problem! I have a delay of 7 days for tests negative. After ovulation, in a couple of days the stomach was very painful, as if in front of M only stronger. 4 days before M, the chest began to ache as usual, but M never came. The chest now has ceased to hurt, such feeling as if were M.

I have a delay of 4 days, My breasts are swollen, I have never had a lot so much. The zhivot does not hurt, it does not nauseate. In general, I feel fine. But I’m afraid to check it with a dough, suddenly it's negative, I want my husband so much, too, If my monthly period goes, I will have an infact: - (((

Delay of days 5 test negative mood is such that it’s ready to just break everyone as if no one understands me. chest tingles like needles, nauseated. What is it?
is it possible to go donate blood on hgch

I have a delay of 3 days! With a guy never pretended (he didn't finish with me)! But such delays have already been. The test has not done yet.

The first signs of pregnancy (as I had): the breast swells (as before menstruation is only stronger), uncomfortable during sex, the stomach ached as before menstruation only stronger, there was a delay of 1 week and of course the state of nervous tension. The test showed nothing, but the gynecologist stated B.

I have a delay of 7 days. The test showed negatively. Nothing hurts here, but the lower abdomen became elastic and swollen a little.
With the guy protected and he did not finish in me.
what could it be?

The delay was 5 days. With the guy they didn’t protect themselves. I bought a test. I’m afraid I’m afraid. Earlier there were delays. The stomach doesn’t hurt. It hurts like I don’t know what to think.

I am 17 years old. What child is not ready yet?

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What to do in this situation

Every woman should understand that the delay in menstruation should not be overlooked. Especially if this happens not for the first time. Usually, it is enough to start with a sensitive pregnancy test. But it is best to be safe and consult a gynecologist. After all, at a very early date, the test may not show an accurate result.

Usually, if the gynecologist has doubts about whether this is a pregnancy or a disorder in the body, he will send a blood test for HCG, which will determine everything for sure. But doing ultrasound in the early stages is not recommended, otherwise it can lead to miscarriage. In later periods (after 13-14 weeks), it is even necessary to do an ultrasound to make sure that the fetus develops normally and assumes the correct position in the uterus.

Physiological factors of the disease

To get started, let's get acquainted with the most common physiological causes of such delays. As a rule, they are not associated with any serious illness or pregnancy. But it is precisely these reasons that occur in women and girls most often.

The influence of external stimuli

The cause of failure of the menstrual cycle often become excessive exercise. This is especially true for women who are just starting to play sports and immediately load their bodies. At the same time, against the background of physical muscle fatigue, the physiological rhythms change somewhat, there may be a delay of 4 months or more.

Frequent stress, nervous shocks or prolonged depression - all this can affect the hormones in the female body. As a rule, in most cases, menstruation begins to go ahead of schedule. But it is also possible that there will be a delay of 4 days or even 10 months. It all depends on the individual characteristics of the organism.

In modern society, the phenomenon of obesity is not rare. From this hormonal changes greatly. In turn, this also affects the menstrual cycle. Especially often delays occur in women who abuse diets. It is not necessary to move sharply on a certain type of food. It is best if necessary to do this gradually, after consulting with a nutritionist and gynecologist.

Quite often, when moving to a place with different climatic conditions, there is a delay of 4 months or more. This is due to the acclimatization of the body. This phenomenon usually proceeds normally, and very soon the cycle returns to normal if the woman’s body is healthy.

Sometimes the reason for the delay of menstruation may be taking some medications or dietary supplements. As a rule, hormonal agents affect the cycle most of all, and their reception must be coordinated with the gynecologist. But in some cases, even harmless dietary supplements can cause a small delay.

Symptoms in adolescents

But menstruation can not go on time in girls, as well as women who breastfeed children. In such cases, delays are repeated, they can be observed over a long enough period. Consider in more detail what they are called.

In adolescents, delays are large, which is considered to be absolutely normal. The fact is that before the age of 18, the reproductive system can only be prepared for conception and bearing a fetus. And while this monthly does not necessarily go on time. It is considered normal not only to delay 4 days, but even 1.5-2 months. If the cycle does not return to normal by the age of 18, consult a gynecologist. Not the fact that this is a pathology. Often the body does not have enough vitamins, because the process of turning a girl into a woman is very difficult.

For women who have recently given birth to a child, the recovery process of the monthly cycle is very long. Especially influences this breastfeeding. In this case, menstruation can either not come at all for a long time, or begin much later than the deadline after they have already begun to go.

Pathological manifestations

But there are a number of purely medical reasons, indicating that the woman is something sick. They are also major factors in the delay of menstruation. This should especially alert those women who are sexually active. As practice shows, they have monthly periods regularly. But if a failure occurs, it indicates, if not a pregnancy, then a disease.

Malfunctions in the thyroid gland are not immediately apparent. In this case, the disease may not make itself felt for a long time, without causing absolutely no inconvenience. But as soon as the cycle is violated, there is a failure in the hormonal system. At the same time, along with constant monthly delays in 4-5 days, there is also a decrease in immunity, constant weakness and fatigue.

Increasing the level of certain hormones leads to an increase in goiter. As a rule, in most cases, pregnancy tests will give false results, therefore, it is best to be examined by a gynecologist for pregnancy. If it is confirmed that a fertilized egg has appeared in the body, then treatment measures should be taken immediately. After all, very often thyroid abnormalities manifest themselves during pregnancy and can cause some harm to both the health of the woman and the unborn child.

Quite often, disruptions in the hormonal cycle, which lead to constant delays of menstruation, occur against the background of problems with the pituitary gland. This gland begins to produce progesterone and estrogen is not as it should be, as a result, the monthly cycle gradually changes, a woman can start to gain weight dramatically or, conversely, lose it.

Inflammation of the ovaries is the most dangerous cause, due to which a delay of four or more days can be observed. It all depends on the dynamics of the disease. The faster the inflammatory process, the longer and more frequent monthly delays will occur.

The most dangerous is polycystic ovary. With such a disease, menstruation may not occur even for 2-3 months! But often women still do not dare to immediately seek help from a doctor, leaving everything for later. Often this happens because everything is written off for stress and a bad environment. But such large delays need to be taken seriously and not to delay with going to the gynecologist and with the delivery of tests for hormones. After all, it is better to make sure once again that everything is in order with health, than to be treated for a long time afterwards. This is especially true of young women who have not had time to give birth to a child.

Various vaginitis and endometritis can lead to delayed menstruation. The fact is that amid inflammations or tumors that develop in the genitals, the menstrual cycle also fails.However, delays are often permanent, but usually do not exceed 4-5 days.

As a rule, if a tumor develops, even a pregnancy test can give a positive result, which is associated with an increase in the production of the same hormones that are produced during pregnancy. But at the same time on examination at the gynecologist pregnancy is not confirmed. In this case, it is imperative to be examined to exclude the possibility of the development of a malignant tumor.

In the event that the cause of delays are minor inflammations in the genitals, such as vaginitis and similar diseases, you should still not delay the treatment. In the initial stages, these diseases do not carry any danger and are very easily treated. But if the disease starts, it can take on a chronic form. And in the future this may affect the process of pregnancy and childbirth, provoke some difficulties.

Negative test result during pregnancy

But still, with any delay in menstruation, even for 4 days, a possible pregnancy cannot be ruled out.

And this is especially true of those women who have a regular sex life or have had sex in the middle of a cycle. Oddly enough, but when fertilization occurs, even the most sensitive pregnancy test can show a negative result. What is the reason here? We will understand this in more detail.

Most often the wrong result is given not quite high-quality tests. Indeed, to date, pregnancy tests are produced by many firms. And it’s not at all a fact that at the time of purchase some kind of cheap fake instead of a quality test did not come across.

To avoid this, you should purchase pregnancy tests only from well-known manufacturers, check the integrity of the package and pay attention to sensitivity. It is very good if it is a hypersensitive test. And if possible, buy it in a pharmacy, so the risk of getting low-quality goods is reduced several times.

But you also need to properly use pregnancy tests. It is necessary to check the expiration date, and then carefully read the instructions. Typically, sensitive tests show accurate results within 6-7 days after conception.

You must always choose the right time for the pregnancy test. Morning is considered the optimal time for this, since it is at this time that you can see the most accurate concentration of hormones in the urine. And this is due to the fact that at night the woman's body is at rest, is not subjected to any stress, food is not used.

It is also important to pay attention to the duration of the pregnancy test. As a rule, the most accurate result can be obtained only after 7-10 days of delay. If the delay is 5 days, it may seem barely noticeable pale strip. Many women believe that the test showed a negative result. In fact, this may indicate a pregnancy.

But if you do the test in the early stages, when the delay has not yet arrived, you can not see any strip at all. Such a mistake is made by many young women, as a result often the pregnancy is discovered much later, because after a falsely negative result, the woman stops paying attention to the delay.

Ectopic pregnancy is considered very dangerous. As a rule, at first a woman notices a delay of about 4-5 days, after which minor bleeding begins to go from the vagina. It looks more like light brown daub. In most cases, it is perceived as menstruation, and the woman feels calm.

But after a week, severe abdominal pain, nausea and dizziness begin. As a rule, all signs of a normal pregnancy. But no one pays attention to this. Illumination comes later when the state of health becomes worse and is accompanied by fever and fever.

Monthly with ectopic pregnancy may not even begin at all, but at the same time the test even at a later period may show a negative result. And the thing is that the fetus does not begin to develop in the uterus, but is attached to the fallopian tube.

So, the delay of menstruation in most cases is not accidental. If the delay exceeds 4 days, it should alert the woman. It is necessary to review your lifestyle and diet, make a pregnancy test and consult a gynecologist. Only in this way will it be possible to detect some dangerous disease at an early stage and cure it as soon as possible. After all, this will largely depend on the possibility of getting pregnant and having a baby normally in the future. Moreover, it concerns both adult women and very young girls.

What can provoke a delay of 4 days if the test is negative?

Monthly should always go on time, but if they are not, the woman must think about the reasons. Women who have a regular cycle fear delay if they don’t dream of becoming pregnant. But what to do with the delay of 4 months, and the test is negative?

What does "delayed menstruation" mean?

If the menstruation is delayed for 3-4 days, pregnancy (2-3 weeks) is not excluded, however, there are many new reasons for excitement when there is one strip on the test.

Deviation may be due to the physiological state of a woman:

There may be reasons related to gynecology:

  • missed or ectopic pregnancy
  • cysts,
  • myomas
  • tumors
  • endometriosis,
  • hormonal changes.

The duration of the average monthly cycle is 28-30 days. Counting start from the first day of menstruation. Every healthy woman has the same cycle every time. The word "delay" means the absence of menstruation for about 3-4 days. A short cycle of 2-3 weeks is also a reason to go to a doctor.

Attention. If the delay is regular, there are no acute symptoms, and the pregnancy test is negative, then there is no reason to worry.

Also, do not panic, if the delay is short-term and one-time. Such cases are frequent. There is no reason to go to the gynecologist and not be tested.

This is not a deviation or pathology, but simply physiological features and the reaction of hormones to lifestyle changes.

Why do delays occur?

So, the delay is about 4 days, the test is negative, what is it? Pregnancy or illness are the culprits of the irregular cycle. You can try to determine them yourself. A woman should pay attention to her condition, disturbing symptoms, the nature of the discharge before menstruation. This is useful to the doctor during the examination, so he can accurately and quickly diagnose.

  1. The first thing that comes to mind is pregnancy. Even if the test is negative on the 4th or 5th day, the fertilization of the egg cannot be ruled out. When a woman is having a regular sex life, a pregnancy test is necessary, even if the delay is 2 days. The most dangerous thing that can be - it is monthly during pregnancy. The fetus is at best threatened with partial detachment, and at worst with a spontaneous miscarriage.
  2. If the first phase of the menstrual cycle was saturated with stress, fatigue and physical exertion, late ovulation occurs. Monthly can come 1-2 weeks later than usual. This is not to say that it is good or normal, but this phenomenon does not require a visit to a gynecologist. The best prevention delay in this case will rest.
  3. Gynecological diseases requiring detailed diagnosis and treatment: salpingitis, endometritis, vaginitis, etc. It requires effective treatment to prevent the disease from becoming chronic. In the presence of tumors, the test can show a positive result, since there is a noticeable increase in hormones.
  4. Problems with the endocrine system are frequent causes of delayed menstruation of 4 days or more. Deviations like a woman often occur because of a disease of the pituitary gland. In other words, there are failures in the synthesis of estrogen and progesterone, which leads to an increase in the menstrual cycle.
  5. A delay of 4 days indicates inflammation of the ovaries leading to endocrine diseases. In this case, a delay of 3-4 weeks is possible. A common disease that keeps menstruation is polycystic ovary. This kind of failure to produce a male hormone. Any hormonal imbalance causes a delay. If the absence of menstruation exceeds 4 days and lasts more than a week, then there is a reason for a visit to the doctor. Hormones are measured using a blood test, hCG.
  6. Problems with the thyroid gland, not rarely violate hormones. We can say that this is one of the most insidious "reasons". The disease may not show itself for a long time, but during pregnancy it will manifest instantly. An increase in goiter gives rise to thyrotoxicosis (increased production of thyroid hormones), provokes a weakening of the immune system, knocks down the cycle of menstruation. A false positive or negative test is possible due to hormone surges.
  7. Sharp changes in weight cause, again, a failure in the production of hormones. All because of the hormone estrogen, which is in adipose tissue. His hesitation and cause a delay.

Pregnancy is possible, but why is the test negative?

Most often, the test shows the wrong answer due to poor quality, improper storage or use. If the delay is 4 days or more, you need to purchase several tests from different companies and do everything exactly as instructed. However, there are still reasons, delays. These include not only diseases, but abnormal development of the embryo.

The most common causes of a mock test:

  • Incorrect use of the test itself. Sensitive test can be used at any time of the day. If the box does not say “From 7 days of conception”, then the procedure should be carried out in the morning when the level of PH is the most accurate. At night, a woman sleeps, does not eat, does not drink, and so the amount of hormone in the urine will be much more truthful than in the evening. Be sure to pay attention to the dates determining the expiration date. The test may be expired.
  • Almost always with ectopic pregnancy (fetal development in the tube), the test shows a negative result. After 4 days (maximum week) after a delay, pains in the lower abdomen begin, accompanied by a brown smear. This phenomenon can be taken for the beginning of menstruation. This usually happens until a sharp rise in temperature, fever, chills, diarrhea and vomiting occurs.
  • If a woman conducts testing at an early period, when the delay has not yet arrived, the test will show a negative result. After 4-5 days of delay, he may produce a weak, pale pronounced strip. Many do not pay attention to her and take it for the lack of pregnancy.

Real case. The girl had, unprotected sexual intercourse, suspicions of pregnancy are high: painful swollen chest, nausea, drowsiness. Symptoms can be felt already after the first week of conception.

Everything is very individual, so do not miss the signals. A potential pregnant woman bought a sensitive pregnancy test 3 days before her period and did it in the evening. The result is negative.

This was followed by a delay, increased symptoms and another test after 4 days, again in the evening. The result is positive.

Conclusion: The body is not a computer to accurately produce results. Each woman has its own characteristics. If you recently had surgery or an infectious disease with antibiotic use, then it is possible that antibacterial drugs artificially underestimate the growth of the hormone. Antibiotics, like histamines and analgesics, are eliminated from the body after 1 menstrual cycle.

Any deviations from the norm should be clearly recorded in the outpatient map and studied in detail. A woman can only do a pregnancy test on her own. On ultrasound is sent with a long delay (if there are no acute symptoms). If there is a pregnancy, the fetus is better not to irradiate. Transvaginal ultrasound itself can lead to miscarriage, so it is not recommended before 12-14 weeks.

For small delays, hCG analysis is used. In the laboratory, they take blood from a vein and examine it for an increase in the hCG hormone. Such an analysis is 100% truthful and never wrong. It accurately shows the level of hormones.

If pregnancy and illness are excluded, the gynecologist may well refer to the endocrinologist. Not rarely thyroid spoils our lives. More precisely, a person spoils it with an abnormal lifestyle, and the thyroid spoils the body.

When the reason for the delay is a child, then you can congratulate yourself and start preparing for motherhood.

Causes of delay in 4 days with a negative pregnancy test

The absence of the expected onset of menstruation can cause a different reaction from the woman herself, because the onset of pregnancy is considered one of the most common causes of this phenomenon. In any case, the delay of 4 days is not ignored.

If the pregnancy test yielded a negative result, then the onset of illness or inflammatory processes can be suspected in violation of the menstrual cycle. With regard to the body of a healthy woman, the temporary absence of menstruation can be triggered by a sharp climate change, stress, or even unusual and too heavy exercise.

How permissible is the rate of delay in menstruation in a patient can only be determined by the doctor after the examination and obtaining the results of the analysis.

Causes of deviations

If the patient has 4 days of delay and the pregnancy test is negative, the fact of conception is still possible and this is one of the reasons for the delay of menstruation. At the same time, the absence of a timely onset of menstruation other than pregnancy can be triggered by:

  • when the patient is young, when the cycle is just getting better and lateness is the absolute norm,
  • experienced severe stress, because long and deep experiences can lead to disruption of hormonal balance, and therefore slow down the menstrual cycle and delay the start of discharge,
  • serious physical exertion, during which the body begins to produce more male hormones and thus the balance is disturbed and the fourth day may not be monthly,
  • existing overweight, which involves the presence of numerous disorders in the body, and the duration of the delay directly depends on the severity of the diseases themselves (in the fat deposits, the hormone estrogen most often accumulates, due to fluctuations in the amount of which the total hormones change,)
  • anovulatory cycle, which is characterized by menstruation without ovulation,
  • breastfeeding period, when the body is gradually restored and similar violations in the cycle remain the norm.


The group of gynecological reasons for the absence of menstruation include disorders, diseases and inflammatory processes relating to the functioning of the reproductive system of the body and the work of the genitals directly. The available delay for 4 days with a negative pregnancy test result may be due to the presence of:

  • frozen or ectopic pregnancy
  • cysts (benign tumors, often filled with fluid),
  • tumors (malignant with cancer cells),
  • endometriosis (pathological proliferation of areas of the mucous layer of the uterus),
  • salpingitis (infectious inflammation of the fallopian tubes),
  • vaginitis (inflammation of the mucous membrane of the vagina),
  • inflammation of the ovaries (polycystic, causing disturbances in the endocrine system of the body),
  • fibroids (benign tumor formed from muscle tissue).

Serious hormonal changes can also contribute to the absence of critical days, when the body begins to increase the production of one type of hormone that reduces the activity of others, thereby disrupting the overall balance.

Typically, the menstrual cycle lasts 28 -30 days. The delay is called the absence of menstruation about 3 - 4 days.

At the same time, abbreviated menstrual cycles of up to 2–3 weeks are also a weighty argument in order to contact the attending gynecologist and conduct a detailed examination of the body.

If inflammatory processes are detected during the examination process, it is extremely important to stop them in a timely manner and prevent the development of their chronic form.


The reasons for the absence of menstruation may also be physiological. First of all, it concerns both the rapid weight gain and its loss.

Do not ignore the constant stressful situations and various experiences.

Excessive physical exertion on the body, especially with an abrupt onset and without any preparation, can also cause concern.

If the body does not hurt and there is no apparent reason for a delay, you should reconsider your diet. This is especially true for women who adhere to strict or too limited diets.

Long-term accumulated fatigue is also a cause for disruptions in the functioning of the body and the reproductive system in particular. Due to experiencing fatigue and physical exertion, late ovulation may occur.

Appeal to the doctor in this case is not necessary, but the best prevention is a good rest.

No less serious violations and even a false-negative or positive test for pregnancy can cause problems with the thyroid gland, which lead to a general decrease in immunity, disruptions in the cyclical nature of menstruation, as well as jumps in the production of hormones.

Other diseases

Among other reasons for the lack of timely onset of menstruation is a strong cold.

This is especially true of infection with acute respiratory viral infections (ARVI), which directly affect the hormone production process and thus seriously disrupt the overall balance. If the delay of 4 days is associated with such a disease, it is first necessary to treat the common cold itself.

The process of full recovery of the menstrual cycle depends on the severity of the illness and the duration of recovery. As a rule, the timeliness of the beginning of menstruation is observed already in 2 - 3 cycles.

Do not leave aside the climate change associated with the flights, as well as taking medications that affect the functioning of the reproductive system of the body and the menstrual cycle in particular, for example, hormonal contraceptives.

In any case, when observing a delay in menstruation, the patient should take into account all the disturbing symptoms. This concerns the presence of painful sensations in the abdomen and lower back, features of non-characteristic vaginal discharge, manifestations of the urge to vomit and nausea. In such cases, a visit to the doctor is mandatory and the examination should be carried out as soon as possible.


If there is a delay of 4 days, and the test is negative, the fact of fertilization of the egg in any case should not be excluded. The relevance of the tests comes on the second day of delay, especially if the woman has a regular sex life.

Regardless of the results of the tests, the most dangerous is the onset of menstruation in the presence of pregnancy, as this can provoke a detachment of the fetus or even a miscarriage.

The main reason for the four-day delay of menstruation may be pregnancy with a period of 2 to 3 weeks.

The reason for the incorrect test result may be the poor quality of the material itself or its improper storage. In such cases, it is recommended to use several different product options from different manufacturers.

Obtaining a negative test result in the event of a probable pregnancy can also signal serious impairments in the development of the embryo itself, which often causes spontaneous miscarriages.

In this case, timely consultation of the doctor and scrupulous following all his recommendations and prescriptions is extremely important.

The signs of pregnancy include uncharacteristic calm for women who, at the beginning of their period, suffered more from excessive irritability and neurosis, a sharp intolerance to certain smells and products, the appearance of a feeling of anticipation.

When to test

As a rule, the most accurate analysis is obtained after a weekly delay in menstruation. To obtain the most truthful result, you should consider a number of rules:

  1. It is necessary to carry out a pregnancy test early in the morning, because it is at this time that the level of hormones is the most accurate and it is not affected by the food consumed, and there are no impurities in the urine itself.
  2. It is impossible to ignore the presence of brown secretions, which often signal ectopic pregnancy and require mandatory consultation of a gynecologist. It can also be observed pulling pain in the lower abdomen, general deterioration of health, increased body temperature, a violation of the chair, as well as frequent vomiting.
  3. In addition to using pregnancy tests, the basal temperature should be measured before the expected monthly. If it is equal to 37 degrees, then, most likely, it is pregnancy that causes the disturbing delay of menstruation.

What to do

If the work of the reproductive system of the body is observed 4 days delay without any additional symptoms and pain, consultation with a doctor is optional. Especially if causes of a physiological nature are suspected, and the test gave a negative result.

Repeated independent research should be carried out in another 3–5 days and only by its results should we choose further actions. As a rule, what to do in such cases and what medicines will allow to restore the menstrual cycle (in the absence of the fact of pregnancy) only a doctor can tell.

Especially it concerns the diagnosis of any diseases of the genital organs.

Independent use of any drugs can cause bleeding in the presence of pregnancy, which is dangerous spontaneous miscarriage and complications. That is why a pregnancy test is an auxiliary way to determine the fact of conception, if it is not possible to visit a doctor in the near future.

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What causes a delay of 4 days if the pregnancy test is negative?

The reason for the delay of menstruation is pregnancy. All other options are considered after the test showed a negative result. However, often there are controversial situations. For example, a delay of 4 days, the test is negative, and signs of pregnancy are present. How to find out the true cause of the cycle violation? When can a pregnancy test be performed?

Natural processes in the body during pregnancy

Feel like a pregnant woman can immediately after fertilization. After ovulation, progesterone levels rise in the second half of the cycle. It is he who is responsible for the normal development of a fertilized egg, attaching it to the walls of the uterus.

While the sensations are insignificant and relate more to the emotional sphere, there is an incomprehensible state of euphoria, calmness, something new. For 7–10 days, the fertilized egg exists autonomously. Then comes the crucial period - attachment to the walls of the uterus.

The ovum moves through the tubes, enters the cavity of the penis. At the same time, the integrity of the uterine mucosa is slightly disturbed, a few drops of blood are secreted. A woman may notice pink or brown streaks in the discharge. After that, the pregnancy is considered valid.

Its full development depends on the level of the hormone.

On average, ovulation in women occurs on the 12th – 16th day of the menstrual cycle. Then the fertilized egg strengthens approximately a week before the next menstruation. In this case, a pregnancy test can be carried out from the first days of the delay.

Basal temperature during pregnancy

Many women for one reason or another use natural methods of protection. It often uses the method of measuring basal temperature. Properly compiled schedule allows you to determine the moment of ovulation, fixing a fertilized egg in the uterus, pregnancy itself.

A woman should take a temperature every day in the vagina or rectum in the morning at the same time, without getting out of bed. Then, based on the obtained indicators, a graph is constructed. In the first half of the cycle, the temperature is below 37 degrees Celsius.

On the eve of ovulation, it drops a few degrees, then rises sharply. In the second phase, the temperature approaches 37 degrees. Before the monthly drops again. Somewhere in 2–3 days a woman’s menstruation should appear. Basal temperature 37.

0 degrees in the absence of alarming symptoms means pregnancy. However, a woman can not measure the temperature throughout the cycle to learn about the presence of pregnancy. It is enough to measure it at the delay of menstruation.

In addition to pregnancy, increased, it can remain in the body of a woman in the presence of inflammatory processes in the body. If nothing hurts, the delay in menstruation is due to pregnancy.

Pregnancy Excretions

By the nature of the discharge, you can determine women's health, the period of the menstrual cycle, and pregnancy.

  1. Selection of the first half of the menstrual cycle is transparent, in a small amount, odorless.
  2. With ovulation, the intensity increases. And most often there are viscous transparent discharge, similar to egg white.
  3. In the second phase of the menstrual cycle, the discharge becomes thick, pronounced white. On the eve of menstruation again become less intense and not so thick.
  4. White discharge thick consistency in an increased amount with a delay of menstruation means pregnancy. Its presence is indicated by brown discharge. This contributes to the unstable hormones of women. The body has not had time to rebuild, but menstruation cannot go either.

Brown discharge during pregnancy in certain conditions, doctors call the norm, but most often carry the threat of miscarriage or notify about ectopic pregnancy. The fertilized egg does not get into the uterus, is attached to the tubes, ovary, cervix, in another place. It develops approximately 2 weeks, increasing in size.

If it is attached to the tubes of the ovary, their rupture occurs, which is fraught with internal bleeding. Brown discharge can be the beginning. In other situations, brown discharge means an insufficient amount of progesterone in a woman’s body. Then there is the threat of disruption. If the woman has decided to keep the pregnancy, an artificial progesterone is prescribed.

For example, the drug Duphaston, Norkolut.

Why there is no menstruation in women of reproductive age

The reason for the delay can be anything. From the wrong food, to the terrible disease.

  • The usual overwork of a woman. And it concerns both the physical aspect and the psychological one. Constant fatigue reduces the activity of the body, slows down all vital processes. Psychological fatigue is actually even more dangerous. The central nervous system regulates all processes of the menstrual cycle. Gives a signal to internal organs, systems, in what quantity to produce hormones. Constant overload of the nervous system, stress, depression, shock, disrupt the menstrual cycle. Delayed menstruation may be after a difficult previous life span. A negative result will be from the very first days of the delay.
  • A second common cause of delay is hormonal imbalance due to diseases not related to the reproductive system. Regular acute respiratory infections can cause delays, not to mention the flu. Changes hormones, delays the time of ovulation, delayed menstruation high temperature, the virus. In addition, drugs are a frequent cause of the delay. For example, those that affect blood clotting. Antibiotics, especially injections.
  • A negative pregnancy test result may be associated with hormone therapy. And it concerns not only contraceptives that are taken every day, but also emergency pills. One pill to prevent unwanted pregnancy disrupts the normal processes in the female body. There is a delay in menstruation.
  • A negative pregnancy test result is obtained if there are problems with the thyroid gland. The thyroid is involved in the production of sex hormones. Disrupted its activity entails a violation of the cycle, the delay of menstruation.
  • Errors in weight, abrupt change gives a negative pregnancy test result. Progesterone has the property of accumulating in the fat cells of a woman. Excessive weight leads to menstrual disorders with an excess amount of progesterone. Then there is a delay of menstruation, and then heavy bleeding. With an insufficient level of sex hormone, there is also a delay in menstruation, but the discharge goes, as usual or scanty. This situation develops with a sharp weight loss. And constantly manifests itself with insufficient weight for women.
  • Monthly delay may occur due to an abortion in the last cycle. The cycle is being set up on its own for the next month, in the absence of health problems.
  • A sedentary lifestyle disrupts blood circulation, slows down the metabolism, causes a delay. Reduces the activity of reproductive functions. As a result, there is a slight delay of menstruation.

Delay of menstruation due to illness

Every healthy woman should be examined by a gynecologist twice a year. If there are alarming symptoms, seek immediate help. Some diseases are hidden at first.

The only alarming symptom is delayed menstruation and violation of the cycle itself. During the period of suspected menstrual periods, the lower abdomen pulls, the general state of health worsens.

Pulls the lower back, gives to the sacrum.

A common cause of delayed menstruation is inflammation of the genitals. It can be provoked by non-treated infections, inflammatory processes in neighboring organs, the presence of an intrauterine device. Common symptoms of the disease:

  • pulls the lower back,
  • hurts in the lower abdomen,
  • body temperature rises
  • irritable bowel syndrome appears,
  • irritability, sleep disturbance,
  • transparent discharge with blood.

Menstruation while initially delayed, then passes abundantly. The delay can be from 4 days to several months.

Often become a cause of delayed sexually transmitted diseases. At the same time abundant discharge, unpleasant smell, pain during sexual intercourse, at the end of urination are observed. A woman experiences itching, burning genitals, discomfort. To determine the type of the disease can doctor for smear analysis.

Thrush can cause menstrual irregularities and delayed menstruation. It appears for a number of reasons. The disease is often associated with a decrease in the immunity of the woman.

The delay can be caused by:

  • endometritis,
  • endometriosis,
  • candidiasis,
  • vaginitis
  • cervical erosion,
  • myoma,
  • cyst.

This is not all dangerous diseases. Independently diagnose is very problematic. A woman has to undergo a thorough examination.

The delay of menstruation for 1 week, doctors called normal. The body of a woman is a living system, on which a large number of various factors act. Units can boast with a regular cycle.

Surely - these are women with great financial wealth, good psycho-emotional situation in the family. However, there are few of these in our time. Therefore, a delay of 4 days is not a deadline for panic. But a pregnancy test can be done.

A negative pregnancy test result and a subsequent delay serve as a reason for retesting.

What could be if the delay is already 4 days, and the test is negative?

The delay is 4 days, the test is negative - this condition often leads a woman to a state of shock.

In this situation, a feeling of confusion and uncertainty often arises, since you do not know what to expect: to prepare for the birth of a baby or in the body there have been negative changes and a long treatment is ahead.

Of course, menstruation should always come on time, and if it does not, then it is worth thinking about the reasons.

What can cause delays

With a delay of 4 months for a period of time, there may be a pregnancy equal in duration from 2 to 3 weeks. However, there are many other reasons, besides pregnancy, that can make a woman jittery. One of the possible reasons may be deviations in the psycho-emotional or physiological state of a woman:

  • recurring stressful situations
  • excessive exercise
  • observance of unbalanced diets,
  • fatigue caused by lack of rest or improperly built day routine.

An important influence on the state of the body, in which there can be a delay of a month for several days, is also caused by gynecological pathologies, for example:

  • deviations from the normal development of pregnancy, such as a state of ectopic and frozen pregnancy,
  • cyst formation
  • uterine fibroids,
  • tumor of the reproductive organs,
  • hormone imbalance
  • disorders in the development of the uterine mucosa - endometriosis.

It is normal to assume the duration of the menstrual cycle for 28 days from the first day of menstruation. Different women may have insignificant differences in length in one direction or another, but in any case, the cyclical nature of women should be constant. Under the delay should be understood the absence of menstruation for 4 days.

If this happens without the onset of symptoms of an acute nature and does not hurt anything, and the pregnancy test is negative, then in most cases there is no reason to worry, especially if this happened for the first time and did not last long.

Such a case does not apply to deviations, as it is a completely natural reaction to a change in the situation.

Reasons for rejection

What does the delay in menstruation for 4 days mean with the negative result on the test? What circumstances caused such changes and violated the regularity of the cycle and the delay of menstruation? And what should a woman expect - pregnancy or the development of the disease? Ответы на эти волнующие вопросы можно попытаться найти самостоятельно, для этого женщина должна учитывать любые беспокоящие ее симптомы, ощущение болезненности в животе или в пояснице, характер выделений.It will not be out of place to take measurements of the basal temperature in order to follow its change. All these data in the case of visits to specialists, will be able to facilitate the diagnosis. The cause of delays in menstruation can be the following states:

  1. Can there be a pregnancy if the test also shows negative results on the 5th day and it is impossible to exclude the conception that occurred. Gynecologists advise applying a pregnancy test if there is a delay even for a couple of days, especially when sex is regular and intense. Complicating the situation in such a case may menstruation, which passes during pregnancy. A negative test result in such circumstances can be an indicator of violations in the development of the fetus, up to a spontaneous miscarriage.
  2. Late ovulation may occur due to the influence of external circumstances. When in the first phase of the cycle, stressful situations, intense experiences, excessive physical exertion that caused fatigue occurred, menstruation may begin somewhat later than usual, and be 1–2 weeks late. This, of course, is not encouraging and requires more careful attention to oneself, but no treatment is needed in such a case.
  3. Disorders in the endocrine system can cause repeated shifts in the cycle in a woman. Disorders for which the pituitary gland is responsible cause a delay in menstruation, although a pregnancy test will indicate a negative result. It is caused by changes in the hormonal level, when the ratio between hormones is disturbed, which can lead to a longer cycle.
  4. The causes of possible monthly delays can be serious gynecological diseases that cannot be left unattended, since they require research and further treatment until the disease has acquired a chronic course. The only thing that should be taken into account is that in the case of tumor processes, a pregnancy test can show pregnancy, although it does not exist. This reaction is caused by a significant increase in hormonal levels caused by the development of a tumor.
  5. Inflammatory diseases of the internal genital organs also negatively affect the menstrual cycle and can lead to its violation. The progression of such a frequent disease in women as polycystic ovarian disease can cause a delay in menstruation in the absence of pregnancy.
  6. Pathological conditions in the thyroid gland are a frequent case of delayed menses. Such a violation is considered one of the most insidious reasons for a long time not showing its presence. However, in the case of pregnancy instantly show their cunning. Violation of the level of hormones produced by it weakens the immune defense, disrupts the menstrual cycle with delayed menstruation. Due to hormonal disorders, a false test result is possible, which will not correspond to reality.
  7. Banal obesity can cause a delay in menstruation with a negative test result. This is due to the increased production of estrogen, produced with an excess of a large number of fatty tissues.

Delay of menstruation due to pregnancy

If a woman’s pregnancy has taken place, and the test does not show this, several reasons can be implied. A frequent case of this may be a poor-quality test that has been improperly stored or has violated the instructions for its use.

If such a situation arises, it is better to use several tests and they may be from different manufacturers, and when using them, carefully study the instructions and follow it exactly.

The reason for the delay of menstruation may be violations in the development of the embryo.

In such cases, a false pregnancy test rate may be triggered by certain circumstances:

  • It is necessary to apply a pregnancy test in the morning when hormone levels are more accurate than in the evening. During this period, there is no impurities in the urine from food, and the test results will be more true.
  • Special attention in case of delay and suspicion of pregnancy should be paid to the brownish discharge, which is a characteristic sign of ectopic pregnancy. If, in addition, the lower abdomen is pulled and the test is negative, then the woman may mistakenly consider this condition as the beginning of menstruation. However, in a few days the situation is complicated by an increase in temperature, the appearance of an elevated temperature. A frequent case that can complicate a woman’s poor health is the appearance of vomiting and upset stools.
  • A frequent case in which for their absence of pregnancy women take the condition in which a pregnancy test is used at a very early time, in which there is still no delay. Even some time after the delay, he can show a barely perceptible strip that a woman can easily take for not having a pregnancy. If during menstruation measurements the basal temperature is 37 degrees, then, most likely, there is a delay due to conception.

Is pregnancy possible with menopause

In the period of menopause in women there is a restructuring of the whole organism, and not just changes in reproductive functions. All these processes do not happen in one day, as the body is preparing for a new stage of its life activity.

A frequent case in women at this time is a decrease in sexual functions, and as a consequence the onset of early menopause.

During menopause, bleeding may also occur, so-called metrorrhagia, often occurring two weeks after menstruation and lasting no longer than three days.

All these deviations occur due to changes in the psychoemotional state, which is easily affected by extraneous exposure in this period. The reaction to these processes is an increase in the production of stress hormones and, as a result, an impairment in the function of the ovaries.

A frequent case is pregnancy in the initial period of menopause, when a woman is at such an age that she does not expect this and does not really pay attention to the delay in menstruation. However, this condition is deceptive, because not all reproductive possibilities have faded away, and from time to time a woman can ovulate, and hence conception.

Therefore, to protect themselves in the first years of menopause, it is necessary without fail, and in case of delays for reinsurance, you should still resort to using pregnancy tests.

Gynecologists advise at this age to use hormonal contraceptives, since they all can not only prevent unwanted pregnancies, but also significantly support and improve the general condition of women.

What to do when menstruation is delayed

If a woman has a delay in menstruation, and the test does not show the presence of pregnancy, then the first place to be examined is to determine the cause of the delay.

To do this, all the necessary analyzes in such cases are submitted and ultrasound examinations are performed, which are able to more accurately detect possible violations of the internal organs.

If there is an assumption that the reasons leading to a delay in the instability of the hormonal background, then on the basis of all urine and blood tests, as well as ultrasound results, the conclusion about the need for treatment is accepted by the endocrinologist. When the disease itself is cured, then the delays will stop by themselves.

All possible factors that cause a violation of the cyclical nature of the menstrual cycle should be eliminated in a timely manner.

In some cases, women, in order for the delays to stop and the cycle to return to normal, it is enough to change the diet and adjust lifestyle.

All changes occurring in the hormonal background are directly dependent on external factors such as the environmental environment surrounding the woman, as well as adequate rest and adequate physical exertion.

Alarming symptoms

It is a common case when an unconfirmed pregnancy in women with menstruation delay is accompanied by white discharge. They can be caused by different reasons, often not interrelated.

Thus, such manifestations can occur due to diabetes mellitus, a course of treatment with antibacterial drugs, the use of contraceptives, and also be the result of allergic reactions.

Any delay is already a signal of any troubles in the female body, and the presence of white secretions should be even more alarming.

A whitish discharge from a healthy woman is considered the norm, but in case of a delay, it is necessary to take into account their distinctive character.

So, the sour smell, unusual consistency in the form of cottage cheese, yellow tint or blood impurities - all these signs can be evidence of infectious diseases or the development of pathological changes in a woman's body.

And in the case of symptoms such as a feeling of discomfort in the back, in which one pulls the lower back, one can suspect the onset of a serious illness that will not only be a serious obstacle to the onset of pregnancy, but can also cause more serious consequences.