Is it possible to play sports during menstruation


Canadian scientists from the University of Sport have proven that healthy women can easily endure physical exertion during menstruation. Moreover, they get more results from them than during training on ordinary days. And researchers from Stanford argue that during menstruation the hormonal background of the woman is as close as possible to the male one due to a drop in the level of progesterone and estrogen. At the same time, her metabolism is accelerated and her stamina increases dramatically.

Such official studies inspire many women not to miss training during critical days. But is it really possible to do sports during menstruation without harming the body? What exercises should be abandoned, and what can improve the condition?

How is sport useful during PMS and menstruation?

Official medicine claims that the right load will not only not damage, but also help the woman easier to survive those days. Physical exercises for PMS are able to:

  • reduce the risk of neurosis (irritability, tearfulness, mood swings),
  • reduce chest pain
  • improve metabolic processes
  • relieve discomfort in the digestive tract,
  • strengthen the muscles of the uterus.

But this is true only if the woman refused to intensive training in favor of more relaxed. Otherwise, the symptoms of premenstrual syndrome may even worsen. And this will lead to a total ban on any exercise. But if you can’t imagine your life without sports, you can find an acceptable way out. For example, if a girl runs regularly, then on critical days it is better for her to go for a fast walk or even just walk, but increase the distance. If she does aerobics, it is better to give preference to light workout without jumping.

Exercise in the first days of menstruation

In the first days of menstruation, the intrauterine membrane is separated. And this process is often accompanied by severe pain in the lower abdomen, pressure drops, and general weakness. Some girls note increased sweating and frequent urination. Believed to be the heaviest period throughout the cycle, so it is optimal to limit any load on these few days. If you feel normal and are not ready to give up sports, then just choose for yourself a lightweight set of exercises.

What workouts are categorically excluded during menstruation?

In any health condition there is a list of certain exercises that cannot be done during menstruation:

  • jump,
  • swing press
  • lift a lot of weight
  • do aerobics
  • to swim.

Most issues in this list to swim. This sport does not have such a negative effect on the woman's body during menstruation, like squatting with a barbell. But the risk lies elsewhere. With critical days, the uterus opens and becomes especially sensitive to any infections. And the easiest way to catch them across the pool. If you are sure that you are protected, you can swim for 20-30 minutes. This not only has a good effect on the condition of the spine, but also reduces back pain.

Can I use a tampon during menstruation?

If you decide not to stop training for the time of critical days, then you are probably concerned about how to ensure maximum comfort for yourself. Complicated exercise will stimulate the flow of blood to the pelvis, it will increase the amount of discharge. As a result, the risk of leakage increases. Manufacturers of hygiene products solved this problem, offering girls pads for discharge of any volume.

Tampons will also be able to protect against leakage, but only if you picked it up correctly. The more abundant the discharge, the larger the tampon should be. Plus the tampon is also in the fact that it is almost not felt.

Recommendations for preparing for training

  • choose the best hygiene product (tampon or pad),
  • It is very important to choose a comfortable sportswear that will not hinder movement. It is better to give preference to dark-colored clothing - sports pants or leggings and a long loose t-shirt. In this kit, you will feel comfortable, while even in the case of a leak a small spot will not be noticeable,
  • Not only for the period of menstruation, but in principle for daily workouts you need to buy high-quality underwear. It must be 100% natural, matched in size so as not to hang out and not squeeze the chest. Sports bra is better to buy in a specialty store.

Before training, you can not drink coffee or carbonated beverages containing caffeine. They increase the tone of the uterus and can cause bleeding. To fill the fluid is better to drink ordinary water with the addition of lemon. If you feel sharp even from light exercises prostration, you can add 1 teaspoon of honey to the water or make a cocktail based on ribose.

Pilates system

Both gynecologists and personal fitness instructors believe that the best sport for critical days is Pilates. It provides a feasible load, and does not provoke deterioration. At the heart of Pilates is a combination of exercises from fitness, yoga and gymnastics. This synthesis helps to get rid of pain in the spine and strengthen the muscles of the whole body. Regular workouts for such a system help to become stronger, stronger and more plastic.

The whole complex includes a huge amount of exercise, but during menstruation it is better to restrict yourself to the simplest ones:

  • weaving. Exercise is performed supine, arms stretched along the body. Raise the head and upper part of the body and reach for the legs raised at an angle of 30 degrees. Socks need to pull,
  • squatting against the wall. We stand with our backs to the wall, press against it and slightly stretch our legs forward. While inhaling, we crouch slowly so that the floor and legs form an angle of 90 degrees. Pulls hands forward,
  • stretching the back muscles. Sit on the floor, back straight, legs slightly apart. We pull socks on ourselves, reach for them with our hands.

Each exercise is done at least 10 times. If you do not know whether you can train on a similar system in the hall, consult with the coach in advance. He will be able to choose for you a complex of light and safe exercises that do not load the spine.

What other loads are allowed for menstruation?

Physical education that is feasible for your health during critical days will not only have a beneficial effect on the general body tone, but also lift your spirits and help you cope with stress. The following sports are suitable for training, but with a small upgrade:

  • fitness. Fitness classes are aimed at working out the muscles in different parts of the body. This is a very effective technique that allows for a short period (up to 3 months) to transform your body beyond recognition. During the period of menstruation, it is better to abandon abdominal exercises, but you can put emphasis on developing and pumping up the muscles of the arms, legs and back,

  • yoga. According to experts, this is the best load for women in a special period of the cycle. Yoga relieves nervous tension, leads to muscle tone and develops flexibility. Asanas, which are performed during classes, are aimed at strengthening the weak muscles of the body and their soft stretch. But the healing effects of yoga during menstruation lies elsewhere. Since this is a meditative practice, it helps a woman to deal with an unstable emotional state,
  • team games. This category includes basketball, volleyball and football. If you are professionally engaged in these sports, then for the time of menstruation, try simply to dose the load, slightly reducing the pace of the game.

Is it possible to do fitness during menstruation?

Should I give up on fitness because of the onset of menstruation, each girl decides on her own. After all, there are few situations in which sport is contraindicated on critical days. But doctors advise to limit the load in the first 2 days of discharge.

Under the influence of progesterone at the beginning of each menstrual cycle, an excess amount of fluid accumulates in the tissues. This leads to a decrease in muscle strength. In addition, due to blood loss with menstrual flow, the concentration of hemoglobin in the blood decreases. Due to temporary anemia and tissue edema, endurance deteriorates. During the period of bleeding, it is better to pay attention not to strength training, but to stretching.

Completely abandon sports is not necessary. The alternation of exercises, moderate loads contribute to the reduction of discomfort during menstruation. Exercise intensity should be reduced by approximately 30%.

Lack of movement provokes stagnation of venous blood, and sport improves the process of its outflow, as a result, the state of health improves faster.

Why during menstruation can not be hard to play sports

Gynecologists advise to refuse temporarily from sports to those women who have during menstruation:

  • severe spasms occur,
  • greatly reduced pressure
  • there is increased weakness, fatigue.

To refuse to exercise during menstruation is necessary for chronic diseases of the genitourinary system and heavy discharge. With intensive training increases intra-abdominal pressure, this can lead to a deterioration of the process of endometrial detachment.

What exercises can be done without risk during monthly

Gynecologists do not recommend to maintain the usual intensity of training during menstruation. Sports during the onset of menstruation should be benign. Excessive training intensity can lead to increased menstrual flow and cause irregular menstruation.

Stretching exercises are considered safe at critical days. You can even boldly go on Pilates, yoga, swimming on the first critical day. Showing light aerobic exercise. When practicing in the gym, it is better to refuse weight lifting, twisting and swinging of the abdominal muscles for 1-2 days of menstruation.

Properly selected complex accelerates blood outflow and helps relieve tension. As a result, the number of menstrual flow in the first days of sports may increase, but the pain will become less pronounced.

Is it possible to do the bar during menstruation

With a normal state of health during critical days do not give up the sport. It helps to improve well-being, because during exercise, the hormones of happiness are released into the blood.

When executing the "plank" exercise, all muscles, including the abdominals, strain. If a woman every day for a few minutes makes the bar, then the usual load of the body can be given on critical days.

Doctors advise to reduce the time classes. If on ordinary days a girl could stand in the bar for 3-5 minutes, then at the beginning of the menstruation it is better to limit to 1-2 minutes. But you should be guided by the general state of health.

Is it possible to squat during menstruation

Doctors and professional athletes are advised to give up all strength exercises on critical days. It is necessary to exclude not only weight lifting, but also squats. Some types of squats doctors are allowed to perform, but they can be done only with its own weight without additional load.

Exercises during menstruation should be gentle. Correctly squat with weight (barbell, dumbbells) with pain in the abdomen for many women hard. Therefore, the first days of menstruation is better to devote stretching.

If a woman does not want to completely refuse to perform squats, then it is desirable to reduce the number of repetitions and approaches.

How to do sports during menstruation

Many fitness trainers are advised to practice even on critical days. Properly selected set of exercises helps:

  • get rid of premenstrual syndrome
  • reduce the duration of bleeding,
  • improve mood and well-being.

But to achieve a positive effect on training, it is important to understand the features of training on critical days and adjust the training schedule. It should be borne in mind that endurance decreases due to a drop in hemoglobin level and a decrease in the number of red blood cells.

Even when practicing yoga and Pilates, you should be careful. In the early days, various coups should be abandoned. Asanas, when performing which is necessary to raise the pelvis above the level of the head or compress the abdominal muscles as much as possible, can have a negative effect on the flow of menstruation.

Is it possible to stretch during menstruation

The refusal of strength training does not mean that with the beginning of critical days it is necessary to bypass the gym. To improve blood circulation, to stimulate the outflow of excess fluid from the body, stretching should be done. You can sign up for stretching.

In response to the exercise, many people have cramping and pain relief accompanied by menstrual flow, even without taking pills. On critical days, muscle tissue retains a high degree of elasticity; this period can be used for stretching muscles. And after the menstrual flow is completed, you can start strength training again.

On which day of your period can you start to play sports

If you feel unwell, weakness, intense pain in the abdomen, it is better to refuse from classes in a gym or at home. You can resume training as soon as the condition returns to normal.

To say on which day you can return to training, you need to focus on the girl's well-being. Some do not give up sports even in 1 day, others can return to intensive training only after 5 days. Many doctors and trainers agree that the majority of women can resume classes for 3-4 days.

Can I stretch during menstruation?

Exercises designed to increase stretching are best performed on critical days. They relax muscles, reduce cramps. You can pick up a special complex, during which all the muscles are worked out.

Combine stretching is better with respiratory gymnastics. This speeds up the process of relaxation of smooth muscles and reduces the severity of pain.

Is it possible to dance during menstruation

Dances fall into the list of classes that are recommended during menstrual bleeding. In addition, before the start of the dance, a set of stretching exercises is performed. Such exercises performed during menstruation have a good effect on health.

Having decided to go to the gym for menstruation, you can choose group classes. It is good if there are dances among the trainings. Low and medium intensity cardio loads are resolved provided that the woman does not have gynecological problems. All physical exertion during menstruation, in which the pulse increases by 20-30%, well affect your well-being.

Unlike standard exercises in the gym, dancing is not associated with workouts. Many dance classes are relaxing, people get pleasure when they visit. But to force yourself to engage in strength training during the arrival of menstruation is not for everyone.

Monthly delay due to sports

Girls who have decided to drastically change their lifestyle and start playing sports may experience delays in the first few months. You should not be afraid of changes, because the body is rebuilt.

Sharply increased physical activity requires the redistribution of calories, which are also necessary to maintain a regular menstrual cycle. To prevent the appearance of delays, it is necessary to increase the intensity of training gradually. Is it possible to do physical exercises during menstruation? To prevent violations of the menstrual cycle, it is necessary to limit the load.

Is it possible to do gymnastics during your period?

In the absence of problems with the organs of the reproductive system, it is not necessary to abandon training on the first day of menstruation. It should simply review the load. Visits during the monthly gym can be waived by going to a group gymnastics class.

The performed stretching has a positive effect on health and health. Such classes will not lead to a delay of critical days due to physical exertion.

What kind of sports can you do for women during their periods?

Menstruation is considered a normal physiological process, with its occurrence it is not necessary to abandon sports. But you need to select the load based on the state.

Attention should be paid to those sports that are designed to stretch the muscles. Recommended yoga, dance, stretching, pilates, swimming. You can see how training affects health, what types of classes are recommended, you can video.

Doing sports during menstruation is not contraindicated. But you should focus on personal feelings. If you feel unwell, it is better to postpone the workout for 2-3 days.