16 methods on how to deal independently with panic attacks


I will answer all your questions in order:

1) from my point of view, you suffer not pure panic disorder, but anxiety mixed with depression. You yourself write about the recurring nature of your disease (November-January months). But within your disorder there are also panic attacks and symptoms typical of a depressive disorder,

2) taking paroxetine for 2–3 days during menstruation is nonsense, since BP starts to act not earlier than 4-6 weeks from the start of therapy, and the fact that your attacks passed quickly is not due to Rexetine, but simply to the end monthly So your doctor's advice, I see it as a simple trick,

3) since November 4 of last year, you started another seasonal relapse of your disorder, and therefore Rexetine in the meager dosage that you took, simply could not help you. Prodep treatment was also most likely carried out in small doses and for a short period of time,

4) the hypnosis treatment of your anxiety-depressive disorder was simply quackery, which was completely confirmed by your doctor’s surrender to your illness and the refusal to continue therapy,

5) you need to undergo a systematic course of treatment with one of the antidepressants, the same rexetine, but in a therapeutic dose and for a long time,

6) a CPT session of panic disorder with agoraphobia you should not listen to on a daily basis, but rather conduct daily in vivo exposure therapy. Moreover, against the background of therapeutic doses of one of the antidepressants, such therapy will be much easier and it will be much more effective.

But the fact that you start sobbing while listening to my virtual session can only mean that my words about a serene children's night dream affect some kind of experience in your soul.

What is a person experiencing with PA?

  1. strong lump and pressure in the throat,
  2. dry mouth
  3. loss of your voice and normal speech
  4. loss of control and not fully mastering the situation,
  5. breath off,
  6. there is a feeling like there is not enough air
  7. the heart beats intensely
  8. a strong fear of death or of any danger
  9. sweating
  10. the desire to run away and isolate yourself from everything
  11. strained in the muscles
  12. body trembles
  13. throws it in the heat, then in the cold,
  14. there is confusion in the head and confusion
  15. the person is not present in the moment, only logical thinking is included.

Why do PAs arise?

In order to understand what to do when a panic attack occurs, in which the pressure rises or health worsens, we first focus on the root of the problem.

Why does the PA appear in humans?:

  • unhealthy food (excessive use of alcohol, coffee and other harmful products),

  • lack of sleep and lack of sleep (deprivation),
  • a person’s attachment to a comfort zone and resistance to everything new
  • frequent stress and depression,
  • attachment to negative emotions,
  • getting out of the comfort zone and losing control of the situation
  • collision with something new, lack of experience (for example, public speaking),
  • old unresolved fears emerge and make themselves felt,
  • resistance to fear
  • fear of fear
  • reluctance to play sports and sedentary lifestyle,
  • various diseases of the body and human focus on them,
  • a person has a weak personality that reacts to everything and depends on the outside.

1. Listen to your feelings in the body, stop following logic and reason

  • It is necessary to understand that emotions and feelings are not logic.. Emotions are born in the area of ​​the solar plexus, but not in the head.
  • And in turn, first feelings and emotions appear., and then thoughts, and not vice versa, as many think.
  • If something initially comes from logic, and then leads to the testing of emotionsthen this is unreal, invented and exaggerated by the person himself. This leads to a restless and alarming state of panic.
  • Head / logic can say anything to you. Do not follow her.
  • Decisions must be made not from the head, not from the mind, but from the body.!
    I do not say that it is not necessary to think at all, it is not necessary to exaggerate.

  • Initially listen to your body and feeling in your body. and follow him.
    Thus, you will always know everything about how to deal with panic attacks.

2. Act contrary to thoughts that cause suffering, and do not identify yourself with them

  • If thoughts appear and make you worry - do them all in defiance and do not follow them.
    Even if any excuses will emerge and it will seem strange to you, still act in defiance of restless thoughts.
  • These thoughts are not yours and do not need them to be your own..
    After all, they make you feel bad.
  • Do not identify yourself with thoughts, and you will always know what to do with panic attacks during the next flash.

3. Take a cold shower or a soothing bath.

As one cliché says, when I came home and took a shower, I washed away that day.

As soon as the next attacks appear, you can immediately take a contrast shower.

This technique is also useful for those who are wondering how to deal with panic attacks in all-in-one situations.

Pro contrast shower

  • You need to pour the whole body from head to toe.
  • With an interval of about 20 seconds, you pour cold and hot water.

What is the use of a contrast shower or bath:

  1. A contrast shower strengthens your vessels.
  2. Water will relieve tension from the body, cleanse you.
  3. A warm, pleasant bath would be a good soothing prophylaxis for combating panic attacks in all situations.

4. Sign up for a massage, remove tension from the body.

Tension in the body is one of the common signs of panic attacks.

Since the PA introduces your body into tension and stupor, massage will relieve this tension.

What are the advantages of massage:

  • Thanks to the massage, you will have a relaxed body without clamps and tensions.
  • You will proceed from the inner emancipation and peace.

What body parts massage is useful to do:

5. Meditate for 20 minutes 2 times a day: in the morning and before bedtime

How to do meditation step by step:

  1. Just sit in a comfortable position for you and watch your breath for 20 minutes.
  2. You do not resist any thought that arises in your head, you watch the thought and let it come and go.
  3. The flow of thoughts is limitless. By resisting, you will only enhance their appearance. Therefore, you do not fight with them, but look at them from the side, knowing that they will leave.

  4. Your main focus on breathing, everything else for 20 minutes does not exist for you.
  5. At first it will be hard, there will be a lot of resistance, and then it will turn into a pleasant recovery process.

Advantages of meditation:

  • After a while, a steady calm will appear.
  • The internal dialogue will start to disappear, you will dig in your head less.
  • You will learn to control your emotions and the flow of thoughts. Thus, you will no longer be so bothered by the question of how to prevent a panic attack.
  • You will understand that in order to feel good, you do not need to depend on something. This should be your permanent independent state.

In details about meditation and about its perfect implementation, you can read on the site by reference.

6. Do yoga

If you want real war practice, then this is yoga.

The gym is good, but it doesn’t have the same mental effect on you as yoga.

Yoga will be an effective help for you in panic attacks, where you will remove all tension from different parts of the body.

Real yoga (not some kind of fitness yoga or fitness relaxation) is psychologically and physically much harder than any other physical sport or gym.

Yoga sometimes causes crying or wanting to escape.

This happens because it is a very tough experience for many muscle groups to keep your body stationary in different geometric positions.

These positions are also called asanas.

Advantages of yoga:

  • Only through asana you will work your main muscles and you can enter a different state of higher consciousness.
  • As they say, yoga in the morning makes your whole day much easier.
  • Thanks to yoga, you will have a lot of energy in your body for several days ahead.

7. Apply an effective breathing technique.

This breathing technique is useful for those who do not know what to do if a panic attack has begun.

What is the use of this technique for breathing:

  1. After 50 times, breathing becomes smooth and easy.
  2. The focus from the logical part is replaced by your body.
  3. You feel your body, energy and watch it more. Try to keep this feeling.
  4. Negative thoughts begin to recede.

8. Write down all your thoughts in a notebook: from wise realizations to those that make you panic and steam

Opening the notebook after a while and reading the old records, you will begin to distinguish between sound thoughts and false ones.

Staying calm, after a while you open your notes and you yourself will laugh at your fears and anxieties about which you steamed.

Thus, learning to distinguish between panic thoughts from the rest, they will lose their power over you.

Any fear can be questioned.

This way you will know all about how to deal with panic attacks.

You can also read our article, where we talk about how to get rid of depression yourself.

9. Let the panic disorder break you even harder, do not show a single resistance when it appears.

Do not resist the emergence of the PA and even begin to anticipate the strongest panic of all.

What is the essence of 9 methods where you do not need to resist:

  1. You ask the PA for the following: "I want you to get stronger, stronger and completely ate me».
  2. Tuning into a stronger anxiety and in anticipation of something more, the opposite effect will be completely back.
  3. This is because you are skipping panic through yourself, instead of resisting it as before.

Most people do not know what to do at the time of a panic attack and, by their resistance, unconsciously make themselves worse.

10. Realize that all your restless thoughts come and go, I always remain unchanged and unaffected

  • All fears appear and disappear.. They do not stay with you all the time.
    Because of feeding fear, you get a temporary restless state, which then also goes away.
  • So, you come to understand that panic comes and goesand your true self always remains unchanged and unaffected. Your true absolute self cannot touch anything.
  • And everything that comes and goes is an illusion and unreal.
    And you do not need to feed and believe in what is false and unreal.
  • It is necessary to understand and realize. Then you can close your questions about how to stop a panic attack and gain confidence.

You can learn about self-confidence for girls in details here.

11. Make another flash of fear with your friend and thank her for her appearance.

Thank all your bouts the following reasons:

  1. The next PA outbreak points you to your flaws and the weak points you need to work on.
  2. She says that you have launched something in yourself and in your mind.
  3. She tells you to work on yourself.
  4. She wants you not to turn a blind eye to the problem, as all people usually do, and become even stronger than now.

So tell her thanks for that.

Change the perception of the problem, make it your friend. So, you can help yourself with panic attacks, just changing your attitude towards them.

You suddenly had these feelings, you should think of this as: “Hooray! Great! Finally! Super!».

You should know everything about how to eradicate fear and fearfulness in yourself because of obsessive thoughts and become more fearless.

12. Your logic automatically assumes the worst every time it meets with the unknown.

  • When logic meets with something new and unknownShe starts to play scary pictures in her head. This has been preserved since the time of the caveman.
  • Meeting with the unknown, instincts work "Fight" or "run away." You should know everything about how to stop the excitement before the slaughter, even if it does not take place.

  • I repeat once again that logic is not your friend.
    No need to follow the logic.
  • Here you need to realize that there, where the unknown, there is life and flowering. And in the comfort zone stunted. No need to run away from life.
  • As, for example, the river always flows and life always boils in it.. A pond can become a swamp and lifelessly wither.

Understand this and realize, and you will no longer ask questions about how to deal with panic attacks yourself.

Example 1: fear of flying on an airplane

For example, a person is afraid to fly on an airplane.

  • And now, you are already in it, and you are taking off. It takes 10 seconds, nothing happens. Everyone does their own thing. It's okay
  • 5 minutes passed, and absolutely nothing happened, you are alive.
  • It takes 10 minutes, and you understand that there is not a single cause for alarm.
  • At the helm sits a professional pilot who knows his stuff.
  • The script from the movie "Lost" just will not happen again.

Let us examine this method on the example of a person suffering from social phobia, so that he can independently stop the panic attack and close the question of how to overcome shyness.

Example 2: Human social phobia

The same analogy can be made in cases social phobia fear a person a large number of people.

It is enough for a person to go out into the thick of the crowd, right in the middle and after a while understand that:

  • No one will point a finger at him.
  • The man will not die.
  • Nobody will touch him or even touch him.
  • No one cares about him at all.
  • Everyone has their own affairs more important.
  • So, an understanding comes to a person that he can still be loud and even dance in front of everyone, and there will be nothing for him.

After such experiments with oneself, it will be useful to write down all new awareness in a notebook.

14. Be able to laugh at yourself and at the role of the sacrifice that you used to play, do not take everything seriously

If you have panic disorders, then you take the matter too seriously.

You need to be able to laugh at yourself.

Just disgrace yourself deliberately and laugh at yourself! This will help you look at yourself and understand the absurdity of panic.

Let us examine the case when a woman does not know what to do with a panic attack. during pregnancy in the early stages.

We reveal the absurdity of her panic.

Pregnant woman should understand following:

  • You're just one of the hundreds of women who give birth every day around the world.
  • This is not such a great event.
  • There is no reason to attach excessive importance to pregnancy.
  • People give birth to twins and even triplets, and a woman worries about giving birth to just one child.
  • We live in a century of modern technology, when childbirth is held in the safest conditions.
  • No need to cheat yourself and think that there will be something bad with the child.
  • The dinosaur does not throw at you from behind the bushes.

16. Remove the role of the victim and do not feel sorry for yourself, do not think of yourself as a poor sufferer

Everyone plays roles without realizing that these are just roles.

Are you tired of being a little intimidated man with panic attacks?

Get rid of this role. It's not you!

Stop playing the role of a shy lamb and think: "What an unhappy person I am," "I am the only one so poor in this world," "No one regrets or loves me," "How bad everything in my life is."

You're stronger and taller than that.

False advice of people and shoals that will not solve the problem

  1. It is useless to change your focus from something internal to externalif the problem is psychological.
    By this, the person simply avoids the problem, instead of solving it once and for all. After all, problems in the head, not in the outside world.
  2. Various medicines will not help muchthey will only dull the mind. But everything will come back as soon as the effect of the medicine ends. In addition, there will be a dependence on these drugs.

Understand that panic attacks can be cured forever.

Reread all 16 methods again and live in harmony.

I take attack during public speaking. It starts to strain me and strain me. I don’t get free to tell people the topic, I always feel exhaustion as a result. I understand that this is not normal, and the jitter is beginning even before the start of the performance. That is, I didn’t even begin to tell, but already there is a feeling that it’s better not to, I’ll ruin everything again. There are thoughts about why I, in general, got involved in it and want to run away. So everything is bad.

And in terms of sensations and signs, I feel the following: I feel terrible pressure in my throat, it is hard to speak, as if I swallow a metal round ball, and it is stuck. In this case, the tone of voice becomes so needy, asking for help, pathetic. Even I myself do not want to hear my voice. In front of a crowd, I can't even speak in my usual pleasant voice. I can not be myself. It's horrible. It dries out in the mouth so hard that some words are hard to pronounce or if I say something, it turns out to be a ridiculous, distorted word. I once said during a speech in front of a crowd that I had a dry bag, and everyone laughed. Thought I drank yesterday or something like that. Although I was dry because of the excitement.

I also feel that my body stops obeying me. Starts to tremble, as if I have senile tremor. I do not know whether this is visible from the outside, but I myself feel how the body is trembling. Especially tremble your knees!

I understand in my heart that frequent practice should remove this. You have found some cool tips. You have what I was looking for. Прочитав несколько методов, в душе возникло приятное чувство. Хочу сказать спасибо и скажу, что я не буду отчаиваться. Буду применять прочитанное и верю, что все будет хорошо.

If I understand that there will be a fight and it cannot be avoided, my knees, too, begin to tremble. And I can not stop it in any way.

It seems to me that this is due to the inability to defend oneself, because I did not go to any sections. And here such an abyss appears, which logic wants to fill with something, but in reality it turns out that there is nothing.

Yes, now, if I had always engaged in these throws through the thigh or I had mastered the percussion technique, then there would be no reason for the jitter. I think that is fair. The body simply tells me that it would be nice to master the art of self-defense, and then climb on the rampage. And, I think, you have to be grateful for this and listen.

And a strong fear takes me and an attack begins when I am in a crowd. When there are a lot of them, they go forward and everyone looks at me still. I do not like to be the center of attention.

Sometimes I feel when I am in a crowd, how my strength is disappearing. The more I am there, I become weaker and more exhausted. It seems to me that they will attack me or something else unimaginable. Such terrible pictures begin to appear in my head. You have no idea.

I also noticed that when I am very hungry and go out, for example, on the street, this terrible feeling takes me up even more. Whether the psyche is weaker when I have not eaten. It starts to seem to me that someone will start to fight with me or will now knock me off the road. And if I start to resist these pictures in my head, it becomes so bad for me. That is, the situation begins to worsen even more.

Previously, she was always afraid and avoided the crowd. You will need to listen to your advice and look fear in the face. I do not want youth to pass in fear of people. I want to enjoy life, and not live it.

Thank you for the site and interesting technology.

It is not so easy for me to cope with attacks when a crowd of people meet me. It feels like they want to take something from me. As if I have what they are looking for. I don't want to make contact with any of them, I want to close myself from everyone or isolate myself from such a crowd. Here such automatic reaction arises. I can not look into my eyes in such situations, it squeezes me like something inside.

It happens that I get numb sometimes. Probably, for many it will seem strange, but yes, it happens with some. I have, for example.

For me, the torment to live in a big city. Someone stretches into megacities, and I, on the contrary, run away from there. That's when I'm outside the city, at my dacha, I feel great. And I don't need anything else. In the soul of peace, harmony.

Yes, probably now many will say that you do not need to run away from the problem. But I am not comfortable living or working among a large crowd. Too draining me. Perhaps, I will reconsider my opinion and change, I will apply your advice. Thanks for the interesting methods.

I have a PA that occurs in public transport when I depart a sufficient distance from the house (point of no return). It seems, now I will fall and nobody will help! Although it is strange that I do not think about myself at this moment. I feel sorry for my husband, daughter, sister, who will look for me, worry about me.

Saves only one at the time of the attack - to talk to them on a mobile phone, and after a few minutes I'm in shape!

I have a slightly similar situation with you. Tied to her husband and it translates into the fact that sometimes I can not go anywhere without him. And if I go, these attacks of PA begin, I begin to fear losing it. There is a terrible fear. And this whole bunch of fears severely worsens my condition. Talked with friends on this topic.

One of my friends advised, despite the PA, to get out alone anyway, not to listen to my head. As he said, at first it will be a bit awkward and uncomfortable, but eventually it will work out to overcome these attacks. The main thing is to have the desire and willpower. Otherwise, the problem will worsen if you let it go and let it into your world. You mentioned it here in point 9. I do not intend to turn a blind eye to the problem.

Against the background of severe stress, nausea and chills, double vomiting. At first suspected poisoning, but coal and other things did not help. Then I thought about a viral infection, but there was no temperature.

Then they measured the pressure - increased. While the ambulance was traveling, the pressure was reduced. The paramedic said that it was IRR and pricked phenozepam. After an hour I fell asleep, until the morning nothing bothered me.

In the morning and afternoon again nausea, again vomiting, chills. The pressure is normal. Apparently, this is PA, this is my first time and it is also scary from such a state. I do not know how to deal with it.

I happen to PA very often. I drink anti-depressants, I go to the professor psychiatrist, but anyway, when it starts, I can't do anything with myself. Horror binds you of everything, especially your head, and all the time it seems that this is the end.

Although the end has been dragging on for 4 years ... I have passed so much that I already think it will not win.

Why arise

Subjects to the development of this condition are more women than men. This is associated with increased emotionality and susceptibility of the fair sex to stress, influence, excessive impressionability.

Almost every person is familiar with the manifestations of panic attacks. So, at least once in life it has happened to fall into unusually stressful or dangerous situations, when “the hands are trembling and you just want to run away from the cause”. At this moment, the signals entering the central nervous system - the brain, start up the work of the sympatho-adrenal system. As a result, a huge amount of stress hormones are secreted into the blood. First of all, it is adrenaline, norepinephrine and others. As a result, the pupils dilate, blood pressure rises, a tremor appears, sometimes convulsions, the person does not know what to do, and at that moment he may commit unexplained actions that he would not have done in his normal state. In this situation, it may be everyone.

Panic attacks differ from similar states in that they occur on a “level ground”, i.e. for no apparent reason. Often they border on the state of affect or usual irritability.

There are several types of pathology:

  • spontaneous
  • situational,
  • conditionally situational.

The first arises suddenly against the background of complete well-being. Suddenly, a woman has a feeling of anxiety and fear, heartache, increased pressure, etc.

Situational panic attack manifests itself when a person, once having experienced severe stress in a situation, begins to fear repetition with even a slight coincidence of conditions. For example, after a car accident, many can not very long time behind the wheel of a car.

A conditional situation occurs while taking any stimulants of the nervous system - alcohol, caffeine, narcotic drugs, etc. In women, panic attacks during menstruation are mostly due to hormonal changes.

Often, such behavioral disorders occur on the background of somatic pathology, for example, in diseases of the cardiovascular, endocrine system, in the presence of malignant tumors, after myocardial infarction, in developmental malformations, angina, etc.

Almost everyone is familiar with the situation when a woman, still young and active, suddenly begins to feel bad in some situation, unmotivated pains behind the sternum and in the heart appear, pressure drops or rises, there is a feeling of lack of air. Suddenly, someone from the crowd brings carvalol or something like a couple drops, but they also do not help. Gradually, the attack passes on its own. It usually lasts no more than a few minutes, at least 20-30. In severe situations, attacks can occur several times a day. This is in most cases a panic attack. On its own, it does not lead to any other, more serious pathologies, but constant attacks can make the life of a practically healthy woman unbearable. Often formed the syndrome of waiting for a panic attack.

Who to contact to solve the problem

Attacks can occur in women of all ages. It is noticed that panic attacks before menstruation are more pronounced and occur more often. For a long time, with this pathology, the representatives of the fair sex "uphill" the thresholds of doctors, perform many different studies, sometimes even go through diagnostic surgery, but all is unsuccessful. The test results are within the age norm, no serious pathologies are detected, and the prescribed treatment practically does not help. A woman becomes desperate until she turns to a psychologist, psychiatrist, or other specialist who is familiar with similar clinical cases.

In the event of anxiety, suspiciousness, irritability, especially if they begin to disrupt normal functioning, you should not be shy and afraid, but go directly to a specialist. Panic attacks are not a mental illness, but a disruption of the nervous system in people with a “subtle” psyche.

We recommend reading an article on PMS symptoms. From it you will learn about the causes of premenstrual syndrome, physiological manifestations of the condition and emotional signs, as well as possible pregnancy.

Know the "enemy" in the face

It is recommended in a calm situation in a convenient location to remember all your existing fears. It is advisable to write them on a piece of paper and next to determine what is the likelihood that this may happen again. If the percentage is high, then you just need to play it safe and take measures to protect it.

If the attack from a loved one

In the case when a panic attack on the eyes begins to occur with a close or familiar person, you should keep calm mood. Self-confidence will help ensure that everything is resolved, there is nothing terrible and dangerous. It is advisable to take a panic at the moment of an attack or embrace, in a calm, even voice, talk to him on a pleasant and relaxing topic.

Bracelet technique

Psychologists recommend that women who are prone to panic attacks constantly wear a rubber bracelet. Today it is not difficult to find such an accessory that will only complement the wardrobe of even the most sophisticated fashionista. As soon as the girl realizes that she is starting to “storm,” you should tighten the gum of the bracelet so that it hits the skin of the wrist. The click that she hears at this moment will be like a signal to switch to real reality. This technique helps to concentrate on what is happening, and not on some unpleasant situation from the past.

Switching technique

At the first sign of a panic attack, you need to “pull yourself together” and try to concentrate on something else — passing a passing vehicle, start counting in the reverse order, repeat a poem, talk to someone on an abstract topic. As soon as the brain is redirected, a panic attack will pass.

Relaxing tea

Many women cope with not very frequent attacks helps regular consumption of sedatives at night. As a rule, this is some kind of tea. Popular drinks based on decoction of chamomile or old-bloom. A cup of hot tea in a calm and cozy atmosphere will bring a sense of calm and security.

Relaxing music

It has long been observed that a person reacts to sounds in different ways. It is used in medicine - music therapy. The generally accepted relaxing melodies are the sounds of nature: the sound of rain, sea, forest or birds singing. Also positively for women subject to panic attacks, influenced by the music of Vivaldi and Beethoven. Psychologists recommend listening to pleasant notes at least twice a day, with a mandatory evening session.

Panic attacks are a fairly common pathology. The high exposure of women to this ailment is due to many factors: social workload, impressionability, exposure to influence. It is known that panic attacks occur most frequently during menstruation, the reasons for this being explained by the variable hormonal background these days. Self-study of various relaxing techniques, music therapy and some other ways will help to learn how to cope with such situations. But for reliability it is better to seek help from a specialist.

Panic attacks as a component of vascular dystonia

Panic attacks are a companion for people with VVD. At first we will understand in terms. Panic attack is an attack of unreasonable fear for one's health, a sense of approaching death. Attacks can be so strong that a person will rush around the room, not finding a place for himself, he can throw a shiver. High pressure, such a pulse that is not far from fainting. The lack of air, burning and pain in the chest. Symptoms can be very similar to myocardial infarction. There are pains in the heart area, which can be distinguished from angina pectoris by the fact that they are longer (several days, weeks). With a drug called “Nitroglycerin,” such pain is not relieved, whereas taking such a drug as “Validol” can alleviate the condition.

The IRR is not a disease, but a complex of symptoms indicating a disturbance in the activity of the central and peripheral parts of the vegetative system.

Vegetative dystonia is divided into several types:

  • Hypertonic is caused by hypertension, there may be unpleasant sensations in the heart, tachycardia. People with this type are subject to panic attacks.
  • Hypotonic is characterized by reduced pressure, dizziness, weakness, headaches.
  • The mixed type includes the symptoms of the other two types and is most common.

The presence of vegetovascular disorders is not dangerous for life, but they can aggravate the course of existing diseases, as well as, along with other unfavorable factors, contribute to the development of such illnesses as bronchial asthma, arterial hypertension, ulcer (in the presence of irritable bowel syndrome - IBS), coronary heart disease.

Physical manifestations of psychological problems

In Russia, people are not used to go to doctors for every reason, few of us have a family doctor or personal psychologist. One financial position does not allow, the other - a frantic pace of life. Many people think that going to a psychologist is a waste of time. Constantly pursuing the question: if there is a panic attack, how to fight? Independently it is not always possible to cope, this should be remembered.

The habit of solving all problems alone often leads to a worsening of the situation and can lead to a sad outcome. There may be daily panic attacks. How to deal independently with them when there is no strength? You must ask for help from relatives who will try to understand and support. When relatives are powerless - there is no need to waste time, you should immediately contact a specialist. There is nothing wrong with that. A visit to a psychotherapist in no way suggests that a person is mentally ill, there are simply difficulties that each of us periodically experiences. For the most part we are talking about depression, which can accompany many diseases and a condition such as VVD, with panic attacks.

Can I cope with panic attacks myself? Opinion of experts on this subject

Panic attacks are accompanied by phobias: fear of suffocating, choking, dying, falling ill with an incurable illness. And the person will worry about parents, children, people dear to him.

Anything can become a trigger for a PA: psychological fatigue, stress, such factors as an accident, being in a close, stuffy bus, illness or the death of a loved one. At one of these moments, you can experience the first PA. Then they begin to repeat every day, usually in the evening. When a panic engulfs a person (whatever he does) every day, for example, at exactly 18.00, at the subconscious level, he begins to wait, worry, worry, which further aggravates the situation.

During the PA, the body is under severe stress, after which a person may feel completely exhausted.

On the other hand, knowing the exact time of the onset of the PA, you can prepare yourself morally, take all the necessary measures. The time has come: panic attacks. How to fight? Kurpatov, a well-known psychotherapist, suggests looking at all this from the other side. His books are written in simple, understandable language. People with PA should read the "remedy for the IRR."

Dr. Kurpatov says that the main thing for such people is to realize that they will not die from the PA. He gives a kind of, but very useful advice, which sounds like this: "When it seems to you that you are about to die, lie down and die." It is impossible to die naturally, and the understanding of this has a good psychotherapeutic effect.

Panic attacks: how to fight. Reviews VSDshnikov

Patients suffering from panic attacks are routinely prescribed sedatives, tranquilizers, blockers. And also prescribe a massage, exercise therapy. It is necessary to figure out whether such methods will allow the PA to win.

Judging by the reviews of patients, exercise therapy and massage have a positive effect, but sedatives are not always. Often, they want to sleep, and they do not stop attacks.

Массаж помогает расслабиться, улучшает кровообращение. Чем же так полезен спорт? Дело в том, что ПА начинается из-за неконтролируемого выброса адреналина в кровь. В норме этот процесс должен происходить, когда человек находится в экстремальной ситуации, а не сидит спокойно в кресле. Если известно время начала панической атаки, можно заняться физическими нагрузками. It does not hurt jogging in the fresh air or exercise at home on the simulator. This is a very effective method that will help stop the attack, because the adrenaline will be much to go.

Panic Attack Treatments

The hospital will not put if tormented by panic attacks. How to deal with seizures at home? There are several ways:

  • drug treatment,
  • self-massage and sports,
  • good rest (try not to overstrain physically and morally),

  • communicating with people suffering from the same problem
  • self relaxation,
  • douche (very good for strengthening the vessels),
  • treatment of the underlying disease, if any.

You can also visit the medical facility for certain procedures, such as:

  • hypnosis,
  • acupuncture,
  • professional massage.

Rest is very important, communication with people is useful. If possible, you should go to the sea or to the sanatorium.

Drugs used in panic attacks

The next question that should be addressed in the topic "Panic attacks, how to fight," drugs used for PA. Drug treatment includes the following groups of drugs:

  • sedatives (tinctures of valerian and motherwort, means "Validol", "Corvalol", "Novo-Passit"),
  • tranquilizers ("Relium", "Elenium", "Librium" drugs),
  • adrenergic blockers (beta-blockers have the best effect, such as "Atenolol", "Anaprilin").

Folk remedies for the treatment of panic attacks

Now it is clear what panic attacks are, how to fight. Folk remedies that can offer to help in the fight against this disease? Since it is impossible to lie down or sit during a panic, and all attempts to distract yourself are in vain, you can resort to such methods:

  • Light physical exertion.
  • Keep your feet in a basin of hot water or pour cold and hot water on your knees alternately.
  • Breathing exercises (well helps breathing technique into a paper bag).
  • Write down everything that you feel; it will greatly help in understanding your fear, accepting it.
  • Drink a decoction of mint, chamomile or green tea.
  • You can try to make an infusion of the following herbs: take 4 parts of lemon balm, 3 parts of rue and 3 parts of thyme and mix thoroughly. 1 tbsp. l collection pour in a glass and pour cold water. Let stand for several hours, then drink during the day.

How to deal with a panic attack when not enough air

Consider the question: "Panic attacks, how to fight when there is not enough air?" Often during an attack, a feeling of suffocation appears: it is impossible to take a full breath (as you would like to yawn) - hyperventilation syndrome in the IRR. There is a fear of suffocating.

In this case, do the following:

  • constantly remind yourself that it is impossible to suffocate - the air enters in the required quantity,
  • breathe in a paper bag (plastic bottle, scarf),
  • drink some mint tea
  • rub the nasal sinuses with the usual “Asterisk” - this will calm, greatly facilitate breathing.

Is it possible to permanently get rid of panic attacks

You can permanently defeat panic attacks. How to fight on your own is what you need to understand to achieve this goal. Do not be upset, if not, this is not a matter of one day. Each, albeit a small victory will make a significant contribution to the fight against the PA.

It is necessary to learn self-control, understand that they do not die of PA, believe in it. And to make sure, you need to carefully understand the problem with the help of literature, to communicate with people who also suffer from panic attacks.