Has anyone cured much erosion without cauterization


Ectopia of the cervix, or erosion, is one of the most well-known gynecological conditions, which not only all women know, but also men have heard about. For our country, the discussion on the topic of “burning erosion before or after childbirth?” Is also relevant. Paradoxically, for the rest of the land, the question of the treatment of cervical erosion is long gone. Obstetrician-gynecologist Dmitry Lubnin tells about the most common errors in erosion treatment.

In western medicine there is only two indications for cauterization cervical erosion: a situation in which the surface erosion vessels cause contact bleeding (more simply, bleeding after intercourse) and the presence of excess daily mucous secretionswhich affect the quality of life of a woman (in such cases, patients complain that they go all the time "wet", even the daily installation is not enough). All, in all other cases, cervical erosion in the West is not treated.

What is cervical erosion

Erosion, or more correctly speak cervical ectopia, in fact, is physiological phenomenon, the stage of maturation of the cervix. The cylindrical epithelium lining its canal contains many glands, which must secrete mucus into the lumen of the canal, creating a “filter plug” on the way to the uterine cavity.

This plug protects the sterile cavity from the penetration of pathogenic microorganisms into it, and also participates in the transport of spermatozoa during the period of ovulation. In the process of maturation in young girls, this epithelium extends beyond the canal to the outside and is located on the surface of the cervix as a cuff on the neck of a turtleneck.

Gradually, stratified squamous epithelium (your epithelium is lined with your vagina, lips, inner surface of the mouth) grows into a cylindrical one, displacing the border between them directly to the canal entrance, and ideally the cylindrical epithelium should line only the cervical canal.

The ideal situation does not always occur, and the process of growth of one epithelium on another can take a long time, go unevenly, and the boundary between these two epithelium often resembles a surf line. This process can be slowed down by the inflammatory process, as well as the use of contraceptives, but sooner or later it will end, and it is not necessary to help.

As noted above, superficial vessels or an excessive amount of mucus-secreting glands rarely appear in the cylindrical epithelium located outside the cervix, and only this circumstance requires cauterization regardless of whether you gave birth or not. Modern methods of cauterization of erosion are very sparing, and therefore do not affect the elasticity of the cervix and its ability to stretch in childbirth.

In our country, quite often, cervical erosion is cauterized only by the fact of its existence, intimidating with horrible consequences, or rather, “cervical cancer”. But, if you look, not everything is so scary.

Prevention of cervical cancer: what tests to take

The most important study to diagnose the condition of the cervix - cytological smear. According to its results, it is possible to determine whether there is erosion on the cervix or not - in the presence of erosion, the value of this analysis will increase slightly. Cytological examination is carried out annually to all women in Europe and America, for which a special distribution of letters of invitation is made to come to the clinic. This approach allows not to miss the beginning of changes in the cells of the cervix of the uterus, going in the direction of a malignant disease.

The fact is that cervical cancer is preceded by three reversible stages at which it is possible to slow down the process in time and prevent the development of the cancer itself. Since we do not have such a system, patients need to rely on themselves and not to forget to take a cytological smear annually.

I want to note that for screening for cervical cancer is not performed research for the presence of human papillomavirus oncogenic types, as it is considered impractical. Infection with this virus does not mean that the cells of the cervix will undergo bad changes - the probability of this is extremely small. In the vast majority of women, the virus is suppressed by the immune system until the age of 30, leaving no traces in the body. In our country, on the contrary, the first place put the study on HPV, rather than a cytological smear and offer treatment for this virus.

Such an approach is fundamentally wrong, frighteningly illiterate and in many ways harmful, because in addition to prescribing unnecessary expensive treatment, the patient receives a significant emotional shock associated with the fear of oncology and the feeling of her "infectiousness and danger to her partner."

Since the treatment does not have any effect on the human papillomavirus, control tests often reveal its presence again, which causes even more depression for the woman. In my practice, I often meet such tortured patients with hopelessness in their eyes, and it is quite difficult for me to dissuade them, that all this treatment was unnecessary, the virus is not dangerous for her or for her partner, and since her cytological smear is normal, nothing extra to do.

The only important additional study is colposcopy - examination of the cervix under a microscope using two colors. This method allows you to supplement the data of a cytological smear and is mandatory when deviations are detected. Colposcopy is a completely painless method.

If you want the cytological examination to be the most informative and accurate, do the analysis not using the usual cytology method (the material is applied with a brush on a glass slide), and the liquid cells from the cervix are picked up with a special brush, the head of which is disconnected with the material and immersed in a special container .

This method has several advantages:

  • All collected cells are available for examination by a cytologist, as they are washed, grouped and applied on the glass in one layer,
  • from the container in which there was material, it is possible to make, if necessary, refining analyzes (without re-sampling the analysis), allowing to assess the severity of the identified changes and make a forecast.

Such an analysis is more expensive, but its information content and accuracy are worth it.

Natalia Andrushko

Psychologist, Ecophacilitator, Supervisor Mediator. Specialist from the website

Everyone is cauterized and everything is fine

Reply to the topic - no

Everyone is cauterized and everything is fine
Firstly, it is not advisable to cauterize birthless ones, since a scar during childbirth can break or prevent a child from getting out, secondly przhiganiye is an old method, now they are frozen, they are treated with a laser, or medications

damn, that for cauterization, the radio wave method needs to be cleaned — non-traumatic and effective (especially with a large lesion area, sometimes cryo is small (nitrogen freeze is removed), I got pregnant second after the operation after 1.5 months, gave birth to the third safely, with erosion you can give birth, but there is a risk of infection and miscarriage (I had a miscarriage against the background of untreated erosion after 1 - ***** birth)

I did not burn, before I was afraid of the first one, too, for childbirth, during birth the erosion broke, scared all doctors with bleeding. The difference between children is 8 years, the erosion has become much less, t ***** was extensive, but shallow and healed, they didn’t particularly insist on cauterization, but the tissue samples were taken 4 times, they were afraid not to turn into oncology. And finally, after 2 births, I found a good gynecologist in a sanatorium, she cured erosion for me completely after 3 courses and endometriosis started at the same time, with tampons, washing with mineral water (you lie cool, and you are washed with mineral water for 20 minutes). But it is dangerous to walk with erosion, now I would rather burn it.

damn, that for cauterization, the radio wave method needs to be cleaned — non-traumatic and effective (especially with a large lesion area, sometimes cryo is small (nitrogen freeze is removed), I got pregnant second after the operation after 1.5 months, gave birth to the third safely, with erosion you can give birth, but there is a risk of infection and miscarriage (I had a miscarriage against the background of untreated erosion after 1 - ***** birth)

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After childbirth, the times are not the same: I will not drink mulled wine, and I get lazy for cooking, and there is no erosion.

Well, it came to me on the topic “what are you listening to of these students?”, put ayvite cake, a sorbifer cake, a bag of walnuts and an almond bag. Well, I was sitting and popping walnuts in a vise and sticking with the whole set while he was putting out the pork and preparing the hodgepodge team, I don’t remember exactly how many days. I also had mulled wine with natural lime periodically. "Jehovah Almighty gave us samtsov so as not to change them with gynecological mirror "(C) Naturally, I do not remember the monthly menu by heart, well, there is blue borsch with egg, cabbage nettle with egg, kharcho, chop on edge, fried eggplant with round tops, Russian salad with ham. he certainly didn’t cook a lot of cottage cheese himself, he forced the farm cottage cheese with jam to mix, had))) After the birth, the times are not the same: I don’t drink mulled wine, and I get lazy for cooking, and there is no erosion.

the author, what a hem are you talking about? m laser will be a scar. I gave birth and all the rules. it is necessary to cure everything before pregnancy, doctor

Damn, the author of the 21st century in the yard. The old method does not give birth to cauterization is impossible, but now there are modern technologies. Correctly already wrote about the device surgetron (treatment of erosion by radio waves). I was treated to erosion quickly, almost painlessly. I'm not giving birth. No traces left. My friend also did before the first pregnancy. Then she became pregnant and gave birth naturally. At least on the Internet polazili esteemed, but it was not rested. Dark Forest I swear.

Dr. Myasnikov said that cauterization-wildness

The author, I treated erosion treatment Solkovagin. This is a foreign drug that acts selectively on the affected cells, not touching healthy ones. In a few tricks, I was subjected to colposcopy in order to reveal the localization of erosion, then treated with Solkovagin. All treatment cost about 15,000 rubles. in a private clinic, it was 3 g ago. Erosion was big and old, and it also began to grow overgrown. I also wanted to give birth to a child and was looking for the most benign method of treatment. Everything went perfectly, gave birth to a second daughter 7 months ago without a single incision / tear, very easily.

I have twice treated the erosion with radio waves, it seems, and after already gave birth to two and everything is OK! how can you walk 7. years with erosion! nightmare.

I also have an old erosion, gave birth to her already and at the last appointment the doctor said, they cleaned her before all, but now they don’t do that. She said, you can do nothing, just take an analysis every six months for bad cells (I forgot the name).

I plan to cauterize, but I have two births.

Given that erosion causes some discomfort, it must be removed. After cauterization (liquid nitrogen, for example), a crust is formed, as on a wound, which heals and exfoliates, leaving the body naturally. After the neck is clean, without erosion and scarring.

My friend cured erosion with swabs dipped in her own urine. I do not know the size of erosion. the doctor was surprised that everything had passed, but she didn’t tell her how she was treated.

Just do not laugh. A friend cured a simple sea buckthorn (but without sex life).

One gynecologist told me that there is nothing terrible, and another that it is necessary to cauterize it. I did not give birth. Of course, 7 years is quite a long time, but if it does not cause discomfort (there is no pain after sex and blood or any discharge), then I can not be treated with such “surgical” methods, I think. Try folk recipes

Dr. Myasnikov said that cauterization-wildness

and what a bag of nuts consumed straight?

I am 29, about 7 years ago, the gynecologist discovered erosion in me and immediately wanted to burn it, and so far when I come to her appointment, she immediately swears, saying that you don’t cauterize! But I refuse, because I know that it is impossible to cauterize those who have given birth! I asked her for another treatment, for example, colpocide, but she says that it is only necessary to cauterize erosion the size of a five-ruble coin! Girls, maybe who cured a large erosion kolpocidom or something like that ?? And who prior to childbirth burned, how did they give birth to the firstborn?

Yasha, beautifully treated erosion sea buckthorn oil))))))

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Essence of pathology

Modern medicine calls the disease in question cervical ectopia - damage to the epithelial layer or violation of the integrity of the vaginal area.

Until recently, such a diagnosis was considered a dangerous pathology and was considered the forerunner of oncology. Today, expert opinion has changed.

Symptomatic manifestations

link_webnavoz] Symptoms of the disease [/ link_webnavoz] are:

  • vaginal discharge with a fetid odor,
  • pain in the abdomen,
  • disruptions in the regularity of menstruation,
  • a large number of whiter.

In the later stages of the discharge become thicker, they can detect bloody layers and pus..

Erosion is often provoked by hormonal disorders that occur during:

  • pregnancy
  • severe delivery,
  • endocrine system malfunction
  • overweight
  • injury to the cervical mucosa.

Violation of microflora can be caused by chlamydia, ureplazma and other sexually transmitted infections.. The inflammatory process starts, and the mucous membrane is injured, which causes erosion.

Provoking factors can be:

  • early sex,
  • improper treatment of gynecological pathologies,
  • weakening the immune defense
  • abortion,
  • lack of sexual relations
  • heredity.

Types and sizes

Ectopia is divided into the following varieties.:

  1. Congenital - its detection often occurs during adolescence. Able to disappear on their own. The percentage of malignancy is very small.
  2. The true - Has a size of about 1 cm. 12-15 days after the onset, it is transformed into an ectopia. The risk of rebirth in a malignant tumor is quite low.
  3. Pseudo-erosion - the most common species. Characterized by the transformation of stratified squamous epithelium into cylindrical. Ectopia in women rarely passes without treatment.

If found in patient HPV high oncogenicity, the risk of malignancy increases significantly.

Can it be cured with drugs?

In order to determine the possibility of conservative treatment, it is necessary to take into account a number of conditions.:

  • size of the lesion - drug therapy is possible with a small erosion - up to 2 cm,
  • general condition of the body - non-surgical treatment involves the administration of various types of medications: immunomodulators, hormones, and means for fighting infections.

In which case can not do without cauterization?

Pathology has no obvious symptoms, but cervical cancer is a dangerous reincarnation. Doctors tend to argue that this is a precancerous condition..

Ectropion is a complication of ectopia. Pathology is characterized by the formation of cicatricial deformity as well as pseudo-erosion.. It is found in conjunction with endometritis, cervicitis, endocervicitis.


Tablets are recommended at the initial stages of the disease, as well as in combination with other methods of treatment.

To restore the body’s immune defense, restore metabolic processes and eliminate infections, it is prescribed:

  1. Acyclovir. Well helps with herpes. The recommended dose is 3 times a day.
  2. Immunal. Restores the protective functions of the body. Accept from 7 days or more.
  3. Famvir. Helps to win against herpes infection and restore immunity.
  4. Polyoxidonium. The drug has a quick effect. In addition to restoring immunity, it removes harmful bacteria and contributes to the activation of metabolic processes.
  5. Fluconazole. Assign against fungus and other infections.

Candles - the best treatment. They are introduced vaginally 1-2 times a day. During the period of therapy is not recommended alcohol consumption and sex.

Most Popular Candles:

  1. Depantol. Promotes regeneration, has antibacterial properties. Suppositories are prescribed for the treatment of true erosion or in the postoperative period after cauterization. Duration of application is 1-3 weeks.
  2. Hexion. The tool has clear antiseptic properties, contributing to the restoration of the natural microflora of the vagina. Candles are absolutely safe, but not recommended for dermatitis and allergic reactions to their constituents. The course is 1-3 weeks twice a day.
  3. Betadine. Destroys microbes in the vagina. Burning and uncomfortable sensations are possible in the beginning, but later it will pass.
  4. Genferon. The tool has a complex effect - destroys the bacterial microflora, strengthens the immune defense, stabilizes the membrane. Course - 1 week - 3 months. It is prescribed not only for erosion, but also for other diseases of viral and venereal etiology.
  5. Terzhinan. Contributes to the destruction of pathogenic microorganisms, contributes to the removal of inflammation. Also, the means for uterine erosion prevents the spread of the fungus to healthy areas of the body.
  6. Sea buckthorn candles. A common treatment method, is distinguished by its safety. These suppositories have no contraindications for use, except for allergic reactions to the components, they are prescribed both during the gestation period and during breastfeeding. Composed of fatty acids, vitamins and sea buckthorn oil, the remedy promotes the healing of ulcers and the elimination of inflammation. Admission is usually limited to 2 weeks.

Solutions and ointments

In addition to tablets and suppositories, solutions and ointments are recommended.:

  1. Solkovagin - a solution that cauterizes the site with erosion. The procedure is performed only by a specialist. The doctor removes mucus, treats with acetic acid, and swabs Solkovagin on the affected area.
  2. Levomekol. It has regenerating properties. The tool is applied to a cotton swab and laid in the uterus for the night. The course of therapy involves the use of funds for 14 days. Important: Levomicol has side effects.
  3. Virolex. It is an analogue of acyclovir. Contributes to the suppression of viruses. The course is 7-12 days.
  4. Alpizarin with Gossipol. The complex destroys fungi, chlamydia and viruses.

Solcoseryl and Methyluracil are recommended to restore the sensitive tissue structure..

Folk treatment

Folk remedies are popular because of ease of preparation and efficiency. However, experts are prone to the fact that such therapy is applicable only as an addition to drug treatment.

The most effective tampons:

  1. Sea buckthorn oilhas established itself as a very effective means. The tampon can be bought or made of cotton wool by yourself. It is dipped in oil, then placed in the vagina overnight. In the morning, remove the swab and discard it. The course of treatment is 12 days.
  2. Flax seeds. A tablespoon of seed is poured with a glass of water and cooked in a water bath until thick. You should dip the swab in the broth and lay in the vagina at night. This therapy begins after the end of menstruation and lasts 2 weeks.
  3. Pumpkin pulp. It is necessary to squeeze juice from it and soak a tampon. Used as in the previous case overnight for 10 days
  4. Mumiyo. 5 g of the product is diluted in an incomplete glass of water. As in previous cases, the tampon is soaked and laid in the vagina at night. The course is 3 weeks, then a week - a break.
  5. Sea buckthorn oil with honey. The ingredients are mixed in equal shares. Tampons soaked with the tool, unlike the previous ones, are placed in the morning for the whole day. The course of use is 2 weeks.
  6. Honey, aloe juice and Kalanchoe. The ingredients are mixed in equal proportions. The course is 7-10 days.
  7. Onions with honey. The tool resembles a radish with cough honey, only in this case honey is laid in the hole. At this similarity ends, as the onion must be baked in the oven. In the resulting mixture, it is necessary to soak the tampon and lay on the night. The course of treatment is 10 days.


The most popular tools for douching:

  1. Calendula inflorescences. It is necessary to pour a tablespoon of flowers with a glass of water and boil for 15 minutes in a water bath. Broth is filtered, cooled. Such douching must continue for at least 3 weeks.
  2. Hypericum. As in the previous case, in the same proportions, the tool is prepared in a water bath. The course of douching solution 2-3 weeks.
  3. Oak bark. At 1 liter of water will need about 40 grams of bark. The mixture is set on fire and boiled for about 10 minutes. Then the tool should be drained and allowed to cool. Douching is carried out 2 times a day for 14 days.
  4. Sage. For 10 grams of raw materials you need a glass of boiling water. The tool should be insisted about 2 hours, drain. douching procedure is carried out in the same way as in the previous case.
  5. Alcohol tincture of propolis. In a glass of water, add 5 ml of tincture. Douching is carried out for 2 weeks, followed by a week break. If necessary, the course is repeated.

Broths for use inside

By such means can be attributed:

  1. Bergenia extract. 30 g of ground root is poured with a glass of water and evaporated over low heat to 100 ml. The tool is used in 1 tbsp. spoon before each meal.
  2. Peony tincture. 30 g of dried inflorescences poured 1/2 bottle of vodka. The tool should be kept in a dark place at room temperature for a month. Take it to 1 tablespoon 3 times a day before meals for a month.
  3. Tui shoots. 5 g of young shoots pour a glass of boiling water. When cool, it is ready to use. The course of treatment is 3 weeks, 1 teaspoon before meals.

Any folk remedy must be agreed with the doctor.

How to cure uterinee?

For nullite women cauterization is highly undesirable, the following treatment methods:

  1. Laser coagulation. This treatment is based on the use of a laser beam.
  2. Radio wave treatment. To do this, use a special apparatus - "Surgitron." The method is prohibited for people suffering from heart failure or abnormalities of the reproductive organs in the acute stage.
  3. Chemical exposure. In this case, drugs are used, having in the composition of the acid. Means of this group have a selective effect on the cylindrical epithelium, the reception of healthy tissues is not affected. This method is characterized by rapid healing of the damaged surface without the formation of scars.
  4. Douching. One of the most effective methods. This was written above. Is carried out using a syringe or a regular enema of the desired size.
  5. Tamponation. This was also written above, the only thing you should pay attention to is an allergic reaction to the components of the product. Before the introduction of the tampon is desirable to hold douching.


On the cervix there are no nerve endings. For this reason, the disease proceeds without symptoms. Identify it can only be a gynecological examination using mirrors. Before starting treatment, a woman is examined, as therapy without identifying the causes is useless and ineffective. It is necessary to eliminate all associated deviations and diseases.

In almost 80% of cases, erosion is accompanied by inflammation and hormonal disorders that cause pain, atypical discharge, failure in the menstrual cycle. There is a risk of transformation of benign erosion into a malignant tumor.

In order to exclude serious pathologies of the uterine cavity (oncology, dysplasia, etc.), the patient is prescribed colposcopy, bacpericulture, smear cytology, PCR analysis, which reveals genital infections, and general smear. After studying the results of the examination, the gynecologist draws up a treatment plan and makes the necessary appointments.

Erosion can be cured without cauterization. Operational techniques do not always eliminate the defect of the mucosal area that has been changed. Often relapses occur. In addition, there are contraindications, for example, cauterization is not used for the treatment of erosion of birthless and pregnant women.

Treatment methods

If no serious abnormalities are found during the examination, the patient will not be treated with cauterization. In such cases, doctors usually prescribe a phased conservative therapy. It includes:

  1. Antimicrobial methods. This is a course with the use of antiviral, antibacterial, antifungal drugs. The duration of treatment with vaginal suppositories is 2 weeks with daily administration. Patients are often prescribed Hexicon, Betadine, Polygynax, Terzhinan. After taking these drugs, erosion will not immediately disappear. Candles relieve inflammation and improve the condition of the microflora.
  2. Healing means. If a woman does not have precancerous changes and vaginal inflammation, doctors recommend restorative therapy using such means as Depantol and Methyluracil.
  3. Medical drugs used in conservative treatment contribute to the death of damaged epithelial cells and stimulate an increase in the growth of new ones. For these purposes, use the tool Solkovagin and Vagotila.

The smaller the erosive spot, the faster and more effective the treatment will be. The priority of doctors is always on the side of conservative methods, but with the appearance of pathological growths and any neoplasms against the background of erosive damage, non-surgical therapy is contraindicated.

Decoctions for internal use

Broths for oral administration help to recover and strengthen immunity faster. Homemade medicines made according to popular recipes with the use of medicinal herbs, have antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effects. For the preparation of tinctures and decoctions use:

  • St. John's wort
  • morning flowers,
  • fresh nettle,
  • decoction of wormwood
  • aloe,
  • yarrow,
  • currant leaves,
  • lemongrass

There are a lot of home decoction methods. Some cook in a water bath, others require boiling, others simply insist in warm water. The use of recipes and receiving decoctions require caution.

Do not forget about allergic reactions and complications of overdose. Answers to all questions on the use of folk remedies can be obtained from doctors.

Surgical methods

Conservative therapy for cervical erosion lasts 2-3 weeks. If there is no result, they resort to surgery. There are a lot of methods, the difference between them is only in the way of influence on the part of the cervix affected by erosion. Among the popular surgical techniques can be identified:

  • cryotherapy using liquid nitrogen,
  • diathermocoagulation (cauterization with high-frequency current),
  • radiowave treatment
  • laser marking (laser radiation),
  • Ultrasound destruction (exposure to ultrasound),
  • chemical coagulation using concentrated acid.

Symptomatic erosion, accompanied by inflammatory processes, as well as late stages of the disease require urgent surgical treatment.

The ability to cure without surgery

It is possible to cure erosion without cauterization, but not only in critical cases and if there are alternative options. Cauterization injures the cervix and cervical canal. This can lead to complications during childbirth. Knowing the consequences, gynecologists try to use more benign methods.

Without surgery, acquired benign erosion and pseudo-erosion of small size are treated. Congenital form of the disease is not treated. Experts simply monitor the course of the disease. With a stable hormonal background and the maturation of the epithelium, erosion passes by itself. However, the risk of developing a rebirth of a harmless sore to a malignant tumor always remains. If the doctor insists on surgery, you should follow his recommendations.

Preventive measures

Prevention of cervical erosion consists of simple rules. One of the main things is regular visits to the gynecologist. Do not wait for the emergence of anxiety symptoms, deterioration of health and unusual discharge. Even if nothing bothers you, periodically pass inspection.

To prevent erosion, it is very important to monitor personal hygiene. Mandatory daily shower and washing-up procedures, clean linen, the use of safe hygiene products. Control your diet, observe the daily regimen and protect yourself from stressful states.

Cauterization erosion current. MYTHS about erosion. Is it possible to do without cauterization. Treatment of erosion folk remedies.

Today I will touch upon a common female problem - cervical erosion, which occurs sooner or later in almost every woman.

  • What is erosion. Causes of erosion.

Erosion - it is the change of cells and mucous tissues of the cervix to the cylindrical epithelium. Outwardly, erosion is like an ulcer.

The epithelium may change under mechanical stress (with sex), with hormonal disorders, in the presence of infections in the gynecological field.

Often, erosion occurs after birth injury to the cervix and hormonal subsequent body remodeling.

In any case, erosion requires treatment., leave it on the neck is extremely dangerous. The presence of abnormal cells and factors contributing to the development of infection is the risk of further development of the disease and its transition to a more severe stage - precancerous (cervical dysplasia) and cervical cancer.

  • Now I will tell my story of the appearance and treatment of erosion.

I eroded 2 years before birth. Since I had a congenital feature in the structure of the vagina, until the age of 20 I never examined the gynecologist, and it was simply impossible to identify the presence or absence of any pathologies. After removing this feature, I immediately took a lot of smears and found endocervicitis - cervical inflammation + colpitis.

Due to problems with ovulation, I had taken hormonal contraceptives a few months before.

Thus, for the occurrence of cervical erosion, I had all the possible reasons for this: a decrease in immunity, hormonal changes, and an inflammatory process. Therefore, some time after the treatment of the smear problems identified with oncocytology, this erosion was diagnosed in me. It must be said that I myself did not feel this erosion, and only occasionally after sexual intercourse were blood streaks in the discharge ("overdone" - I thought).

  • The treatment of erosion is not giving birth.

Since I was not giving birth, our village healers offered me conservative treatment of candles with sea buckthorn oil. Candles had to be inserted every day for the night after douche with chamomile for a month. Sex life for this period was banned.

A month later, at the reception, the complete uselessness of the course of treatment was found - erosion was in place.

For a while after that I waited, hoping that the effect would not manifest itself immediately. But six months later, at the next examination of the gynecologist, it was found that erosion increased in size. The next stage - the appointment candles with panthenol and candle Yodinol. All according to the old scheme, and the verdict - again to no avail.

Here I decided that it was enough to engage in nonsense, and since I had to be treated, then as it should be, either radio waves, or electricity, or nitrogen in some large city where civilized people live. But only after childbirth.

Six months after giving birth, a gynecologist made me happy at the examination: erosion spread all over the neck, leaving no healthy millimeter. There was nowhere to postpone the treatment. And it went.

  1. Smear on the flora. Detects the presence of a possible inflammatory process in the vagina.
  2. Cervical smear oncocytology. Detects cancer or altered (cylindrical) cells.
  3. Colposcopy - examination of the affected cervical area with a special device similar to a microscope. The neck is pretreated with iodine solution (healthy tissues change color, which allows you to clearly see the boundaries of erosion).
  4. Biopsy - taking on the study of the affected tissue. But I did not do that (village, what can I say).

In order to conduct cauterization of erosion, it is necessary to treat any inflammatory process in the pelvis, whether adnexitis, vaginitis, thrush or any infection.

A smear on the flora revealed inflammation (an increase in the number of leukocytes) both on the neck and in the vagina, as before. I have chronic inflammation, treatment lasts for a month or two, and then it arises again. Why - no one knows.

Therefore, in the first place I was prescribed antibiotic therapy. candles Hexicon (in the vagina) and Genferon (in the rectum). Two weeks after the control smear, which was in perfect order, I underwent a colposcopy, took a smear on cytology, and already 100% convinced that there was a huge erosion, the doctor decided to burn it to me by current.

On the day of cautery, they gave me a recommendation to spend at home. douching ordinary boiled water to remove any discharge.

Moxibustion was done to me immediately after menstruationso that later no secretions interfere with the healing of tissues, which lasts about a month.

The procedure is carried out in the same cabinet of a gynecologist with a special apparatus. A dilator is inserted, light is directed to the neck, the neck is wetted to remove moisture, and a current is applied to the unhealthy epithelium that burns the affected cells. It lasts all minutes 2-3 from strength.

Since I had a lot of erosion, in places I had quite unpleasant feelings and I even twitched. But in general, I felt almost nothing, and the painful sensitivity manifested itself only on the border with healthy tissues, when the current slightly touched them. However, I felt the smell of roast meat throughout the procedure.

  • Recovery period.

Immediately after the procedure at home, my stomach was a little under the belly, as in menstruation. A few days after cauterization, there was a completely liquid discharge, similar to water. There was no blood discharge at all.

A month later, you can resume sex life. After the monthly examination, the doctor said that the erosion healed well, the neck is healthy. I hear these words at every examination at different gynecologists in different cities until now. Due to the state of the neck, it is difficult to understand that at one time it was completely affected by erosion.

1) It is necessary to cauterize erosion only after the childbirth, otherwise the neck simply will not be revealed during the childbirth Yes and no. Some methods (including the current) can leave scars on the neck, which will make it difficult to open it during labor. However, there are more modern methods (radio waves) that allow you to cauterize the neck of women who have not given birth without any consequences.

2) Erosion is the entrance gate for cervical cancer.

YES! It's true. Because in the presence of infections (and especially human papillomavirus of high oncogenic risk 16,18 and other types), erosion can develop into precancerous dysplasia and cancer. Treat and treat only! I do not understand why many in the presence of even a small erosion think that it can disappear over time and do not go to the doctor for treatment. This is an unreasonable risk.

3) Erosion can be cured by folk remedies.. Bullshit. I learned from my own experience that she wasn’t treated by anything popular. The only thing that can help the same candles with sea buckthorn or panthenol - is to help the healing already AFTER surgical treatment. As an independent means they are powerless.

The procedure should be carried out by an experienced doctor whom you trust. If you miss at least a tiny portion of the modified tissue, then erosion can again grow.

Mesotherapy: heavy artillery against hair loss.

Is it possible not to burn ectopia?

The first thing you need to find out what kind of erosion. There are three of them, and each of them has its own symptoms, causes and types of treatment.

The shortest and least dangerous type of erosion is true. It appears as a wound or ulcer as a result of damage to the tissues of the cervical epithelium and heals fairly quickly. The treatment in this case is to promote tissue regeneration and prevent inflammation.

Congenital erosion or ectopia develops in girls already in the period of intrauterine development. The treatment is aimed at stopping the process of replacing some epithelial cells with others. This violation is considered temporary.

Acquired ectopia most often develops with infections, and if left untreated, extensive inflammation will occur. In this case, cauterization is also not used, since the disorder is amenable to medical treatment. Council: it is better to begin researches with a cytologic smear and a colposcopy.

Ointment "Levomekol"

The ointment has an antiseptic effect and practically has no contraindications.. It is placed on top of the tampon and inserted into the vagina at night. In the morning you need to remove the tampon and douche. Repeat for 2 weeks, then be sure to visit the gynecologist.

Malavit fluid

Suitable for douching and plugging. Preparing the solution in the proportion of 10 drops per cup of warm boiled water. Soaked in tampons injected into the vagina for 3-4 hours.

You can also perform douching twice a day. The course of treatment is 1 week. In case of allergic reactions, it is necessary to consult a doctor..

Tablets "Terzhinan"

Tablets "Terzhinan" with anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory action, do not violate the pH of the vagina. Before the introduction of the pill must hold a few seconds in warm boiled water., then enter as far as possible into the vagina and lie down for 15 minutes, until it dissolves. The course of treatment is 10 days.

Solution "Vagotil"

Solution "Vagotil" with a bactericidal and anti-inflammatory effect is used for douching in a dilution of 10-15 ml per liter of water. The procedure is carried out 3 times a week, the number of courses is up to 10. This medicine is contraindicated during pregnancy, breastfeeding, personal intolerance.

With the use of "Vagotyla" possible side reactions:

  • rash,
  • burning,
  • itch
  • swelling of the vagina and vulva
  • irritation,
  • foreign body sensation in the vagina.

If you feel unwell, you should immediately see a doctor or call an ambulance.

How to help yourself at home?

From home remedies well-proven sea buckthorn oil. This tool has long been known for its regenerating and antibacterial properties, as well as a beneficial effect on the female genital sphere. Special candles with sea buckthorn can be purchased at the pharmacy and put into the vagina one by one in the morning and evening. You can also add a few drops of oil in food. During the period of erosion treatment it is necessary to eat properly.

The diet should be supplemented with such products:

  • olives,
  • citrus,
  • orange and yellow vegetables,
  • walnuts and hazelnuts,
  • leafy greens
  • seafood,
  • asparagus,
  • veal liver,
  • Brewer's yeast,
  • cabbage,
  • lentils
  • celery,
  • bananas
  • garlic.

Folk remedies

  1. Pumpkin pulp stretch, wrap with a bandage, lubricate its surface with oil and introduce tampons into the vagina, changing them in 2-3 hours. Additionally, the use of pumpkin juice will not interfere.
  2. Chamomile tea 2 tbsp. per liter of water is prepared in a water bath, cooled, filtered and used for douching.
  3. A tablespoon of celandine herb brewed with two cups of boiling water, insist half an hour, filter and also used for douching.
  4. Ointment of propolis 10% soak a tampon, enter into the vagina and remove after 3 hours, then douching to clean the mucous membrane.
  5. Aloe juice and liquid honey in a 1: 1 ratio are mixed, a gauze pad is impregnated with this mixture and injected into the vagina overnight, removed in the morning and douching is performed.

  6. The grass boron uterus is widely used for the treatment of female diseases. 2 tablespoons of herbs pour 500 ml of water, bring to a boil and immediately remove from heat, the solution can be used topically and only during the day from the moment of preparation.
  7. 3-4 tablespoons of calendula flowers pour 2 cups boiling water, insist, strain and apply topically.

Solutions must be carefully filtered through several layers of bandage.

In which case it is necessary to cauterize?

Doctors recommend cauterization in the following cases.:

  • erosion has a large size
  • bleeding and soreness at the site of injury,
  • daily mucous discharge is excessive and worsens a woman’s quality of life,
  • conservative therapy has no effect or causes allergic reactions.

Types of cauterization are different for women who have given birth and who have not given birth. After examination with the help of mirrors, the doctor will select the best option for each patient.

Cure erosion of the cervix without cauterization is possible if the disease is at an early stage of development. In this case, local preparations and folk recipes will be effective. Do not self-medicate and experiment with your healthbecause the disease is not waiting. And of course, the prevention of the disease will cost in all senses much cheaper than treatment.

Vaginal candles

Suppositories for vaginal use, which are prescribed for erosions on the cervix have different properties:

  • regenerating,
  • anti-inflammatory,
  • antibacterial,
  • antifungal,
  • immunomodulatory.

Before treating cervical erosion without cauterization with vaginal suppositories, it is necessary to donate smears for the presence of co-infections.

Combined drug with immunomodulatory, antiviral and antimicrobial action.

  • interferon. Strengthens local and systemic immunity, kills bacteria and viruses,
  • taurine. Relieves inflammation, has a regenerating effect,
  • benzocaine. Anesthetic

Assign one candle inside the vagina twice a day course of ten days.

Suppositories for vaginal application based on immunoglobulin and interferon.

The drug has the following properties:

  • immunomodulatory,
  • antiviral,
  • anti-chlamydia,
  • antimicrobial.

Used in combination with other drugs for the treatment of cervical erosion without cauterization. The duration of the course - until complete healing of erosion.

Suppositories for vaginal use based on a complex of natural peptides and cytokines.

Possess the following properties:

  • stimulate the immune system
  • antimicrobial,
  • antiviral,
  • anti-inflammatory,
  • antitumor,
  • antioxidant,
  • stimulates regeneration.

Candles are prescribed in the first stage of cervical dysplasia with complications of viruses and bacteria, with oncogenic HPV types once a day for 10 days.

Erosion is translated as corrosive, that is, a violation of the integrity of the mucous membrane of the cervix, therefore, it is necessary to get rid of it with preparations with healing and regenerating actions. Combined suppositories Depantol possess anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and regenerating properties, contribute to the rapid healing of injuries in gynecology.

In the composition - two active substances:

  • chlorhexidine digluconate. Kills bacteria, yeast, fungi, protozoa,
  • dexpanthenol. Accelerates regeneration.

One candle is inserted into the vagina twice a day in a course of 7-10 days. With advanced forms of the disease, the course is extended to 20 days.

Immunomodulatory and antiviral suppositories based on interferon. Effective with cervical viruses, stimulate local and systemic immunity. Apply twice a day, 7-14 days.

Candles for rectal use, with antiviral, antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory activity. Used for the treatment of erosion on the cervix when attaching bacteria or viruses. The dosage regimen and the duration of therapy are set individually depending on the pathogen.

Chlorhexidine antiseptic preparation. Used for the treatment and prevention of sexually transmitted and inflammatory diseases in gynecology, before and after cauterization of the cervix. Inserted into the vagina twice a day from 10 to 14 days.


Combined suppositories for the prevention and treatment of bacterial and fungal diseases in gynecology. Assign when attaching to the erosion of bacterial and fungal complications, before and after cauterization of the cervix. The course of treatment for 12 days, one suppository for the night deep in the vagina.


Vaginal and rectal suppositories, which have the following properties:

  • anti-inflammatory,
  • immunomodulatory,
  • antioxidant,
  • detoxifying.

Assign with reduced immunity, when attaching a bacterial or viral infection, infection with HPV. The dosage regimen is determined by the attending physician.

Solutions for applications

In gynecology with erosion on the cervix using solutions with the following properties:

  • locally necrotizing,
  • regenerating
  • antibacterial,
  • anti-inflammatory.

Multicomponent oil solution that promotes rapid regeneration.

The drug includes:

  • tocopherol acetate,
  • beta carotene
  • menadione,
  • retinol.

For the procedure, the swab is moistened in the solution, injected deep into the vagina, pressing against the neck. The duration of therapy is 15 days.

Mardil zinc

Solution with mummifying and cauterizing action based on zinc compounds for the treatment of benign tissue lesions. The drug inflicts a gynecologist once on the affected areas, after cleaning the cavity of the cervix and vagina from mucus. Necrotic sites are independently rejected within 2-3 days. Full regeneration occurs in two weeks.


Mummifying solution for the treatment of benign changes in the cervix. The procedure is performed by a gynecologist with the help of a colposcope. One bottle is designed for two applications. After the procedure, conduct a checkup and in case of unsatisfactory results, repeat the treatment.

Is it possible to cure erosion without cauterization only with ointments - it is possible only in the early stages and in the absence of the Human Papilloma Virus, which is stopped only by antiviral and immunomodulators.

A tampon dipped in ointment is inserted into the vagina, tightly pressed to the neck. Means are used with antibacterial regenerating properties.

Means of natural origin in the form of ointment on the basis of recycled uterine liquor of Lake Pomorie Contains micro and macronutrients, kills microbes, reduces inflammation, accelerates regeneration.

For the treatment of erosion, a tampon dipped in ointment is inserted into the vagina overnight for ten days.

Aerosols and sprays

Means sprayed following the instructions, after clearing the cavity of the vagina and cervix from mucus and secretions. Preparations for treating the cervix in the form of aerosols are used with antiseptic, anti-inflammatory, regenerating, immunomodulating properties.

To cure erosion of the cervix only with aerosols and sprays is possible only in the early stages or in combination with other medicines.

Aerosol with antimicrobial and regenerating action.

The structure includes:

  • sea ​​buckthorn oil,
  • methyluracil,
  • sulfaethidol.

Before use, the balloon is shaken, sprayed onto the eroded neck for two seconds twice a day. Course duration from 8 to 30 days.

Epigen Intim Spray

Agent based on activated glycyrrhizic acid. Has an immunomodulatory and antiviral effect against herpes virus, HPV, cytomegalovirus.

When erosions on the cervix, complicated by viruses, especially HPV, is prescribed for:

  • relieve inflammation
  • pain relief
  • virus destruction
  • accelerate healing of the mucous.

The dosage regimen is determined by the attending physician individually.

Panavir Spray Intim

Herbal remedy based on potato shoots. Applied in gynecology when attaching viruses: herpes, cytomegalovirus, papillomavirus.

It has pharmacological and therapeutic effects:

  • immunomodulatory,
  • anti-inflammatory,
  • antiviral,
  • healing
  • anesthetic

Assign in the treatment of cervical erosion with immunomodulators for oral or in the form of injections.

Preparations for intravenous and intramuscular administration are prescribed to enhance local and systemic immunity, when a viral infection joins: herpes, cytomegalovirus, papillomavirus.

Means of plant origin on the basis of shoots of young potato tops. Assign in combination with antibiotics and other immunomodulators. The dosage regimen is determined by the attending physician.

Immunomodulator, which is prescribed for complications of cervical infection with viruses, fungi, bacteria. The drug stimulates regeneration, enhances the detoxification properties of the lymphatic system. The dosage regimen is determined by the doctor based on the test results and the severity of the disease.


When a bacterial infection is attached, antibiotics are prescribed: for oral administration, local remedies, injections. The choice of class of drugs depends on the pathogen, which is determined by laboratory.

The main active ingredients prescribed by doctors:

  • azithromycin
  • Amoxicillin
  • doxycycline,
  • levofloxacin,
  • metronidazole,
  • ofloxacin,
  • Ceftriaxone,
  • ciprofloxacin.

Antiviral and immunomodulators for oral administration

To cure cervical erosion without cauterization in case of viral, fungal and bacterial complications, immunomodulators and antivirals are prescribed both intravaginally and for oral administration.

Drugs to stimulate the immune system and antiviral for oral administration:

  • Acyclovir
  • Famvir,
  • Polyoxidonium,
  • Immunal,
  • Groprinosin,
  • Immunorix,
  • Imunofan
  • Izoprinozin.

The dosage regimen and the duration of therapy are determined by the doctor individually for each patient based on the severity of the disease.

Traditional medicine and herbal medicine

It is impossible to get rid of the erosion of the cervix of the uterus completely using traditional methods. Home methods may be present in the treatment only as an adjuvant therapy after consultation with the gynecologist.

Herbal therapy is acceptable in the absence of allergy, in the first stage of epithelial cell changes and with the permission of the doctor.

At home, your doctor will allow you to use herbal douches:

After cauterization of the erosion of the uterine cervix, bleeding can be observed, which can be cured both in a medicamental way (tablets and injections with a hemostatic effect) and folk remedies (shepherd's purse, tincture of water pepper).

Shepherd's bag infusion:

  1. Two tablespoons of herbs is poured with one glass of boiling water.
  2. Insist on a water bath for 15 minutes.
  3. Filter out.
  4. Bring to a volume of 200 ml with boiled water.
  5. Drink one tablespoon three times a day.

Infusion of water pepper drink 30 drops three times a day for half an hour before meals on a course of 5-10 days.

Hormone therapy

If changes in the epithelium on the cervix are caused by hormonal disruption, the doctor prescribes medications with hormones. The choice of drug is carried out after laboratory examination of blood, depending on the age of the patient and her generic history.

Medications with female hormones:

It is forbidden to choose medicines in this category without consulting a doctor and taking a test for hormones.

Prevention of cervical erosion

With the observance of the rules, it is possible to exclude this pathology and its degeneration into a malignant tumor:

  • regularly visit the gynecologist once a year,
  • timely treat diseases of the female reproductive system,
  • lead a healthy lifestyle,
  • eliminate promiscuous sex and use a condom to protect against diseases,
  • sexually transmitted
  • follow the rules of personal hygiene.

Cervical erosion can be cured both with medicines and surgical methods, it all depends on the stage of the pathology and associated diseases. The earlier a woman turns to a gynecologist, the higher the chance to avoid cauterization and the transformation of dysplasia into cancer. Regular check-ups with a doctor will help diagnose the disease in its early stages. The earlier the changes in the epithelium are revealed and the earlier the treatment has begun, the greater the chance of being cured completely in a short time.

Treatment regimen

Conservative treatment cervical erosion without cauterization usually include:

  • discontinuation of certain oral contraceptives. It is usually recommended to stop taking estrogen tablets and replace it with other forms of contraception in accordance with the preferences of the patient and the gynecologist's opinion.
  • When infectious and inflammatory diseases are detected, antibiotic treatment is prescribed.

Since this pathology is often associated with disorders in the human endocrine system, it is treated, including folk remedies.

Doctors approved by folk remedies

Cucurma. In this disease, doctors often advise taking turmeric, rich in curcumin. Polyphenol curcumin has anti-cancer properties and reduces inflammation associated with metaplasia.

Adding black pepper to the healing composition increases the bioavailability of turmeric. When treating metaplasia, you must add one tablespoon of turmeric with a pinch of black pepper to your food every day.

Green tea. Green tea contains polyphenols with antitumor properties, which prevents abnormal cell growth. During treatment, you need to drink 1-2 cups of green tea every day.

Astragalus Roots. Astragalus roots have anti-cancer properties and help the body's immune system. You can take 1 tbsp. Astragalus powder or a cup of astragalus tea every day.

Basil. Basil is a natural antibiotic for viral and bacterial infections. Basil relieves inflammation and also stabilizes the work of the female urinary systems. It is necessary to take medicinal decoction of basil twice a day.

Natural honey and sea buckthorn oil. For treatment with these agents, a tampon is made from a regular bandage, the tampon is moistened with honey or butter and inserted into the vagina for a while.

Folk method of treatment of cervical erosion - sea buckthorn tampons:

Tincture red brush. This plant has very strong pharmacological properties. It is used together with a tampon soaked in this tincture.

Traditional medicine

Neotrizol vaginal tablets. Apply for eight days. Along with Neotrizol tablets, Pantestin ointment is also recommended for use.

The ointment should be applied on a regular tampon and placed in the vagina for 8 hours.

Candles Depantol. Candles are applied for ten days, one in the morning and one in the evening. Colpocid can also help in the form of ointment or candles.

For the treatment of diseases associated with changes in cellular tissues in the body, useful to drink two glasses of carrots and beet juice twice a day.

Before using these tools, you should consult with your doctor. All natural products used intravaginally need apply before the start of the menstrual cycle.

Reception of treating means is desirable for spending at least one month and then to pass repeated inspection at the doctor.

  • medications, including candles,
  • using cryodestruction,
  • radio waves
  • by laser
  • electric current.

When not to do without surgery

Need to know that true erosion of the uterine cervix is ​​not treated with cauterybecause it is associated with the destruction of flat epithelium, is located in sections, and proceeds in the acute stage.

False erosion must be treated with cauterization., if the process of cell degeneration contributes to the maintenance of an ongoing infection, or if the cells degenerate into second or third degree dysplasia, which threatens to develop into cancer cells.

In these cases, cauterization aims to remove all areas of the cylindrical epithelium in the cervix.

Additional studies are performed before cauterization. the presence of contraindications for surgery - the presence of infectious-inflammatory processes in the area of ​​urinary organs, hormonal imbalance and the presence of cancer problems.

In this disease, the disorders associated with it are usually treated with conservative methods. And only if there are certain indications, the area of ​​tissue changes is cauterized.

If not eliminate the cause of the disease, cauterization can be effective only for a certain time, and further relapses of the disease are possible.

After cauterization and taking the necessary medical measures recommended by the doctor, pregnancy is possible.

How to cure cervical erosion?

What is cervical erosion?

Cervical erosion is a defect in the mucous membrane of the cervix. Erosion is one of the most common gynecological diseases.. Thousands of women face this problem every year.

What is erosion of the cervix, from what arises and how to treat it?

For a better understanding of the cause and mechanism of cervical erosion, let us consider the structural features of the cervix and its changes during the menstrual cycle.

Normal structure of the cervix

The uterus is a hollow organ, the bulk of which is muscle tissue. From the inside, this organ is lined with endometrium, a special tissue that can easily change and help the fertilized cell to develop. In its form, the uterus resembles an inverted pear.

Between the body of the uterus and the vagina is the cervix - the channel that connects these two organs. Inside the cervix is ​​lined with a special tissue - a cylindrical epithelium, the cells of which are densely adjacent to each other and are located only in one layer.

Its outer part, going into the lumen of the vagina, is covered with multi-layered epithelium, the cells of which form numerous layers.

It is of the same structure as the mucous membrane of the vagina and covers the neck to the edges of the external opening - the external os of the cervix. There it is connected with another type of epithelium - the cylindrical epithelium.

This epithelium covers the cervix from the inside of the canal leading to the uterine cavity.

Normally, the transition from one type of epithelium to another is carried out gradually. The cylindrical epithelium of the cervical canal secretes a special cervical mucus, which changes its protective properties under the action of ovarian hormones. By the middle of the menstrual cycle, cervical mucus contains the greatest amount of water, it becomes the least viscous and well-permeable to sperm.

What causes cervical erosion?

The trigger in the development of cervical erosion is most often an infection. Staphylococcus, streptococci, E. coli, enterococcus, as well as pathogens, which are classified as "hidden infections", sexually transmitted: mycoplasma, Gardnerella Ureaplasma, chlamydia.

Cervical microtraumas, cervical ruptures during labor, cervical trauma during medical abortion, as well as inflammatory diseases of the vagina and uterine appendages contribute to the infection of the cervix and erosion.

The local inflammatory process of the mucous membrane is accompanied by increased secretion, that is, the formation of whiter (discharge). This leads to additional irritation and disruption of the normal structure of the mucous membrane of the cervix.

The epithelium disappears, the surface of the mucous membrane becomes bare - erosion occurs. It bleeds easily and "perceives" the infection. At the same time, blood vessels are damaged, a woman can even complain of bleeding after sexual intercourse.

So there is true erosion. It has an irregular shape, bright red color and bleeds when touched. 1-2 weeks after the onset, the true erosion either disappears or goes into “cervical pseudo-erosion” and the defect of the stratified squamous epithelium is replaced by the cylindrical epithelium of the cervical canal.

When a gynecologist tells a woman that she has cervical erosion, it is usually not true erosion.. since there is true erosion for a short time (1-3 weeks) and the moment of its appearance it is almost impossible to catch, but about ectopia or pseudo-erosion.

Pseudoerosis refers to a pathological lesion of the cervical mucosa, in which the usual flat, multi-layered epithelium of the outer part of the cervix is ​​replaced by cylindrical cells from the cervical (cervical) canal.

No defect of the epithelium in this disease does not occur. A single-layer epithelium of the cervical canal enters the outer part of the cervix and enters a completely different “habitat”.

Under the influence of the acidic environment of the vagina and the moments listed below, the epithelial cells begin to grow more or less actively. In this way, progression of cervical erosion occurs.

Causes of cervical erosion:

  • genital infections, vaginal dysbiosis and inflammatory diseases of the female genital tract,
  • sexually transmitted diseases - trichomoniasis, chlamydia, herpes simplex virus and others,
  • early onset of sexual activity. The mucous membrane of the female genital organs finally matures by 20-23 years.
  • cervical injuries. The main cause of such injuries, of course, are childbirth and abortion. After all, the cervix must miss the head of the child. Often it breaks,
  • problems in hormonal background,
  • reducing the protective functions of the body of a woman.

    Thus, most of the red color zones lying around the outer uterine pharynx, united under the common name “erosion”, are benign changes.

    Therefore, gynecologists are often called erosion otherwise - ectopia or pseudo-erosion. Localization of ectopia can be very diverse. Sometimes erosion almost completely covers the cervix, and more often erosion is observed in the form of a zone around the external orifice of the cervix, or only separate islands of the cylindrical epithelium are visible against a multilayered one.

    How to treat erosion?

    Currently, there are several methods for treating cervical erosion.

    The choice depends on the stage of severity of ectopia, the size and structure of the lesion.

    The purpose of this treatment - remove the diseased tissue. In the presence of an inflammatory process of the vagina and cervix, it is first necessary to identify the infectious agent and conduct a course of antibacterial therapy.

    Cervical erosion - questions and answers

    How long does the treatment of cervical erosion last?

    After what period of time after the treatment of erosion can you have sex?

    The treatment of erosion can be different and according to the factors of influence on the affected area and on the duration, and with sex you have to wait 3-4 weeks after treatment.

    What drugs are used in the treatment of erosion?

    For the treatment of pseudo-erosion, chemical coagulants, such as Solkovagin and Vagotyl, are used in the form of applications on the mucous membrane of the cervix. This is followed by a course that restores mucous membrane (methyluracil, solcoseryl ointment, etc.)

    What are the most effective ways to treat cervical erosion?

    The most preferred and effective methods for the treatment of ectopia are phthisiosurgical. These methods include diathermocoagulation (electrocoagulation) - cauterization by electric current, cryodestruction (cryogenic effect) - freezing method using liquid nitrogen, laser coagulation - laser treatment, wavelength surgery.

    During cryodestruction, the cervix is ​​treated with liquid nitrogen (ultra-low temperature), the damaged area is “frozen out” to healthy tissue. The method is painless and does not leave scars.

    In Moscow cost of cryodestruction cervical erosion Uterus about 1500 rubles. Before and after diathermocoagulation apply candles Hexicon - an antiseptic drug for local use. Candles Hexicon can be used during pregnancy and lactation, the drug has no such contraindications.

    How much can treatment of cervical erosion cost in various ways?

    Multiwave surgery is the most effective surgical technique that uses radio waves as a knife. The cost of radio-coagulation of cervical erosion is from 3,500 rubles.

    Treatment with laser coagulation will cost about 1,200 rubles.

    Do not forget to add the price of consultation with a gynecologist (600-800 rubles) and cervical biopsy (about 720 rubles).

    Is it possible to cure cervical erosion at home?

    You should not even try.

    Cervical erosion can be of a different nature: inflammatory, congenital, endocrine (hormonal), precancerous diseases, etc.

    Crayfish also looks like erosion. The first step is to do colposcopy (examination under a microscope to identify vaginal pathology and the nature of erosion on the neck).

    A PCR examination (smear for STDs) and a blood test for torche infections and a cervical biopsy (taking a small piece from the erosion area) with a histological examination (to exclude the presence of cancer cells) to determine the nature of erosion.

    After that, it will be possible to determine the method and extent of treatment of the cervix of the uterus (drugs, by chemical removal, electrocoagulation, cryotherapy, laser therapy, radiohead, removal with a scalpel, physiotherapy).

    It is not very correct, in the opinion of modern science, that it is often said that those who have not given birth cannot be treated for erosion. It is possible and necessary, since cervical erosion is a permanent source of inflammation in the body.

    Cervical erosion - treatment methods of folk remedies

    For the treatment of cervical erosion, you can take a tablespoon of viburnum berries to mash and mix with a teaspoon of gruel of onion, add a teaspoon of honey and the same amount of vegetable oil.

    Wrap the mixture in several layers of gauze, making a kind of tampon with a tail Insert it overnight into the vagina.

    We perform such actions every other day, and on other days we insert a piece of fresh butter.

    I have cervical erosion for the second time. I burned the first 15 years ago, immediately after the birth of the first child. I still can not forget this nightmare.

    ... Then I decided to treat myself until autumn, and in the fall, if there were no shifts, I had the courage to gather and burn. At first, she put sea buckthorn oil tampons - no changes. And then the old woman advised me to treat pumpkin pulp.

    And we have enough of them in every garden! 3 in the evening I inserted a gauze swab with pumpkin pulp without seeds into a vagina on a thread, then for three evenings - a tampon with linseed oil. After tampons, the infusion of yarrow was syringed properly - Art.

    spoon for 2 cups boiling water, insisted 20 minutes under a towel. So, I was treated with pumpkin pulp, then a course with tampons, but not with sea buckthorn oil, but with linseed oil. These procedures are repeated 4 times.

    And in October, having gone for inspection, she herself was surprised: only a pale speck remained from erosion. And no cauterization is necessary!

    SUNNY NOSTAL - EROSION DOWN! ... with the help of his cured his old (5-year) erosion in three weeks.

    You need to take 0.5 cups of dried marigold flowers, put them in a quart jar, pour 0.5 liters of vodka (only good) and put the mixture on the sun for two weeks. Then strain and bottle.

    In the morning, dilute a teaspoon of tincture in a glass of warm boiled water and douche for 21 days, starting from the second day after the menstrual period and so on until the next menstruation.

    HEALING PLATE. Hello, dear "School of Health"! In our family, all women on the maternal line had one misfortune. After childbirth, cervical erosion appeared. Therefore, I know firsthand how to cope with it: both mother and grandmother passed on their experience. When the doctor discovered this attack in me, I was not taken aback.

    Mixed in equal parts crushed in flour hips and vegetable oil, kept the mixture in a water bath for three hours, stirring occasionally, then drained. Every day at night for two weeks I made tampons with this mixture (every woman knows how to insert them). On the next examination, the gynecologist was very surprised when she did not find my erosion.

    Well, I told her everything I wrote to you. She approved.

    Рецепт от травника К. Каримова: при лечении эрозии шейки матки хорошо помогают тампоны с эвкалиптовым маслом, делайте их ежедневно на ночь в течение 10 дней.

    ДОЛОЙ ЭРОЗИЮ!… Об эрозии и о том, как ее лечить, написано много, я же хочу рассказать, как вылечила ее сама. I hope that my remedy will help other women to forget about this ailment forever.

    Take 1/5 teaspoon of castor oil, 1.5 teaspoons of honey, 3 teaspoons of aloe juice (non-alcoholic tincture), mix. At bedtime, insert a tampon into the vagina (with a long tail that should remain outside) soaked in a healing mixture. Do this for 15 days.

    And in the morning douche the infusion of calendula: pour a tablespoon of dried flowers with 2 cups boiling water, leave for 20 minutes, strain.


    I want to offer a recipe for cervical erosion, inflammation of the appendages and whiter. Pour a liter of purified (filtered) water into a small enameled pan, add a tablespoon of burnt alum of pure copper vitriol, pounded into powder, and mix thoroughly.

    Put the saucepan on the stove, bring the mixture to a boil and cook for 5 minutes on low heat, stirring constantly, then cool and strain through gauze folded in four layers. Get some blue water. Pour it into a dark glass bottle, carefully seal and store in the refrigerator.

    Dissolve a tablespoon of the medicine in a liter of warm boiled water and for 10 days before bedtime, douche with this solution. The procedure is carried out only after menstruation. If it does not immediately help, repeat everything. Get well on health!

    CERVICAL EROSION. This disease is quite common among women. Usually in such cases, cauterization is prescribed, which can be avoided by using folk remedies. I want to offer a few of them.

    • Solution of tincture of calendula: 1 tsp. 2% tincture of calendula 0.25-1 cup of water.

    • Infusion of Hypericum: 4 tbsp. l Hypericum herb pour 2 liters of hot water, boil on low heat for 10 minutes and insist 30 minutes.

    • Insert sea buckthorn tampons into the vagina for several hours. The treatment is short, epithelialization occurs in 8-12 days.

    Tampons soaked in mumiyo solution (dissolve 2.5 g mumiyo in 0.5 glass of water), inject into the vagina overnight.

    What way treatment of cervical erosion decide for yourself, we have tried to describe most of them in more detail.

    How to treat cervical erosion

    Cervical erosion is a defective condition of the epithelium located on the cervix in the vagina. It usually becomes a consequence of the inflammatory process in the vagina or cervical canal.

    Discharges caused by inflammation cause irritation and exfoliation of the epithelium. The result is an ulcer with a bright red color. The diagnosis is established on the basis of a gynecological examination when visiting a gynecologist.

    He will recommend to pass the appropriate tests and tell you how to treat cervical erosion.

    How necessary is erosion treatment?

    There is an opinion that this disease tends to pass on its own without treatment - on one examination, the gynecologist detects the disease, and the next one allegedly does not have it.

    In this case, the patient did nothing, continuing to live normally.

    This situation is only suitable for cases of congenital erosion, when it can really disappear without medical intervention under the influence of a hormonal shake-up - pregnancy or childbirth. In all other cases, treatment of uterine erosion is necessary.

    In some cases, inaction or improper treatment on the advice and recommendations of girlfriends and acquaintances can lead to the emergence of a number of female diseases or the occurrence of malignant tumors.

    Drug treatment erosion

    Before starting treatment, the gynecologist will make an appointment for some tests. Their number depends on the state of health of the patient and is determined by the decision of the doctor. As a rule, the examination includes:

    • Biopsy of the affected area,
    • Colposcopy
    • Smears on the composition of the flora and oncocytology,
    • HIV and syphilis in the blood.

    Before starting treatment of erosion itself, all possible causes of its occurrence should be eliminated. They consist in the inflammatory process that occurs due to genital infections. Then the doctor will recommend the removal of erosion using one of the methods:


    The method is a cauterization of electric current. As a result, a burn occurs on the neck and a scar after healing. It is possible to use a variation of this method - diathermoconization - the tissue is first cauterized and then removed.

    Final healing will occur within 6-7 weeks. The cost of the procedure is about 500 rubles. This method of treatment was used as early as the 18th century, when the moxibustion apparatus looked like a soldering iron.

    Today, almost nothing has changed.

    • This treatment method is the cheapest,
    • The ubiquity of this type of treatment - the device for cauterization with electric current exists in any antenatal clinic.

    The disadvantages of this method are as follows:

    • The occurrence of discomfort during the procedure - pain caused by a contraction of the uterus from electrical discharges within 20 minutes. This condition feels like pain during labor. In addition, there is a burning sensation and heat in the place of touch. There is a smell of burnt meat.
    • During the month after treatment, there are bloody or watery discharges, pain in the lower back, weakness is present.
    • The likelihood of lack of a full recovery from the first time. You may need to repeat the procedure.
    • Complications associated with childbirth, gestation, hematomas, inflammation and bleeding are possible.
    • Prohibition of use in women who have not given birth.

    Today, they try to reject this method, and in rare cases only diathermoconization is used abroad.


    The method consists in destruction of tissues with liquid nitrogen from a cryoprobe. The duration of the procedure is about 10 minutes. The term of complete healing from 4 to 6 weeks. The cost is about 1500 rubles.

    Advantages of this method:

    • The scar on the cervix is ​​missing.
    • There are no painful sensations and unpleasant smells.
    • Only affected areas of the epithelium are affected, healthy ones are not involved in the process.
    • No pain after the procedure.
    • Lack of blood during and after treatment.

    • Abdominal contraction during the procedure.
    • Perhaps dizziness due to the effects of liquid nitrogen on the body.
    • Abundant watery discharge for a couple of weeks from the procedure.
    • It is not always possible to use under deep erosion.
    • In some cases, a re-procedure is necessary.

    Laser therapy

    The newest and safest method, consisting in the impact of the laser beam on the affected area of ​​erosion. At the same time, the depth of destruction is completely controllable. Full healing is carried out within a month, the cost of the procedure is about 2000 rubles.

    • No scarring
    • Possible use in non-women.

    • The equipment for carrying out this procedure is expensive, not all clinics can afford to purchase it, so the procedure is not available to anyone.
    • In very rare cases, with the inexperience of the doctor, a second procedure may be necessary.

    Radio wave surgery

    The method of influence on erosion without direct contact. Through the radio wave energy, the internal energy of the cells is stimulated. It destroys the cell from the inside and evaporates water from it. Healing takes place in a month. The cost of the procedure is about 3,500 rubles.

    • The procedure is quick,
    • Is painless,
    • No scar,
    • Recommended for birthless women.

    • Serum discharge is possible up to a month.
    • The high cost of the procedure, the inaccessibility of a wide range of patients.

    Chemical coagulation

    With this method, erosion of the uterus is repeatedly processed by special medications that have a detrimental effect on the epithelium. An example of such a drug is solkovagin. Full healing depends on the individual characteristics of the woman’s body. The cost of the procedure is not more than 900 rubles.

    • Use in women who have not given birth.

    • This method is used with a small amount of defect. Greater erosion of the cervix more than a penny coin can not be treated in this way.
    • Multiple treatment required - up to 5 times.
    • There is no guarantee of complete healing.

    Also, nonparty may use non-surgical treatment with polychromatic light. To do this, under visual control of the doctor, the flow of ultraviolet radiation, infrared healing and visible light is directed to the affected area. This method does not destroy the cellular structure.

    All methods of surgical treatment of erosion are carried out at the beginning of the menstrual cycle. After the procedure and until complete healing, the doctor recommends to refrain from sexual intercourse, overheating and hot baths.

    Folk ways to get rid of erosion

    Almost all sick women ask how to cure erosion at home and whether it is possible. It is worth saying that yes, this is possible in the case of congenital erosion, in other situations such treatment is unlikely to give a positive result. Here are some ways:

    1. Treatment with calendula. For these purposes, use the tincture of flowers, bought at a pharmacy or cooked on their own. To do this, 20 grams of flowers poured half a glass of vodka and left in a dark place for a month.

    To obtain a working solution, take a teaspoon of tincture and dilute in a glass of water. The solution is used for douching. You can use a decoction of flowers at the rate of 2 small spoons to 1.5 cups of water.

    The course of douching treatment for at least 21 days from the first day after the end of menstruation. Repeat 2-3 cycles.

    2. Sea buckthorn oil is used with tampons. To do this, put a piece of cotton in the bandage and tie it in a knot. The resulting tampon is moistened and injected overnight into the vagina so that the tail is left outside. The course of treatment is 12 days. It is advisable to use gaskets to avoid contamination of bedding and underwear.

    3. Propolis is used in the form of pharmaceutical or homemade ointment, which is lubricated with a tampon for insertion into the vagina. For the preparation of homemade ointment take about 100-200 grams of butter and 10 grams of pre-ground propolis. Heated in a water bath, filtered and cooled. Use 1 small spoonful of the mixture for spreading a tampon.

    4. Onions have an excellent healing effect during erosion. To do this, take the usual onion or 1 to 1 with honey. Onion is grated and wrapped in a tampon. Introduced into the vagina at night. Used within two weeks.

    5. An effective remedy for erosion is aloe juice. To do this, cut the leaves of the plant and put in the refrigerator for a couple of weeks. Then cut off all the skin together with the spines to get an even bar. It is wrapped in a bandage and used as a tampon. Alternation with honey tampons is possible. One night use aloe, the second - honey.

    6. Use grass celandine for douching. To do this, take 1 spoon of herbs and pour boiling water. The resulting cooled solution is carried out douching for 1.5 months.

    7. The juice of burdock roots in a small spoon mix with the same amount of honey and sea buckthorn oil. The resulting composition moistened tampon and inserted into the vagina 1 time per day. It is possible to use burdock leaf juice for douching for a couple of weeks, 2 times a day.

    It is advisable to consult with your doctor before using any means. Just say how to treat erosion, can only your gynecologist. Do not self-medicate. And if you have any questions, you can watch a video about the treatment of cervical erosion. It will determine the best method of treatment.

    Why does cervical erosion occur?

    By erosion is meant a defect in the epithelial tissue, in the area of ​​the cervix, namely in its vaginal part.

    This area of ​​the organ is covered with stratified squamous epithelium, and the cervix within the cervical canal is lined with cylindrical epithelium. The boundary between these two types of epithelium is particularly vulnerable.

    Damage to the epithelial lining in the cervical area can occur for several reasons:

    • As a result of direct mechanical effects on the cervix: trauma during abortions, scraping, operations and other medical manipulations, with gross actions of the sexual partner.
    • With various inflammations, most often caused by genital infections.
    • In case of violation of the normal microflora of the vagina (vaginal dysbiosis)
    • With hormonal disorders.

    Will medications help?

    Before prescribing treatment, the doctor must determine the cause of erosion. If genital infections have been identified, treatment aimed at contaminating (removing) the bacterial agent is prescribed (with antibiotics).

    Also appointed funds that accelerate the healing of the eroded area of ​​the cervix, which are in the form of candles, ointments.

    Surely prescribed drugs aimed at restoring the normal microflora of the vagina (eubiotics), containing in its composition useful lactobacilli.

    But drugs can not always cope with cervical erosion. Drug therapy is considered by many authors to be ineffective - long-term treatment does not give the desired result. Increasingly, gynecologists in the fight against erosion use physiological methods, which will be discussed below.


    Diathermoelektrokoagulyatsiya (DEC) - physiotherapy method, which is based on the impact on the body's tissue thermal energy of electric current. This is one of the most common methods of treatment, which came into domestic medicine in the 1930s. In the people he is known as "cauterization".

    Under the action of electrical energy, the intercellular fluid evaporates and coagulation (folding) of tissues occurs. A crust (scab) forms at the site of erosion, and then the process of epithelialization begins, which begins with sections of healthy tissue, around erosion.

    The newly formed epithelial cells grow "under the crust", gradually closing the area at the site of erosion. This process is not fast - about 1.5 -2 months.

    The DEC method is considered effective. Complete epithelialization of the eroded area is noted in 75-95% of cases. However, it is impossible to call him the safest. As a result of applying this method, complications may arise:

    • Bleeding from under the scab (crust),
    • Scar formation on the cervix,
    • The cervix may be deformed due to gross cicatricial changes,
    • Exacerbation of chronic inflammatory diseases.

    During the procedure, the woman experiences unpleasant symptoms in the form of pain in the lower abdomen.

    However, this method is used in more than 50% of cases with cervical erosion.

    Radio wave treatment method

    In recent years, the method of radio wave therapy has become very popular. The method is based on the use of high-frequency energy, which, in contact with the tissues of the body, causes such a "surge" of internal energy in them that the cells, when heated, evaporate from the surface.

    The treatment procedure is quick, does not cause pain and bleeding. As with laser therapy, with the radio wave treatment method, complications are very rare. And epithelialization is completed within 3-4 weeks. Efficiency is on average 88-97%.

    Laser therapy

    When a laser is exposed to the erosion area, cells “evaporate” from the surface of the defect. In the future, the formation of normal epithelium in this area. The method is painless, bloodless. Healing with laser therapy is much faster than with DEC and cryotherapy - only 3-6 weeks.

    It is believed that complications in the form of bleeding and the formation of scar tissue are minimal with this type of treatment.

    All the above physiotherapy methods are effective and safe for the reproductive function of women.

    Cervical erosion and pregnancy

    Since cervical erosion is almost asymptomatic, many women are not aware of its existence until they see a doctor. Most often, the patient will know about her diagnosis while being pregnant, when it is necessary to undergo a thorough examination by a gynecologist.

    Erosion can not prevent the onset of pregnancy, if there is no associated pathology. During the course of pregnancy, the disease also has no effect. But the process of childbirth itself may have some peculiarities.

    During labor, the cervix must open to let the fetus pass. During stretching of the neck, the area devoid of superficial epithelium may be injured.

    At the site of erosion, breaks occur more often than in intact areas.

    Treatment of erosion during pregnancy is carried out sparingly, so as not to harm the child. Physiological treatment methods are used after childbirth to minimize the development of scar tissue on the cervix, which in labor can interfere with normal disclosure.

    Relationship of erosion with cervical cancer

    Long-existing erosion on the cervix with time leads to changes in epithelial cells. Normal cells are reborn into cancer cells, and cervical cancer develops.

    This is a dangerous disease that kills thousands of women every year. На начальных стадиях рак шейки матки протекает бессимптомно, поэтому женщина длительное время не обращается к врачу.

    А в момент, когда появились жалобы, случается, что медицинская помощь уже не может гарантировать полного излечения.

    Not always erosion is reborn in cervical cancer, but the link between these diseases has been noted by many studies. In order to prevent such life-threatening complications, a gynecologist should be visited at least once a year, and should be treated immediately if erosion is detected.

    Is it possible to cure cervical erosion without cauterization 4

    The erosive surface of the cervix requires the mandatory restoration of the normal characteristics of its epithelium.

    Not all women are ready to undergo a surgical procedure for this, which, although it is not difficult, can have a negative impact on the body's ability to stretch. And this is undesirable for subsequent delivery.

    Therefore, having learned about the diagnosis and ways to solve the problem, many people think about how to cure cervical erosion without cauterization.

    Is non-surgical erosion treatment possible?

    The appearance of cylindrical cells instead of squamous epithelium on the cervix is ​​caused by many reasons that have a different nature. Among them:

    • Mechanical damage to the surface
    • Inflammation of the vagina or uterus,
    • Sexually transmitted infections
    • Hormonal disorders.

    Sometimes in one organism several factors can be found that influence the state of the epithelium. Then surgical intervention can cope only with the consequence of a group of pathological circumstances, and changes in the neck will occur again.

    The question of whether erosion can be cured without cauterization is solved by clarifying the reasons for its occurrence. If they are inflammatory, hormonal or infectious, conservative therapy and the doctor will recommend first. Especially if the girl still has to give birth.

    When do without cauterization

    Is it possible to cure cervical erosion without resorting to cauterization, besides the reasons, it is determined by a number of conditions:

    • The size of the modified area. It makes sense to use softer conservative therapy with a slight erosion - up to 2 cm,
    • General condition of the body. In addition to the means intended to directly affect the modified tissues, immunomodulators, drugs to fight infections, inflammation, and hormones will be required.

    Conservative therapy should last no longer than 2–3 weeks, be preceded by all necessary examinations, and should be completed by examination by a specialist. If she did not bring the desired result, you will have to do cauterization.

    What is the medical treatment of erosion

    How to cure cervical erosion, should appoint a gynecologist. Due to the variety of causes of the defect, universal regimens and drugs do not exist. To counteract the factors contributing to the disease, it is prescribed for ingestion:

    • Tsiprolet, Trichopol, Metronidazole in the presence of venereal and other infections,
    • Acyclovir, famvir with herpes,
    • Fluconazole, Flucostat with candidiasis,
    • Immunal, Likpid, Taktivin to stimulate immunity.

    But the main thing in the question of how to cure cervical erosion without cauterization is the choice of means for local influence on it, that is, candles, tablets, capsules. They are also different, are appointed according to indications.

    Candles Depantol have an influence on the modified mucous membrane in several ways:

    • Eliminate inflammation,
    • Promote the division of healthy cells
    • Provide restoration of blood supply.

    And chlorhexidine, which is part of them, helps to cope with infections caused by various microorganisms. Depantol is used for erosion therapy twice a day for 10-14 days. Sometimes the treatment is extended to 3 weeks.

    Depantol should be used with caution all the time when washing with alkaline hygiene products, as they neutralize the effect of the drug. Pregnant women should not use it.

    You can cure erosion without cauterization with the help of candles Genferon. This is also a drug of complex effect, in which:

    • Taurine restores the processes of tissue regeneration, stimulating the metabolism,
    • Interferon works as an antiseptic, a reducing agent of protective forces and an adversary of viruses,
    • Benzocaine relieves inflammation and discomfort.

    Genferon will be useful from erosion occurring against the background of sexually transmitted infections, as well as genital herpes and candidiasis.

    Candles are introduced into the vagina per day for 2 pieces (in the morning and in the evening). The entire course lasts from 10 to 90 days, which is determined by the opinion of the doctor.

    Intravaginal drug gently affects the cervical mucosa. However, he manages to cope with the healing of the altered areas and induce the restoration of a mechanically damaged surface. Hexion eliminates the inflammatory process, normalizes the vaginal microflora, which is important for stimulating the regeneration of tissues in the cervical mucosa.

    Put candles twice a day a week or 10 days. The course may be extended by a doctor up to a month, it is permissible to treat their erosion during pregnancy. The active ingredient of Hexicon does not affect the vaginal microflora.

    How to cure erosion, it is easy to understand if you know about the restorative properties of propolis, cocoa butter and ginseng. Components are part of candles Suporon. Thanks to them, suppositories have an anti-inflammatory, healing and restorative effect on erosion.

    Suporon is inserted into the vagina once a day, it is better to do this in the evening. The course lasts 30 days. But if intolerance is noticed, use should stop immediately.

    Suporon contains bee products that may cause allergic manifestations in some.

    Terzhinan exists in the form of tablets intended for insertion into the vagina. The tool has anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antifungal capabilities. Terzhinan does not violate the integrity of the mucous, but eliminates the changes that have occurred on it, regenerates.

    How to cure cervical erosion without cauterization, women who used Betadine capsules know for this. With iodine, antimycotic and antiviral components, the drug copes with various types of microorganisms and the inflammation caused by them.

    Betadine is introduced into the vagina once a day, the full course will be no longer than 10 days. Initially, treatment may be accompanied by a burning sensation of the mucous membrane.

    We recommend reading the article on menstruation during and after erosion. You will learn about the effects of the disease on the menstrual cycle and the nature of the discharge, how to restore the reproductive system.


    Fitor suppositories are a natural remedy that can reverse development of the altered tissues of the cervical mucosa and stimulate the development of flat epithelium cells. Candles reduce inflammation, resist microbes, reduce the risk of vascular damage.

    Fitor candles will help with daily use twice a day for 14 days. Simultaneously with their use, you will need to stop smoking and forget about alcohol.

    Whether it is possible to treat erosion without resorting to hardware methods, in each case, the specialist must decide. But the woman herself needs not only to fulfill his recommendations, but also to follow her own feelings. If they go beyond the normal, that is, there were pain, discharge, you need to inform the doctor.

    Tips gynecologist: how to treat cervical erosion? Is it possible to give birth with cervical erosion?

    Causes, symptoms and treatment of cervical erosion.

    Cervical erosion is one of the frequent gynecological diseases. You can identify it on a gynecological examination. Consider why there is erosion and its treatment methods.

    What causes cervical erosion? Causes of cervical erosion

    Cervical erosion - the destruction of the mucous membrane of the cervix and the appearance of a wound in this place. The damaged area is exposed to germs, an inflammatory process can begin that spreads to the female genitals.

    Causes of erosion:

    1. Changes in normal hormone levels
    2. Rough sexual intercourse resulting in epithelium sloughing
    3. Abortion or childbirth, mechanical damage to the cervix occurs
    4. Infectious diseases (genital herpes, chlamydia, trichomoniasis, etc.)
    5. Early sexual intercourse (the mucous membrane of the genital organs is formed in a woman by the age of 20-23)

    Signs of cervical erosion. How to recognize cervical erosion?

    With erosion, you may not feel any symptoms. Sometimes after intercourse there is a discharge of blood. In most cases, no symptoms are observed.

    As a rule, the disease is detected by the gynecologist on examination. For many, this becomes an accident, as many women neglect the examination, and visit the doctor only when absolutely necessary.

    If inflammation has joined erosion, then white discharge may occur.

    Important: Even scanty bleeding after intercourse is a reason for a visit to the gynecologist. It is not necessary to neglect this.

    The gynecologist determines the erosion of the red spot on the neck. To clarify the diagnosis, colposcopy is necessary.

    Colposcopy - Absolutely painless process that does not require additional training. On a special optical device, the cervix is ​​examined at a 25-fold size.

    If the doctor sees a suspicious area, then he can take a biopsy. Biopsy is performed at 5-7 days after menstruation. Histological examination of cells allows you to assign the appropriate correct treatment.

    Can I get pregnant with cervical erosion?

    With this disease, it is possible to get pregnant. Erosion does not affect conception in any way. But when planning pregnancy, it is better to first cure erosion, and then plan to conceive a child.

    In the case when erosion was discovered during pregnancy, its treatment is postponed for the postpartum period. Erosion is subject to urgent treatment when it is large or causes inflammation.

    After cauterization, gynecologists recommend postponing conception for a year.

    Erosion does not cause miscarriages, infertility. This is nothing more than a myth. The fetus is in the uterus, it is surrounded by the amniotic fluid, and erosion is on the cervix. Contact with the fruit of erosion has not.

    Is it dangerous to give birth if there is a diagnosis of cervical erosion?

    • You can give birth with erosion
    • Erosion is not a barrier to natural childbirth
    • The disease does not serve as an indication for cesarean section

    Important: Do not advise doctors to cauterize erosion during pregnancy, because changes in the neck are possible. These changes may affect the delivery process. But at this time you need to monitor the disease, since cells rarely regenerate in cancer.

    Tampons for treating cervical erosion

    Important: Gynecologists strongly recommend not to prescribe tampons on your own, as you can exacerbate the situation. With regard to erosion, it is better to discuss all your actions with a doctor.

    The doctor may prescribe tampons during erosion if it is small. Tampons are made from:

    For douching is used:

    • Copper sulphate solution
    • Propolis

    These funds reduce inflammation, promote tissue epithelization, and eliminate infection.

    Candles for the treatment of cervical erosion

    Candles gently affect the damaged area of ​​the cervix. The doctor may prescribe the following candles:

    Candles are used as an erosion treatment and after cauterization for faster recovery.

    1. Lymphogranulomatosis
    2. Substandard education in the digestive tract
    3. Chronic or acute leukemia
    4. Allergy to components in the composition of the candles

    Is it possible to cure cervical erosion by cauterization?

    Moxibustion is an obsolete method. Today there are more benign techniques. As a result of radio wave, laser cautery, scars do not remain. After electric cautery, a scar remains on the neck. After cauterization, it takes a long time to repair the tissue.

    Is it necessary to treat cervical erosion? Can cervical erosion pass by itself?

    The opinion that a slight erosion in itself passes - an error that can serve a woman at the cost of life. Annually, the number of women with cervical cancer is increasing. One of the reasons for this is neglect of erosion.

    Erosion itself does not pass. Erosion of the cervix can develop into dysplasia (a precancerous condition) over time, and even later - into a malignant pathology. Therefore, women definitely need to visit a gynecologist at least twice a year to diagnose possible diseases.

    Lyudmila: “As my gynecologist said, it is impossible to cauterize cervical erosion before the birth. I had erosion, I have not given birth even once for that period. Appointed candles, erosion delayed. After childbirth appeared again. Cauterized. No more relapses. ”

    Yuliya: “A few years before giving birth, she burned down erosion with a laser. The procedure is absolutely painless. She gave birth to herself, giving birth was normal. "

    Anna: “I found erosion. She passed the biopsy and the test was positive. Cauterization was done, the doctor burned well, all the malignant cells were gone. Then another analysis was done. The result was negative. It is terrible to even imagine what could have happened if she had turned up late. Get well on time! ”

    Watching your female health is very important. Do not be afraid of visits to gynecologists, there is nothing terrible in the examination. Timely identified diseases can be cured and not risk your life. Do not forget about it.